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Durch unsere laufende Partnerschaft mit Amer Sports haben wir dazu beigetragen, eine Reihe von Leistungsmarken auf dem australischen Markt zu etablieren. Darunter Wilson - dem weltweit führenden Hersteller von Ballsportausrüstung, der den Standard für Innovation und Gebrauchstauglichkeit setzt.
Our work with Wilson involved the design & development of a localised Shopify site, which heavily referenced their global website functionality all while remaining within global brand guidelines. The success of this project allowed Wilson to quickly enter the Australian market in a cost-effective & nimble manner, setting them up to establish a strong foothold in the market.


Overdose integrated the Shopify site with Wilson’s SAP system via a custom API integration, this facilities bi-directional sync between the two platforms - communicating data for orders, fulfilment & refunds. Meanwhile the StockSync application is also used to transfer inventory files between SAP and Shopify via an FTP server.


Custom Stringing on Rackets

Many of Wilson rackets come unstrung. It was therefore important for us to allow customers to add strings to their racket.


Overdose built custom stringing modal that allows the user to add strings to the frame, by either selecting from a pre-defined recommendation or via choosing their own strings & tensions.

Global Racket Customiser

Wilson wanted to find a low-cost way that we could leverage their existing racket customiser tool which was built on their global website


A button was added to product pages that linked through to their global customiser tool. By utilising URL parameters we were able to get product data passed back to the Shopify cart, ensuring the conversion was able to take place via Shopify.

Custom Inventory Integration

The client’s DOS-based PICK system had no direct integration available with Shopify, therefore, custom integration was required.


By utilising an FTP server as middleware, Overdose was able to write custom scripts using Shopify's API to send & receive files between Shopify & the FTP server. This allowed for easy management of orders, inventory, fulfilment & refunds via their PICK system.

Driving In-Store Sales for Golf Stockists

Wilson's golf range is not available for online purchase due to contracts with local retail stockists. However, we needed to find a way to showcase this range online and drive customers to purchase in-store.


Golf products were created as per the rest of their core product range, but a simple condition on the product page has allowed us to drive users to find their nearest Wilson Golf stockists, rather than simply showing these products as being unavailable.


feature : custom racket stringing

This project contained a heavy focus on UX/UI with the aesthetic & brand guidelines all being heavily lead by their global brand. Meanwhile, overdose was also tasked with the requirement of matching & improving upon the functionality from their global Magento website, while keeping within the constraints of a Shopify core build. The showcase piece from this build was our ability to reengineer, business-critical functionality for custom tennis racket stringing. The result of this was a simple & seamless experience for their customers, which allowed them to easily add strings to their racket based on the recommendation from Wilson, or by selecting their own combination of string type & tensions.

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