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Carpet Court is NZ’s most trusted and preferred flooring retailer, with 65 stores around New Zealand. Founded in the 1960’s by a small group of like-minded flooring retailers looking to establish a better experience and provide greater value for our customers. Today our flourishing business has a reputation reflecting our longstanding presence in the market and the thousands of NZ homes we have installed carpet and flooring into over the decades.

Their qualified staff are specialists in residential and commercial flooring solutions, and they pride themselves on delivering exceptional service to NZ’s largest insurance providers and their customers. They can make your flooring project happen from concept through to installation with their extensive range of beautiful and innovative flooring solutions, including carpet, vinyl, lino, luxury vinyl tiles, laminate, timber, rigid, garage carpet and underlay. Many of their stores also have a co-located CurtainStudio on-site, offering their customers a complete design solution from flooring to curtains and blinds.

Carpet Court has long stood to be known in Aotearoa as the leading flooring experts, and for decades has dedicated sensational service to their customers nationwide. For Overdose., this demanded the need for powerful marketing collaboration and strategic insight to deliver a tailored acquisition model across their online store - aiding in their journey towards digital maturity in the ever-growing online market for flooring.


Overdose. work closely with the Carpet Court team in re-establishing their online presence, reviewing historical performance and looking to the future to drive investment across key channels (not limited to) - Meta, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Search, and YouTube; as well as partnerships - TradeMe, Neighbourly and Stuff.co.nz.
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Acquiring high-quality backlinks from authority sites to improve Carpet's Court domain rating

Carpet Court’s domain rating was 2nd best at 38 against competitors in 2021.


Overdose. came up with a content strategy where content gaps were filled allowing the site to gain better visibility in 2022 currently dominating the market against competitors.

A disjointed user journey to lead acquisition - discerning where a potential customer may be in their journey to purchase.

Initially the digital advertising approach had the opportunity to be built out, with the tone of voice and messaging broadly pushed across channels - not taking into consideration the need to nurture a user's journey to purchase.


We refined the media approach, delivering an awareness and consideration segmented approach with a suitable tone of voice along the journey + delivering suitable creative visuals between lifestyle and product/service guarantees for users showing interest. In turn, this delivered a substantially higher engagement rate and measurable traffic approach that translate back to understanding the efficient use of media investment.

Creating new content and optimising existing copy to target high search volume terms and obtain greater visibility in the New Zealand market.

In 2021, the flooring space was primarily dominated by other competitors; our primary goal was to address the existing gaps and improve SOV and ranking visibility in 2022.


Overdose. came up with a content strategy where content gaps were filled allowing the site to gain better visibility in 2022 currently dominating the market against competitors.

Understanding to journey to conversion

For the Carpet Court site, the journey to conversion is different from most other websites.


To better understand this, we worked with Carpet Court to implement specific event tracking on the 'Measure & Quote' form and feed that through both Google Analytics and then onto reports within Google Data Studio. This allowed us to better understand the pain points and drop-off points within the conversion journey. We made data-driven decisions & overall increased the number of quotes logged through the site.

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- Carpet Court
YoY (2021)
Increased non-branded acquisition
Increased SOV vs competitors
Increase in new users on site
Increased domain rating


Through industry research, attention to the user journey and platform expertise, we shaped an ongoing media approach to deliver ongoing brand resonance and reach as well as uptake of their promotional offerings; this led to the sustained growth of acquisition and a greater engagement to promotions – having seen +50% lift in consultations through non-branded searches alone in 2021 (YoY) and a steadily maintained growth in sessions through 2022 despite growing acquisition costs across the vertical.