Digital Commerce
Anti-Agency, Agency.

we don’t:

accept the norm.
sleep enough.
waste paper.
dance in public.
let a beer or ping pong win go unnoticed.
throw stones in glass houses.
know the Colonel’s secret blend.
have enough car parking spaces.
assume the past dictates the future.

have a receptionist.
stop believin’.
keep up with the Kardashians.
hate Mondays.
finish at the finish line.
expect you to have read this far.
hesitate to share an opinion.
believe the hype.
tolerate mediocrity.

Independent. Accountable. Global.

We saw successful organisations struggling to grow their digital channels and repeatedly engaging agencies selling pre-packaged solutions without considering the business goals.

We envisaged a founder-led, global end-to-end Digital Commerce network, with enterprise capability, underpinned with local independent hustle… working in accountable partnerships, focused on delivering accelerated outcomes through bespoke strategies and deep empathy. We call this Anti-Agency.

In the four years since incorporation, Overdose has grown out to a family of 200+ commerce professionals, with industry-defining capability across Strategy, Experience, Technology, Marketing, Search & Data. We now have offices and clients in Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, New York, Singapore, and Kiev.

We don’t sell solutions. We produce business outcomes.

Break the rules. 
Think bigger. 
Get sh*t done.

Magento 2 | SAP

Stihl Shop

STIHL SHOP selected Overdose and Magento to help cement their place as a pioneer in the local industry by launching, New Zealand’s first garden power tool e-commerce platform that allows you to buy online while still receiving the personal service and support customers have come to love from the four-time consecutive Consumer NZ People’s Choice winner.

Magento 2 | Apparel21

Scotch & Soda

Scotch & Soda has embarked on a journey with Overdose and Magento to digitise the customer experience that has helped shape the global brand today. The passion for original thinking and rejecting the normal and mundane opened the way for the iconic brand to remain as a key indicator of a wearer’s beliefs and an outward symbol of belonging to a distinct dutch sub-culture or movement.

Shopify Plus


Cultiver has a belief of finding enjoyment in the things we use most frequently, with their products bringing beauty and moments of appreciation to your daily ritual. When Overdose joined forces with Cultiver, our intention was to transform this into their online presence, to better showcase their beautiful range of linen products.

platform agnostic
trusted partners.

Despite our depth of clientele, we very rarely see the same tech setup or integration requirements twice. We pride ourselves on producing detailed Business and System Architecture solutions to cover all scenarios and endpoints for a range of platforms.

We are certified partners and experts on the world’s leading eCommerce Platforms, including; Magento by Adobe, Shopify Plus and BigCommerce. We take an agnostic approach to Platform selection, ensuring our clients’ business needs are served as the priority.

Overdose are certified Magento partners, with a team of 80+ M2 developers across our offices. Our team has been designing solutions for the platform since its inception in 2008. Winner of two 2019 Imagine Excellence awards and named as Digital Experience Partner of the Year APAC 2020.
Adopted in early 2019, Overdose has already secured BigCommerce Elite status, and has launched multiple complex enterprise builds with more in progress. We have leveraged our broad capabilities across the eCommerce product lifecycle, and invested in a dedicated development team for BigCommerce.
Overdose are global Shopify Plus Agency Partners, with a team of 25+ expert Shopify developers across our offices. We have been designing solutions for the platform for over seven years. Our Shopify client list spans all versions of the platform, across categories and engagement types.
Overdose provides end-to-end digital commerce solutions, driving over $1 Billion of annual digital commerce revenue across our clients and thus has strong relationships with most major marketing platforms and is a top tier Google Premier Partner.
Magento is now part of Adobe, bringing together eCommerce, order management, and business intelligence into a truly unified experience platform. Overdose hold Gold Solution Partner status and was named Digital Experience Solution Partner of the Year 2020 (APAC).
We are delighted to offer a range of Chinese social media channel activations to our portfolio of clients. There are fantastic opportunities both locally, and offshore, to directly promote to Asian communities through unique content on diverse channels such as WeChat, Weibo, amongst others.
in good company.

Overdose have partnered with a select group of 200+ high growth B2C Retailers and B2B Suppliers seeking accelerated growth in competitive markets. Our typical client retains control of their brand and operates across multiple channels with global growth ambitions.

our bread
& butter

We provide a full suite of Digital Commerce services with capability to deliver across the full functional needs of high performing digital retailers.

Our Service Pillars are all led by noted industry experts, and our Client Success process ensures clients have unfettered access to talent through our distributed retainer model.

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