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Overdose & Chill: Live

Overdose & Chill: Live brings you a diverse series of genuine business & commerce chats, with no ‘sales pitch’ or ‘hard sell’ BS. Tune in weekly for fresh interviews with the innovators, leaders and drivers behind successful brands known for disrupting their industries and leveraging technology, data and insight to drive their businesses to new heights through connected customer-centric commerce experiences.
#007 : Dan Fertig @ BigCommerce
In the next of our live Instagram Overdose & Chill interviews, our CEO Todd Welling talks with Dan Fertig, Head of Partnerships at BigCommerce about his background, the BigCommerce journey to IPO, and what the future of SaaS Commerce looks like from the platform side.
#006 : Victor Castro @ Bonafide
In the next of our Overdose & Chile live Instagram interviews, we talk to Victor Castro, soon to be Vice President of Growth + Digital Product at Bonafide Health LLC about the brand’s journey, the “big” conversation and how they manage to maintain traction.
#005 : Daniel Höhnke @ Overdose Berlin
We're taking Overdose & Chill LIVE, and every week catching-up with some great digital leaders. This week, Daniel Höhnke from Overdose will be joining us for our fifth session!
#004 : Andy Mackie @ Asset Factory
In the fourth of our Overdose & Chill Live, we talk to Andy Mackie about how Asset Factory can help retailers of all sizes to maximise their online marketing and he gives us an insight into the four key photography machines that create the magic.
#003 : Matt Jones @ Four Pillars Gin
In the third of our Overdose & Chill live Instagram interviews, we talk to Matt Jones - co-founder of Four Pillars - about the company’s journey, their modern Australian product, market challenges and how they maximise their consumer experience.
#002 : Dion Roosenbrand @ NZ Muscle
This week our CEO Todd Welling talks to Dion Roosenbrand – founder and CEO of NZ Muscle – about the company’s growth, risk-taking, the impact of Covid-19, the role of influencers in the marketing arena and how to achieve a good work/life balance.
#001 : Tom Franey @ Scotch & Soda
In the first of our Overdose & Chill live Instagram interviews, we talk to Tom Franey - Head of eCommerce at Scotch & Soda Australia - about his journey, what makes the brand unique, the impact of Covid-19 and how the company is managing customer retention.
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