Complete Commerce.

we don’t:

accept the norm.
sleep enough.
waste paper.
dance in public.
let a beer pong win go unnoticed.
throw stones in glass houses.
know the Colonel’s secret blend.
have enough car parking spaces.
assume the past dictates the future.

have a receptionist.
stop believin’.
keep up with the Kardashians.
hate Mondays.
stop at the finish line.
expect you to have read this far.
hesitate to share an opinion.
believe the hype.
tolerate mediocrity.

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Complete Commerce. Integrated Agility.

We envisaged a global Digital Commerce Anti-Agency with enterprise capability, underpinned with startup hustle… working in accountable partnerships, focused on delivering accelerated results through bespoke strategies and deep service integration.

We call this Complete Commerce.

Since our incorporation in 2016, Overdose has grown into a family of 450+ commerce professionals, with industry-defining capability across Strategy,  Experience, Technology, Marketing, Search, Data & Insights. 

We don’t sell solutions. We produce business outcomes.

Break the rules.
Think bigger.
Get sh*t done.

our bread
& butter.

We provide a complete suite of Digital Commerce services with capability to deliver across the full functional needs of high performing digital retailers.

Our Service Pillars are all led by noted industry experts, and our Client Success process ensures clients have unfettered access to talent through our distributed retainer model..

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Max, a company proudly run by women, made its debut in 1986 in Auckland. Max believes that style isn’t just about what we wear, it’s about how we live. At the core of our vision is to create products tailored to the style and values of the modern kiwi woman. Their collections are consciously curated to offer timeless, high quality fashion, accessories, footwear and lifestyle products, designed by their team and creative community.

Max is on a journey of change to create products that are kinder to the earth, purposely using natural, sustainable, high quality fabrics to consciously design beautiful garments, that are made to love and last.

From humble beginnings to stores across New Zealand and online, they’re bringing a fresh and mindful approach to style and lifestyle, because Style isn’t worn - it’s lived.

Max engaged Overdose. to re-platform the Max website to the Adobe Commerce Magento 2.4 Commerce Cloud Platform to leverage the feature rich core functionality and optimise the user experience through a mobile-first design. This website offers a seamless cross-device user experience with a detailed loyalty program, multiple delivery offers, and a complex Ontempo integration to allow for consistency across Max's key business systems.


Whiskers N Paws

They teach us mindfulness. Remind us to be compassionate. Show us the importance of having fun. They open our hearts and more importantly, animals connect us humans to one another without barriers.

The team behind Whiskers N Paws feel blessed to be part of the lives of so many furry friends and they take their jobs seriously! They study every product to make sure they are free from harmful ingredients, safe to play with and wholesome to nibble. By partnering with like-minded suppliers, they make sure products are made with love, handled with care and stored properly en route to you.

As the Pandemic took hold of Hong Kong, Whiskers N Paws wanted to consolidate its presence online and have its eCommerce business running at peak performance, especially since its retail stores were closed. They wanted to increase their visibility and saw a rise in competition as other retailers faced the same restrictions on bricks and mortar operations.

OD's Client Success team worked in concert with the Whiskers N Paws in-house team to orchestrate a complete eCommerce approach, covering SEO, SEM, website management and customer experience, all driven by data and OD's proprietary best practice.

Following solid improvements in SEO performance and customer acquisition via digital and email marketing, attention turned to the bottom of the funnel and Whiskers N Paws online store. Based on the first and zero-party data at hand, the decision was made to proceed with a new Shopify Plus Online Store, to be built on the new Dawn theme, leveraging all of Shopify 2.0’s newly available features.



Sistema® was built on one man’s dream in his garage in a small town in New Zealand. From those humble beginnings, Sistema® is now supported by a global team of over 700 employees. The vision to manufacture beautifully designed products in New Zealand and ship them to customers around the world has been realised.

"WE MAKE LIFE EASIER." The dream continues with a passionate focus on innovation, design and an ever-increasing range of desired products. Check out their range, and be assured that every container that leaves their state-of-the-art factory in New Zealand is made using high-quality materials that you can trust.

