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Jenny Craig operates a complex membership-based program with over 50 custom nutritionist-planned menus available at any time. Overdose partnered with Jenny Craig to design and execute a custom Shopify ordering platform that guides customers on their weight loss journey. The project included a customer service integration with Hubspot to ensure consultants can still provide the personalised service that Jenny Craig is known for.
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Overdose developed a custom HubSpot connector to expand the OOTB HubSpot integration. In addition, we worked closely with Jenny Craig's inventory and delivery partner—BeCool warehousing to integrate with Shopify Plus.
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Adapting the high quality in-centre experience

Jenny Craig AU uses a legacy in-centre consultation process for their weight loss program, providing highly personalised guidance and support throughout a customer's journey. Adapting this experience online was crucial.


Overdose worked closely with the Jenny Craig team to design a custom chatbot for customer onboarding, a personalised dashboard to guide you through your weight loss journey and integration with HubSpot to ensure regular 1:1 guidance from your consultant.

Maintaining meal choice in a personalised menu

The existing in-centre menu selection process had the flexibility to adjust menu items based on personal preference.


Overdose designed a food ordering experience that assigns a set menu based on criteria collected during the onboarding quiz, and allows a limited number of swaps to create a menu to suit personal preference.

Integration with existing WordPress site.

Jenny Craig's existing AU WordPress site was maintained as the primary source of information and promotional activity for Jenny Craig.


The Shopify store was set up on a subdomain. Overdose and Jenny Craig worked closely to design the end to end customer journey, ensuring a seamless path to conversion from the WordPress content site.

Custom HubSpot integration

Extend OOTB HubSpot integration to include Jenny Craig's custom fields, including goal weight, program details and consultation preferences.


Overdose developed a custom HubSpot connector to sync additional customer fields beyond the OOTB HubSpot integration, to include membership data, goal weights and program details.

Alick Hyde
"Unlike many food delivery businesses, Jenny Craig is a membership-based program with over 50 custom menus available at any time. We needed a solution that could accommodate this complexity. Overdose has translated our relatively complex physical business requirements into a slick digital experience for customers. The initial results have exceeded expectations and we’re excited to see how far we can go."
Alick Hyde - Digital Marketing Manager
- Jenny Craig
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Overdose developed a custom onboarding quiz, which replicates a live chat experience. As you answer questions, ‘Jenny’ responds as your first touchpoint with the consultant experience at Jenny Craig. Questions asked in the onboarding are used to determine the menu assigned to you as the first step on your weight loss journey with Jenny Craig. A menu is assigned based on customer BMI, dietary requirements and age.

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