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Established in Australia in 2011, Cycology Clothing is a creative brand inspired by its passion for cycling. From canvas to jersey - their unique designs are hand drawn or painted by artist Sarina and made of the highest quality fabrics. Their prints have a soft feel that ages with style. Their design style ranges from “mild” to “wild”, so they cater to the many different tastes of riders who want something different to the “same old same old".

The Overdose. Australia team had the privilege of collaborating with Cycology on their digital marketing campaigns across multiple platforms such as Google, Meta, and YouTube. We worked across multiple regions including Australia, the US, Europe, and the UK, as we geared up for peak season in 2022. Together, Overdose. Australia and Cycology explored various strategies to highlight the brand’s distinctiveness and its designs in a fiercely competitive market. Our focus was on developing campaigns that deliver tangible results and create a memorable experience for the end customer.


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Strategic position for peak season success

As the pandemic led to a surge in demand for cycling, competition in the industry intensified with existing players ramping up their marketing activities and new entrants joining the fray. While our focus was to keep Cycology top-of-mind for cycling enthusiasts during the peak season, we were also aware of the slowing demand for cycling as lockdowns ended in 2022. The market was highly competitive, and individual brands were vying for a share of the pie.


To drive brand awareness among Cycology's core audience, we developed an engaging YouTube ad campaign that targeted cyclists within the brand's core demographic. Our approach involved using video ads that highlighted the unique features of Cycology's products, helping the brand stand out in a crowded market.

Engaging video ads

We understand that creating engaging video content is critical to the success of a YouTube ad campaign and that the challenge lies in striking a balance between promoting the brand's message and keeping the audience hooked. As a brand that prides itself on unique designs and exceptional quality, it was imperative that we created videos that reflected Cycology's values and resonated with their audience. Our team worked closely with them to understand their brand identity and create videos that captured their essence while also being visually appealing.


In partnership with Google, we ran a YouTube-focused strategy session that helped the team understand what it takes to create successful YouTube ads. Our team also conducted an audit of Cycology's previous videos and campaigns to provide data-driven insights into what had worked well and where improvements could be made. Armed with this information, the Cycology team was able to rework their ads, creating engaging content tailored to the needs of the platform that not only reached people but also delivered a strong brand message.

Measurement of success

We required measurements to assess the impact of Cycology's YouTube ads campaigns by looking beyond reach and traffic to understand how the campaigns were influencing user behavior and driving conversions.


We believe that data is essential to creating successful marketing campaigns, partnering with Google allowed us to leverage the Search Lift Study. Our team used this tool to measure the impact of Cycology's YouTube ads on branded search terms, and we were pleased to find that the study showed a significant increase in the likelihood of people searching for the brand after seeing the ads.

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"We were very pleased with the results achieved by ramping up our YouTube advertising during the critical and noisy Black Friday sales period. We definitely seemed to benefit with the added exposure afforded to our brand via this channel.”
Michael Tomchin

Results & Insights

Increased brand ROAS
Increased brand revenue
Increased brand conversion rate
Impact on Demand - Users who viewed the video campaigns
5x more likely to search for advertiser's brand