Sistema® approached Overdose. to complete a tech roadmap to deliver a digital solution for the Sistema® Plastics brand by implementing a scalable, global CMS to promote the corporate brand website and provide the necessary flexibility for development into regional-specific eCommerce initiatives as required.

The intention of the project is to prepare a platform that allows Sistema® to increasingly penetrate the respective target markets. The key business objectives are brand strength, conveyance of innovative and sustainable manufacturing, retailer advocacy and category growth and awareness. Adobe Commerce Magento 2 was in part chosen as it natively supports retailers’ ability for multi-channel inventory, multi-currency, multi-domain, and multi-language all from a single installation.


Silver Fern Farms

Since the founding of Silver Fern Farms in 1948, they've not only become New Zealand’s leading procurer, processor, marketer and exporter of premium lamb, beef and venison — but also an industry leader in both environmental sustainability and the humane treatment of animals.
Silver Fern Farms is supplied by approximately 16,000 family farmers across New Zealand, and collectively, their vision is to become the most successful and sustainable grass-fed red meat company in the world.

Overdose. was engaged by Silver Fern Farms to help support the launch of their direct-to-consumer offering in America, commencing with a market research project to understand the competitive landscape, then undertaking creative UX/UI and subsequent development of the new assets on Shopify Plus. Post-launch, Overdose. has supported Silver Fern Farms through a blended Performance Marketing, SEO, Tech and Email Automation retainer.



Babydoll Wines come from one of New Zealand’s leading grape-growing regions. Their beautifully crafted wines come from some of New Zealand’s most celebrated wine regions; Marlborough and Hawke's Bay.

With sustainability at the heart of everything they do, the wineries and vineyards are focused on low-impact practices to ensure we are making as little impact on the land as possible. Each one of their wines is created to reflect the regional varietal characters from where the grapes are grown, harvested and made into the Babydoll wines that they love.

Their name comes from the Babydoll sheep that run loose in their vineyard. Small but mighty, our Babydoll sheep are wonderful groundskeepers. Too small to reach the grapes they do their best to keep things neat and tidy between the rows while getting up to a bit of mischief of course.

Babydoll recognises the importance of a digital-first approach and as a result, approached Overdose. for a comprehensive e-commerce solution and support across their portfolio of brands.

Historically, Babydoll utilised a Shopify site for their e-commerce needs however, this site did not achieve their CMS requirements for Babydolls as a whole. As a result, Overdose. developed a Headless Solution using WordPress Front End and Shopify as the transactional layer. This allowed Babydoll to maximise the flexibility of their brand story whilst enabling customers to checkout seamlessly through the e-commerce functionality.


Zoe & Morgan

Zoe and Morgan is a boutique brand with an international reach, with flagship stores in London and Auckland. What sets the brand apart is the storytelling behind each piece and every collection, inspired by a love of life - both physical and metaphysical. Zoe & Morgan's brand celebrates the magic and beauty of life.
Zoe & Morgan brand celebrates the magic and beauty of life, as summed up by New York photographer Bill Cunningham: “ Those who seek beauty will find it”, which has become a key brand motto for us.

A long-time client, Zoe & Morgan has been with Overdose. for 4+ years - As one of our Auckland team's original clients, we partnered with the Z&M team to redesign their Adobe Magento 1 site before further electing OD and Adobe Commerce to help migrate them from Magento 1 to Magento 2 Commerce Cloud. Boasting an online interactive ring size guide, purchasable engagement and wedding collections and most of all a beautiful, stylised UX design.


Merchant 1948

A New Zealand family-owned and operated footwear retailer and manufacturer, built on a passion for shoes and people. With a history coursing three generations, Overland has become a household name. A trusted source of premium leather footwear, for any and all occasions. Born out of a respect for both quality leather and for the art that is shoemaking.

As the Merchant 1948 and Mi Piaci brands have continued to expand, the vision has remained the same: bringing well-made, modern footwear to New Zealanders. Their footwear is built for the way you live. A clever mix of form, function, and fashion, with heritage firmly at its heart; synonymous with elegant, quietly confident footwear, essential in the formation of an elevated wardrobe.

