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Generate is an award-winning New Zealand-owned KiwiSaver and wealth manager, with a track record of consistent long-term performance through responsible investments.

Generate and Overdose. have joined forces to create an exceptional composable content-driven website that showcases Generate's esteemed investment-managed funds and KiwiSaver schemes. At the core of Generate's offering is their customer-centric approach, where new members have access to on-call advisers and a strong emphasis on responsible investing through their renowned 'Mindful Funds' approach.

Overdose. has worked closely with Generate to develop a state-of-the-art Hygraph CMS, enabling highly customizable and component-driven content pages. Leveraging the latest Vue frameworks, the website seamlessly integrates complex integrations to support fund performance data, ensuring compliance with stringent financial data visibility and security requirements. This lightning-fast online experience sets the foundation for future software content needs, empowering Generate to deliver an exceptional digital experience to their customers.


Together, we aimed to enhance their digital capabilities and streamline data synchronization. As part of this collaboration, we seamlessly integrated Hygraph, Generate's powerful content management system, with SalesForce. This integration enabled the synchronization of fund performance data for both managed funds and KiwiSaver across the board. Additionally, the integration facilitated the capture of new leads generated through quizzes, calculators, tools, and forms on the website.

To ensure optimal performance and flexibility, Hygraph was deployed on Amazon Amplify. This strategic deployment allowed Generate to effortlessly deploy new content as and when needed, combining the benefits of dynamically built and customizable content with a static-rendered website. Through this integration, Generate gained greater control over their data and enhanced their ability to provide up-to-date and personalized information to their audience.
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Navigating Technical Complexity and Component Buildability Challenges

We were tasked with building a composable content-driven website for Generate, leveraging the advanced capabilities of the Hygraph CMS. The goal was to create a dynamic and flexible platform that could effectively showcase Generate's investment-managed funds and KiwiSaver schemes while providing an exceptional user experience. This required us to navigate the technical complexities of integrating the Hygraph CMS and ensure seamless component buildability for efficient content management.


We took a proactive approach by upskilling our dedicated project team and maintaining open lines of communication with Generate. We recognized the importance of understanding and addressing daily challenges promptly, which led us to strategically plan and architect solutions for efficient component libraries. Our "done once, done right" attitude ensured that every aspect of the platform was meticulously designed and implemented. Additionally, we prioritized scalability, ensuring that the solution could seamlessly integrate with other software solutions if needed in the future.

Enhancing Financial Data Visibility Through Integration

Integrating complex financial data visibility and managing customer leads effectively, was a challenge, as Generate required a streamlined system that could handle and display intricate financial data while capturing and organizing leads from various sources. We were tasked with ensuring seamless integration between their systems and implementing a solution that would provide Generate with comprehensive visibility into their financial performance, as well as an efficient lead management process.


We assembled a dedicated team of senior developers who maintained constant communication with the stakeholders. This approach enabled us to swiftly address integration challenges, particularly concerning SalesForce and the optimization of delivery efficiency. We focused on resolving issues related to in-house built legacy endpoints, ensuring a seamless integration process. By fostering a collaborative and communicative environment, we were able to adapt and provide effective solutions that aligned with Generate's specific needs.

Building a Scalable Content Strategy

Generate uses a wide array of financial data which is pulled from various sources and then utilized in different presentation formats. This meant they needed a modular approach to content that allowed them to adjust on a moment's notice to include more or less content. It also meant they needed a sound content strategy that would foresee all the content reuse challenges and make the best of content modularity and adaptability.


The Hygraph CMS offered a sustainable approach for content reuse at a scale that supports multiple customer experiences. Content Modeling, Content Relations and Components are three features of Hygraph that were used to build an extensible, versatile content model for Generate. Developers could easily set up content structures and connect them to speed up creation. A delivery plan of components was created based on the Figma designs decided by Generate, and content loading and UAT started within 2 weeks of developer kick-off, running in parallel and positively impacting the project timeline. Overall, the Hygraph Content features helped easily plan a solid content migration strategy and ultimately deliver a more engaging user experience.

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