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A showcase of exceptional wines sourced via the cellars of Australia’s finest sommeliers, cellar doors, boutique retailers and private collectors. As a marketplace, they connect those with an appreciation and interest in wine with a unique and interesting collection of fine wines not normally accessible to the public, allowing all Australians to 'Drink the Extraordinary'.

CellarSpace partnered with Overdose. to reinvent the presentation of their expertly curated wines and migrate to a platform enabling them to greater control the presentation of their content and scale their business. The key challenges were to ensure the front-end UX did not feel like a typical online marketplace and keep manual intervention or editing to a minimum. This was to ensure CellarSpace could utilise the data available from the original seller's product feeds mapping to available fields in Shopify to allow for products to be organised meaningfully and enriched within the Shopify platform, meaning one source of truth for the business.

Overdose. leveraged many of the features in Shopify 2.0 and a bespoke implementation based on the 2.0 Dawn theme to deliver a powerful e-commerce engine that is scalable, flexible and connects users to a wine shopping experience that feels like a premium specialised service.


As part of this project, Overdose. integrated Shopify with Marketplacer utilising their bespoke connector to push marketplace products to a Shopify store. This allows the Front End to be fully customised and further developed to scale as needed while allowing product data to still be controlled at source.

Key challenges were in accounting for differences in category structure - Markeptlacer employs a traditional 'tree' structure with a parent and sub-category structure Versus Shopify's flat collection structure. Similarly, product data in Shopify is enriched and grouped via tags, so a solution was found early in the project discovery process whereby 'feature options' would map directly to Shopify tags.

This allowed the data enrichment to take place in the one source of truth meaning little manual intervention was required in treating product data with products being presented exactly as needed on the front end. Yotpo and Klaviyo were installed over the top to allow CellarSpace to capture authentic user review data to boost conversion and allow seamless marketing automation.
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Category vs collection URLs

On the existing tech stack all wine categories had format /s/sub-category whereas Shopify is collections/products.


The OD SEO team exhaustively audited the current F/E and proposed a new Shopify collection structure and implemented the mapping of redirects.

Shipping setups from individual sellers not passed through the Shopify connector

Individual sellers listing wines on Marketplacer will have different rules for shipping products.


Sellers map to Shopify as 'locations'. With Shopify, we can set custom shipping rules per location. We explored extensively setting these up and custom zones and rates to match the rules of each seller. It should be noted at the time of launch, it was decided to standardise rates across the board purely to simplify operations but the challenge was genuine and the solution was in the stages of testing.

Grouping products into categories

Marketplacer forces products into traditional tree structures, and Shopify utilises Product tags.


We utilised the product feature option fields in Marketplacer, usually reserved for features (for example, cars have Bluetooth or air con as features) to have the values we wanted to exist as tags in Shopify.

Inability to fully mitigate seller product images and descriptions to be uniform due to various sources

Many vendors send product data via feed in a presentation optimised for their own platform, not necessarily perfect.


We ensured product images were at a set ratio optimised for desktop/mobile designs and produced a matrix sheet detailing optimum image sizes. These image specs can be gradually worked through with partners and original sellers to steadily improve and standardise product images. Lengthy product descriptions can be truncated to 3-4 lines uniformly and hidden behind a "read more" prompt.

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Browsing modern marketplace websites – while useful, leaves the user with an overall sense of browsing something functional, something straightforward and exactly what it sets out to be – thousands of products from different categories all available in the one eCommerce engine. With CellarSpace – it is a marketplace operation however the UX challenge is to convey the brand’s purpose to the user – that is browsing the site should feel as though the user is viewing a perfectly curated selection of wines for their taste/budget, a more premium and authentic browsing experience recommending food pairings and similar pieces of industry expertise as though one were at a tasting or bespoke event in person.

Overdose. designed an elegant solution whereby under the surface of the code, the product data is indeed fetched from various sellers all into one piece, but browsing this website does not feel as though you’re on Amazon, mydeal or a bargain site. The design meets the expectations of the brand elegantly.