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API-First, Open-Source
Open. Authentic. Visionary – these are the values that guide Shopware in their strategy and daily decisions. Based on these three pillars, Shopware develops ecommerce solutions with a vibrant developer and services ecosystem which is built around an Open Source, API-first architecture. The constantly evolving community of developers, users, and partners unleashes enormous potential to empower your freedom to grow.

Shopware 6 is geared towards technological standards that simplify your entry into ecommerce. The Shopware administration, the centre of your Shopware 6 shop, is based on Vue.js and can be easily extended, thanks to the simple and intuitive design that creates a user-friendly experience. Besides, the framework is based on Symfony, Bootstrap is the basis for the storefront. These and further technologies combined form the base of Shopware 6.

Shopware 6 Architecture
The API-first approach enables merchants to easily connect several existing and new technologies with Shopware 6 and allows deep customisation for professional commerce. Due to the headless architecture, the software is highly scalable and suitable for any company size and growth phase.


Shopware Overview
Sell Where Your Customers Are

API-First Flexibility
Thanks to the API-first approach, the flexible core of Shopware 6 helps you catch up with the fast-evolving ecommerce market. You can quickly and easily adapt your system to market changes and create a cross-selling customer experience.

Customisable Open Source
The core reason behind Shopware’s success is the unparalleled ability to customise solutions and build deep brand-specific experiential solutions. With complete access to the source code, solutions are bound more by the breadth of creative retailing, than they are by platform limitations. This is further supported by a large range of approved extensions.

Multiple Frontends
With Shopware 6, you are able to connect different sales channels to one single instance using the Storefront API and thus create a multi-shop scenario. The sales channels are the interface from the administration to different storefronts. Create various storefronts out of one environment – your Shopware 6 administration:
Present your products for specific countries, currencies, and multiple brands on alternative storefronts like social media, Google Shopping, Voice Commerce, and of course, the point of sale.

Progressive Web App
Combine the advantages of a native app with a responsive website, and you get the best of both worlds, including Shopware 6 features. Shopware’s own PWA solution allows you to create a unique customer experience, whether for a fast-browsing experience or quickly taking orders for B2B customers.

Social Shopping
Sell where your customers are – offer your products on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google Shopping. Manage your business on different channels in one central place, your Shopware administration.

Shopware Sales Channels
Enterprise Capabilities for Scalable Growth
B2C & B2B Features

Whether you target a B2B or B2C audience with your shop – Shopware Enterprise is the high-performance ecommerce solution for your business.

Shopware B2B Suite
Creating an emotional shopping experience is just as important for B2B customers as it is for B2C. The Shopware B2B Suite combines the emotional shopping experience of Shopware with key workflows in the B2B sector:

  • Right and role management with budgeting and approval process
  • Simplification in field service to provide the optimal customer-specific consultation and sales
  • Simplified order process via fast order
  • Individual pricing for different customers groups and discounts

The B2B Suite meets the complex requirements of the B2B segment and offers a high degree of customisation options. It enables easy integration into existing workflows and processes.

Shopware B2B
Global Reach

Internationalisation and trade without borders are significant growth factors in modern ecommerce and are not as complex as they might sound. Focussing on the international application of the system, Shopware 6 offers the flexibility needed to penetrate new markets.

Serve customers across borders
Shopware 6 offers multi-languages capabilities, flexible rule-based tax models, and a sophisticated multi-currency system. Furthermore, it provides a broad selection of country-specific payment and shipping methods out of the box. Sales channels for country-specific shops can be configurated independently to present your customers with an individually tailored shopping experience.

Scale your business – not only in different business models, but also across borders.

Shopware Internationalization
Shopping Experiences
Content & Commerce

Invite your customers to explore your online stop assortment – the Shopware 6 Shopping Experiences enable you to create unforgettable online shopping moments across channels and devices. Online retailing and content management should not be regarded separately from each other – With the Shopping experiences, it is possible to map the entire customer journey, from initial contact to further information and the final purchase, and significantly increase the conversion rate with appealing storytelling.

Creating Shopping Experiences
Shop pages, landing pages, product detail pages, and category layouts can be centrally managed, edited and selected. The intuitive usability of the administration simplifies creating new layouts and pages via drag & drop. The predefined standard blocks can be dragged into the preview editor of the workspace and freely moved and adjusted in position at any time. Each element in the editor is fully responsive so that Shopping Experiences automatically display correctly on any device.

Manage different content like editorial content and product information for multiple frontends and create the perfect symbiosis of content and commerce.

International Shopping Experiences
Trading across borders is also considering in the Shopping Experience module. Predefined languages in the shop settings can also be found in the Shopping Experiences and selected as the display language. The chosen content can be entered directly in the editor in the target language.



Shopware CMS
Optimising the Customer Journey
The Rule Builder

Tailored to Business Needs
Customise your shop according to your processes and business needs – Using the Shopware Rule builder, you can define conditions and rules to optimise both the customer journey and the sales process. It is the central hub for addressing requirements and needs individually through configuration instead of individual development.

Your possibilities with the Rule Builder
The Rule Builder can be configured for individual prices, shipping costs and risk management, and addresses the customer individually through targeted content or promotions. Design your business model according to your company’s needs.

Shopware Rule Builder
Specialist Shopware Developers
With the expansion of Shopware in the global market, we're quickly scaling up our Shopware delivery team to handle this growing set of our client portfolio. Our deep experience in both Open Source and Saas platforms set us up for success with Shopware. We continue to invest heavily in training for our development team, solution engineers, and project leadership to ensure we have the best team in place to deliver industry-leading solutions for our clients.
Nikolai Mouraviev
Chief Technology Officer
Ievgen Gartman
Managing Director
Dmitriy Revidchuck
Enterprise Technical Director
Andrew Kett
Tech Director
Campbell Mclaughlin
APAC Technical Lead
Igor Bazarskiy
Delivery Director
Ihor Klymchuk
Technical Director
Kathrin Goede-Hayes
Senior Project Manager
Overdose x Shopware
Shopware Enterprise Agency Partners
Overdose is a Certified Shopware Enterprise Partner with an expert team of developers across our offices. Our experience and expertise spans all versions of the platform, across categories and engagement types, with a growing Global B2B and B2C base.
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Overdose designs and builds data-driven solutions on the Shopware platform to produce business outcomes. Our growing client list spans all versions of the platform, across categories and engagement types, with a growing B2B category and Global B2C.