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Complete Commerce. Integrated Agility.

Eine globale Digital Commerce Agentur untermauert mit dem Elan eines Startups... Das war unsere Vorstellung und unser Ziel - daraus entstand Overdose.! Wir arbeiten in langfristigen Partnerschaften und konzentrieren uns gemeinsam darauf, durch maßgeschneiderte Strategien und Serviceintegration Ergebnisse zu liefern, die für langfristigen Unternehmenserfolg sorgen.

Wir nennen das Complete Commerce.

Seit unserer Gründung im Jahr 2016 ist Overdose zu einer Familie von mehr als 450 Experten herangewachsen, die über branchenführende Fähigkeiten in den Bereichen Strategie, Erfahrung, Technologie, Marketing, Suche, Daten und Insights verfügen. 

Wir sorgen für nachhaltigen Geschäftserfolg!

Break the rules.
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Wir bieten ein umfangreiches Angebot von Digital-Commerce-Dienstleistungen an, um alle funktionalen und individuellen Anforderungen unserer Kunden auf höchstem Qualitätslevel abdecken zu können.

Unsere Service-Departments werden alle von Branchenexperten geleitet, um mit bestem Wissen auf die individuellen Vorstellungen unserer Kunden eingehen zu können!

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Zoe & Morgan

Zoe and Morgan is a boutique brand with an international reach, with flagship stores in London and Auckland. What sets the brand apart is the storytelling behind each piece and every collection, inspired by a love of life - both physical and metaphysical. Zoe & Morgan's brand celebrates the magic and beauty of life.
Zoe & Morgan brand celebrates the magic and beauty of life, as summed up by New York photographer Bill Cunningham: “ Those who seek beauty will find it”, which has become a key brand motto for us.

A long-time client, Zoe & Morgan has been with Overdose. for 4+ years - As one of our Auckland team's original clients, we partnered with the Z&M team to redesign their Adobe Magento 1 site before further electing OD and Adobe Commerce to help migrate them from Magento 1 to Magento 2 Commerce Cloud. Boasting an online interactive ring size guide, purchasable engagement and wedding collections and most of all a beautiful, stylised UX design.


Merchant 1948

A New Zealand family-owned and operated footwear retailer and manufacturer, built on a passion for shoes and people. With a history coursing three generations, Overland has become a household name. A trusted source of premium leather footwear, for any and all occasions. Born out of a respect for both quality leather and for the art that is shoemaking.

As the Merchant 1948 and Mi Piaci brands have continued to expand, the vision has remained the same: bringing well-made, modern footwear to New Zealanders. Their footwear is built for the way you live. A clever mix of form, function, and fashion, with heritage firmly at its heart; synonymous with elegant, quietly confident footwear, essential in the formation of an elevated wardrobe.

The Overdose. Auckland/New Zealand team joined forces with the Overland team for a massive digital relaunch of their online platform and presence. As a long-standing partner of Overdose., rebuilding their NZ and AU websites for both the Merchant 1948 and Mi Piaci brands on the Adobe Commerce, Magento 2.4 Commerce Cloud Platform to leverage the feature-rich core functionality was a natural next step.


Theo Chocolate

Theo Chocolate makes the best chocolate ever (in our opinion anyway) and is the preeminent chocolate brand in Seattle (based on our in-depth research on eating a lot of chocolate). The brand had reached a point where growing eCommerce sales was a priority but were unsure about the best technology to build with. They had a WordPress/WooCommerce site hosted on bare metal, knew they needed to change and had many ideas around digital marketing; yet with so many technology options available, the best platform to serve the growth of the business was unclear.

Theo's team is small and they needed to be able to run their eCommerce website with minimal staff. They needed to find tools that they could use to manage the business long-term, yet still be able to enhance it as operations allow. Enter Overdose. We began working with Theo early in their discovery and helped define requirements/features for both B2B and B2C eCommerce. Next, we led a platform-agnostic review of eCommerce platforms providing a comparison based on the recently defined features. This gave the Theo team a foundation to make good decisions and be in control of their eCommerce.



At Woop, we believe at the heart of a good life is great food, that the decisions we make around what we eat reflect who we are and the life we aspire to. Our mission is to make it easy to prepare beautiful food, in a fraction of the time. In our kitchen, it is calm. Everything in its place. Mise en place, as the French say. This guides our approach to pre-preparing our delicious ingredients & handcrafted sauces to make your life easier.