The Overdose. Auckland/New Zealand team joined forces with the Overland team for a massive digital relaunch of their online platform and presence. As a long-standing partner of Overdose., rebuilding their NZ and AU websites for both the Merchant 1948 and Mi Piaci brands on the Adobe Commerce, Magento 2.4 Commerce Cloud Platform to leverage the feature-rich core functionality was a natural next step.


Theo Chocolate

Theo Chocolate makes the best chocolate ever (in our opinion anyway) and is the preeminent chocolate brand in Seattle (based on our in-depth research on eating a lot of chocolate). The brand had reached a point where growing eCommerce sales was a priority but were unsure about the best technology to build with. They had a WordPress/WooCommerce site hosted on bare metal, knew they needed to change and had many ideas around digital marketing; yet with so many technology options available, the best platform to serve the growth of the business was unclear.

Theo's team is small and they needed to be able to run their eCommerce website with minimal staff. They needed to find tools that they could use to manage the business long-term, yet still be able to enhance it as operations allow. Enter Overdose. We began working with Theo early in their discovery and helped define requirements/features for both B2B and B2C eCommerce. Next, we led a platform-agnostic review of eCommerce platforms providing a comparison based on the recently defined features. This gave the Theo team a foundation to make good decisions and be in control of their eCommerce.


Lekker Home

Lekker Home was started by a husband and wife team who envisioned a company that could depict Scandinavian culture through home furniture. The company was built by designers, for designers. Having outgrown its previous platform, Lekker sought a platform with the ability to scale while retaining a sleek, modern look and feel. The team needed the ability to convey their brand throughout their eCommerce website and to completely self-manage content. In addition, with product attribute data living in an ERP system, Lekker needed a solution to easily and quickly sync data with the platform.  

Overdose. performed a strategic design audit to understand the interior designers' motivations, intent, and desired journey, resulting in a modern design that complements the brand’s high-end offerings. To accommodate Lekker Home's complex product structure, Overdose. developed a bespoke integration of Acumatica with the Magento platform.  
Overdose. expertly balanced Lekker Home's desire for a personalised site with its need to have an extremely user-friendly process for editing and creating content.

trusted partners.
platform agnostic

Despite our depth of clientele, we very rarely see the same tech setup or integration requirements twice. We pride ourselves on producing detailed Business and System Architecture solutions to cover all scenarios and endpoints for a range of platforms.

We are certified partners and experts on the world’s leading eCommerce Platforms, including; Magento by Adobe, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Commercetools and Shopware. We take an agnostic approach to Platform selection, ensuring our clients’ business needs are served as the priority.



Magento is now Adobe Commerce, bringing together eCommerce, order management, and business intelligence into a unified experience platform. Overdose are certified Magento partners, with a team of 120+ certified developers across our offices, holding Gold Solution Partner status and was named Digital Experience Solution Partner of the Year.
Commercetools is a new addition to the Overdose technology suite, following MACH principles (Microservices, API first, Cloud Native, Headless) and we are already seeing strong adoption across our offices.
Overdose is a global BigCommerce Elite partner, and has launched multiple complex enterprise builds under our belt. We have leveraged our broad capabilities across the eCommerce product lifecycle, and invested in a dedicated development team for BigCommerce.
Overdose are global Shopify Plus Agency Partners, with a team of 25+ expert Shopify developers across our offices. We have been designing solutions for the platform for over seven years. Our Shopify client list spans all versions of the platform, across categories and engagement types.
Overdose is a Certified Shopware Enterprise Partner with our core client base across our European offices, however as a global partner, we are supporting the adoption of this solution across our other global offices in '22.
VTEX is the latest platform addition to the Overdose technology suite, having observed huge traction in platform adoption across all regions. We are actively looking to have an early mover advantage in this space as it becomes a key global player.
in good company.

Overdose has partnered with a select group of 300+ high growth B2C Retailers and B2B Suppliers seeking accelerated growth in competitive markets. Our typical client retains control of their brand and operates across multiple channels with global growth ambitions.

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