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Tupperware Australia partnered with Overdose Digital to drive their digital transformation and launch their new direct to consumer website, after 60 years of selling through Tupperware parties. The new Shopify Plus site allows customers to purchase products directly online, connect with a consultant to assist in their shopping journey and join the Tupperware Loyalty Club to gain access to discounts and exclusive promotions.

The site boasts all the convenience of a modern e-commerce platform with a tiered loyalty program, various payment options, intelligent search, intuitive Shopify scripts and a consultant finder.

Since the successful launch in February 2021, the site has become their central revenue stream and has seen an increase in sales made online via the new eCommerce website by nearly 100%. Digital marketing campaigns built and managed by Overdose to support the launch and continued growth of the Tupperware website have helped the business exceed sales targets.
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Overdose integrated the Shopify Plus site with Tupperware's Empower ERP system. This allows real-time, bi-directional transfer of product, order fulfilment, shipping and rewards and most importantly, connects customers with consultants, the small business operators who have been the backbone of the Tupperware business for decades.
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In the month leading up to the website launch, Overdose built out an expansive campaign strategy designed to initially convert users in Tupperware’s owned customers databases, before moving into a new customer acquisition phase. Custom audiences were built on Facebook using existing first-party customer data, including the exclusion of their network of sales agents. Overdose built an optimised product data feed using DataFeedWatch connected to their Shopify store which would act as the backbone of their Google Shopping campaigns and enable us to run personalised dynamic product ads across Facebook and Instagram.
Allowing consultants to still be part of the purchase process

We needed to ensure that we were still respecting the Tupperware business model of involving a consultant along the shopping journey.


Added triggers at different points in the purchase journey (homepage, product and checkout) to outline the benefits of choosing a consultant and allowing the customer to select one. A user then can checkout with a consultant selected, which then allows the continuation of the consultant and customer relationship.

Digital selling capabilities - D2C

Traditionally Tupperware has relied upon their famous “Tupperware parties” to sell their range of storage solutions to consumers via registered sales agents. In Australia, in 2019 there were over 50,000 Tupperware parties alone. In the age of Covid-19 in-person parties have become increasingly difficult to rely upon for continued revenue, so seeking an improved and modernised customer user experience was key to adapting and thriving in these difficult times.


The team at Overdose sought to overcome this challenge by gaining a deep understanding of their key customers and set about an omnichannel digital marketing strategy to help their loyal fans make the change to shopping online.

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"At the beginning of 2021, consumers could purchase Tupperware® products only through a consultant in Australia, by using a consultant’s personal ordering link or attending a famous Tupperware party. As consumer-buying behaviours have changed, there was a need to explore new channels to meet consumers where they are today – online. In under 6 months, sales made online via the new eCommerce website have increased by nearly 100% from Q1 to Q2 (Overdose’s paid ads making up a substantial portion of those sales). After 60 years of business in the country, this shift in how consumers can access Tupperware® products shows the tremendous transformation Tupperware has undergone, largely helped through our partnership with Overdose.”
Jaimi Starr, eCommerce Manager
- Tupperware Australia


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