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Bobux engaged Overdose. to architect a global e-commerce architecture, capable of supporting the rapid growth of the Bobux brand into various international markets, with localised language, currency and product offering, whilst mitigating a heavy administrative burden associated with multiple stores. Overdose. proposed and implemented Adobe Commerce which was a strong fit for its native multiplicity and ability to manage multiple storefronts from a singular instance, whilst providing the management ease.
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Overdose. worked with Acclaim to integrate Bobux's MYOB ERP in order to facilitate the bidirectional flow of inventory, customers, product and pricing data. The tech stack also boasts a handful of carefully selected plugins to aid user experience and accelerate the path to purchase. For example, the site leverages Adobe Sensi to produce AI-generated product recommendations with cross-selling and upsell optimisation, advanced search and merchandise capabilities through the implementation of Klevu and intelligent customer segmentation and email automation using Klaviyo.
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Multinational retail

Localisation and relevance in respective markets was imperative to building a brand that intimately connects with its customers, therefore adapting pricing and currencies, local inventory availability, and language had to be accommodated.


Overdose. leveraged Adobe Commerce’s native multiplicity to operate multiple stores from the same single instance, allowing Bobux to operate 14 localised iterations of the website to accommodate each market's respective seasonality, pricing, currency, promotions, language etc, while leveraging the underlying systems and integration architecture to maximise efficiencies, reduce total cost of ownership, and interoperability with existing back end and fulfilment processes.

ERP Integration

Bidirectional flow of data between MYOB and Adobe Commerce was critical to managing the scale and growth of the business, with the goal of automating as much as possible.


Working with Acclaim to facilitate integration.

Mass merchandising

Merchandising of different products across websites.


Ability to utilise Adobe Commerce functionality to visually merchandise each individual store independently, with appropriate website architecture, product attribution and integration to support necessary.

Ease of content changes & promotional scheduling

A core business objective for the Bobux team was to decouple the site from it's reliance on HTML for content changes as well as provide a more effective solution for more timely content & promotional updates to all storefronts for all t sites.


All pages of the site were developed using Adobe Commerce’s Page Builder functionality, allowing the Bobux team to easily create or edit existing pages. With Adobe Commerce’s content staging and scheduling, promotions and content can be scheduled in advance, so gone are the days of staying awake to launch campaigns at midnight.

"The continued momentum of the BOBUX digital brand has been tightly aligned to the innovative strategies and platform leadership driven by Overdose. Our partnership continues to grow and the team have become an integral part of our global growth strategy. Overdose. has a unique ability to translate empathetic consumer experiences into high converting technical solutions."
Andrew Sharp, CEO
- Bobux


2020 vs. 2019 - universal (all sites).
Increase in eCommerce Conversion rate
Transactions increased
Average session duration increase


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