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Amber provides home renovation advice, service and solutions to customers, with their core business being in bathroom ware, floor tiles, wall tiles, natural stone, pavers, retaining walls, cladding and artificial grass.
With 40 years of experience, Amber has been able to establish a strong marketing presence, successful Franchisees across multiple states in Australia and an excellent customer brand perception and sentiments of value. They’re always on the pulse of what’s going on in the design world - in fact, their full-time product team searches the globe to bring you the latest trends.

The Overdose. Australia crew have been working closely with the team at Amber to bring their vision to life through a seamless eCommerce website, with a truly enhanced online presence and intuitive features and smooth functionality. Our team of developers leveraged a highly customised Adobe Commerce architecture, resulting in a website that delivers an exceptional shopping journey for tiles, stone and bathroom ware, catering to both retail and trade customers.

Throughout the process, we maintained close collaboration with Amber, understanding their desired user journey to design an optimal user experience and craft a distinctive website that not only catered to customer needs but also facilitated effortless transactions with our partners at Stripe.


A pivotal aspect of this project was integrating the Adobe Commerce platform with Amber's ERP system, HarmoniQ. Through seamless synchronisation, products, orders, and customer data flowed effortlessly, ensuring a seamless experience for both trade customers and end-users alike.

The primary implementation focused on incorporating robust eCommerce functionality, including regional pricing, and accurately assigning users to their respective regions for purchases. This collaboration was particularly significant as Amber embarked on a transition towards an enhanced e-commerce experience through their new website.
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Unraveling the Maze of a Decentralised Franchise Network

Within the scope of the project, we were required to address the complexity and unify their diverse pricing structures across their franchise network.


The team devised a tailored approach, harnessing the power of Adobe Commerce's Magento storefronts as distinct regions, ensuring seamless region-specific allocation for each franchise and enabling personalised price ranges.

Solutioning Location-Based Pricing

Whilst crafting an optimal experience for Amber's users, we encountered the nuanced challenge of accurately assigning regional pricing based on user location, and navigating past inaccuracies associated with IP-based allocation.


We introduced a postcode pop-up, offering users the convenience of entering their postcode to ensure accurate regional assignment. Additionally, we implemented meticulous checkout validations based on shipping addresses to seamlessly align users with the appropriate price region.

Crafting Tailored Content

Amber aimed for a seamless integration of custom content throughout their website, seeking a feature that would effortlessly embed these elements across various sections, promoting ease of reuse.


Overdose. harnessed the dynamic page builder functionality to create bespoke widgets and CMS blocks. This strategic approach empowered the Amber team with the prowess and adaptability to seamlessly infuse personalised content, all while upholding the stipulated design guidelines.

Crafting an Online Experience Mirroring In-Store Ambiance

Amber aspired to replicate the seamless in-store buying journey within their online platform. This ambition encompassed not only mirroring the familiarity but also effectively presenting an assorted product portfolio, each with its distinctive attributes.


A symbiotic alliance with the Amber team paved the way for delving into the intricacies of products nestled in the realm of edge cases. This approach honed user journeys and elevated the entirety of product pages. In tandem, in collaboration with our UX experts, we meticulously devised strategies for both visual and functional depictions of the diverse product range on the website.

Stripe: Enhancing Customer Journey Precision

Amber faced a challenge familiar to many businesses: ensuring that the checkout process, the critical final stage of the customer journey, operates flawlessly. They sought to eliminate any potential sales drop-offs during this pivotal moment while maintaining a commitment to offering a broad spectrum of payment methods, from conventional card payments to the modern convenience of mobile wallets and Afterpay.


In partnership with Stripe, Amber seamlessly integrated "The Link", Stripe's one-click checkout product, into their system. This astute move not only eradicated the risk of abandoned sales but also empowered Amber to provide their customers with an extensive array of payment options. From traditional card transactions to the ease of mobile wallets and the flexibility of Afterpay, every preference was accommodated. The inclusion of "The Link" by Stripe brought an extra layer of convenience, enabling customers to complete their transactions with a single click, ultimately enriching the overall shopping experience.

"The Overdose. team seamlessly integrated our ERP system with Adobe Commerce, allowing for smooth synchronisation of data. The website launch has significantly improved our eCommerce capabilities and streamlined our operations."
Paul Byrne
Head of Marketing


In our journey of crafting the perfect user experience and design for Amber, we had to dive deep into the challenges they were facing.

We began by dissecting their conventional offline sales labyrinth and seamlessly reassembling it in the digital realm. By orchestrating a symphony of streamlined purchase flows, optimizing the display of their prized offerings and choreographing a secure, intuitive checkout dance, we seamlessly drove Amber’s customers into the world of online shopping.

Together we weaved in regional personalisation by crafting a bespoke regional pricing cloak, paramount for Amber’s expansive reach. Marrying geolocation prowess with user preferences, we engineered an intricate mechanism that effortlessly tailors the pricing tapestry to each user’s location. The outcome? A symposium of personalised experiences that resonated with each visitor’s geographic heartbeat.

We acknowledged the ever-growing throng of mobile explorers, we unfurled a responsive design canvas. With an artist’s finesse, we shaped a design that elegantly morphed to embrace screens of all dimensions, ensuring a seamless spectacle irrespective of the device.

Through this adventure in design and user experience, we sorted out all the tricky parts. We made signing up a cinch, smoothed out the online shopping path, added a personal touch to pricing, made mobile browsing a breeze, and kept fine-tuning things along the way. This has made Amber’s customers happier, got them more involved, and turned more visitors into fans.

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