Woop elected Overdose. to build a completely custom and unique website that matched their vision for a food box subscription service like nothing else on the market. Using the extensive knowledge of our Adobe Commerce developers and system architects we were able to create a one of a kind site that offered a powerful subscription service with a seamless user experience. Based on highly customised Adobe Commerce architecture, this website offers varied recipe combinations, a custom-built review platform, flexible subscriptions, live chat and thoughtful pop-ups to provide a customer-first service.



Bobux shoes are approved by leading podiatrists and are specially designed in New Zealand to foster healthy natural foot development. It’s been 30 years since the first Soft Sole, and they still craft the best shoes for growing feet. Loved and worn by Bobux children in over 40 countries around the globe.

Bobux engaged Overdose. to architect a global e-commerce architecture, capable of supporting the rapid growth of the Bobux brand into various international markets, with localised language, currency and product offering, whilst mitigating a heavy administrative burden associated with multiple stores. Overdose. proposed and implemented Adobe Commerce which was a strong fit for its native multiplicity and ability to manage multiple storefronts from a singular instance, whilst providing the management ease.


Lekker Home

Lekker Home was started by a husband and wife team who envisioned a company that could depict Scandinavian culture through home furniture. The company was built by designers, for designers. Having outgrown its previous platform, Lekker sought a platform with the ability to scale while retaining a sleek, modern look and feel. The team needed the ability to convey their brand throughout their eCommerce website and to completely self-manage content. In addition, with product attribute data living in an ERP system, Lekker needed a solution to easily and quickly sync data with the platform.  

Overdose. performed a strategic design audit to understand the interior designers' motivations, intent, and desired journey, resulting in a modern design that complements the brand’s high-end offerings. To accommodate Lekker Home's complex product structure, Overdose. developed a bespoke integration of Acumatica with the Magento platform.  
Overdose. expertly balanced Lekker Home's desire for a personalised site with its need to have an extremely user-friendly process for editing and creating content.

trusted partners.

Trotz unseres umfangreichen Kundenportfolios ist es sehr selten, dass wir das gleiche Tech-Setup der Integrationsvoraussetzungen mehrmals zu sehen bekommen. Wir sind stolz darauf, detaillierte Business & System Architecture-Lösungen zu entwickeln, um alle möglichen Szenarien und Ziele für eine Reihe von Plattformen abzudecken.

Wir sind zertifizierte Partner und Experte weltweit führende eCommerce-Plattformen, wie Magento by Adobe, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Commercetools und Shopware. Wir verfolgen einen agnostischen Ansatz bei der Auswahl der Plattform, um stets sicherzustellen, dass die Geschäftsanforderungen unserer Kunden im Vordergrund stehen.



Magento heißt mittlerweile Adobe Commerce und vereint eCommerce, Auftragsmanagement und Business Intelligence in einer Plattform. Wir sind zertifizierter Magento-Partner mit einem Team von mehr als 120 zertifizierten Entwicklern in unseren Niederlassungen, haben den Status eines Gold Solution Partners und wurde zum Digital Experience Solution Partner of the Year ernannt.
Commercetools is a new addition to the Overdose technology suite, following MACH principles (Microservices, API first, Cloud Native, Headless) and we are already seeing strong adoption across our offices.
Wir sind globaler BigCommerce-Elitepartner und haben bereits mehrere komplexe Enterprise Builds realisiert. Wir haben unsere umfassenden Fähigkeiten über den gesamten eCommerce-Produktlebenszyklus hinweg genutzt und in ein eigenes Entwicklungsteam für BigCommerce investiert.
Overdose ist weltweiter Shopify Plus-Agenturpartner mit einem Team von über 25 spezialisierten Shopify-Entwicklern in unseren verschiedenen Niederlassungen. Wir entwerfen bereits seit über sieben Jahren Lösungen für diese Plattform. Die Auswahl unserer Shopify-Kunden erstreckt sich über alle Versionen der Plattform hinweg.
Overdose is a Certified Shopware Enterprise Partner with our core client base across our European offices, however as a global partner, we are supporting the adoption of this solution across our other global offices in '22.
VTEX is the latest platform addition to the Overdose technology suite, having observed huge traction in platform adoption across all regions. We are actively looking to have an early mover advantage in this space as it becomes a key global player.
Du bist in guter Gesellschaft.

Overdose arbeitet mit über 300 wachstumsstarken B2C-Einzelhändlern und B2B-Anbietern zusammen, die ein langfristiges Wachstum in wettbewerbsintensiven und internationalen Märkten anstreben.

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