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STIHL SHOP selected overdose Digital and Adobe Commerce to help cement their place as a pioneer in the local industry by launching, New Zealand’s first garden power tool e-commerce platform that allows you to buy online while still receiving the personal service and support customers have come to love from the four-time consecutive Consumer NZ People’s Choice winner.

The new website, built on the latest Adobe Commerce architecture, boasts all the convenience of a modern e-commerce platform with click & collect, various payment options, live chat, intelligent search and on-site personalisation.


Overdose integrated the Adobe Commerce site with Stihl Shop’s NetSuite ERP system via the Convergence CODI connector. The utilisation of this middleware application efficiently facilitates the real-time, bi-directional transfer of product, order fulfilment, shipping, and accounting functions.


retailing of hazardous goods online

Retailing hazardous goods online present challenges with ensuring customers receive the support and assistance they need to assemble, use and maintain their Stihl products.


By implementing Click & Collect, Stihl Shop were able to able to tag specific products that must be collected from the local Stihl Shop store, ensuring that the customer receives appropriate safety and operating device upon collection.

large network of 70+ independent franchisee stores

Stihl Shop is an independently owned network of over 70 franchisees, each with its own inventory, pricing, products & pricing.


Leveraging Adobe Commerce's multi-storefront capability, we effectively created a unique storefront for each franchisee, each pulling relevant product, pricing and inventory from their NetSuite ERP.

broad mix of online content

Stihl Shop needs to ensure the discoverability of their latest products, parts for new and old equipment, and the breadth of guides, manuals, resources and blogs throughout the site.


Stihl Shop leverages Algolia’s site search to turn a deep catalogue of products, parts, resources, guides and marketing information into a unified, intelligent gateway to the Stihl Shop offerings. From the moment visitors start typing, they are dynamically presented with categorised content that dramatically shortens the consideration process and path to purchase.

complex SAP & Sprockit integration

Stihl Shop franchisees each independently control their product, pricing and promotions within Sprockit POS, requiring integration with each respective storefront.


The utilisation of the Convergence CODI connector middleware application efficiently facilitates real-time, bi-directional transfer of product, order fulfilment, shipping, and accounting functions inside SAP for each of the 70 franchise stores in the network.

Jochen Speer Stihl Shop
"This shift into e-commerce comes at the perfect time as we enter a new decade defined by a customer-centric approach. I think we’ve managed to give customers the best of both worlds by empowering them to shop how and when they want while keeping a friendly local face available for all their ongoing needs. STIHL, together with all the STIHL SHOP owners nationwide recognise the need to be as accessible as possible and have embraced the challenge of extending into online sales."
Jochen Speer, Managing Director
- Stihl Shop


A significant problem faced by many large retailers when shifting to online sales is that local franchisees sales may be cannibalised by head office. Overdose addressed this by crafting a unique customer journey to determine the local store they’re buying from and attributing the sale accordingly, meaning they are supporting local Stihl Shop business while creating an all-important relationship they can rely on for support and service. This addresses a significant problem faced by many large retailers where the shift to online sales causes local businesses in the network to struggle.

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