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Founded on Melbourne’s bustling Chapel Street in 1972, by Australian designer Adele Palmer, JAG established its place in the Australian fashion landscape by fast becoming a staple brand with its innovative design in stylish casual wear.

For decades JAG decorated the butts of Aussies + Americans alike, in their signature JAG jeans featuring the triangle logo and easy styling pieces worn back with denim. Their founding DNA; jeans and sportswear was processed, stonewashed, overdyed, relaxed and slightly recycled in its hey day, as it is today.

Overdose. was selected by APG & Co. to bring their digital vision to life. With a focus on delivering a truly customer-obsessed experience, our team leveraged cutting-edge technology to design and build a custom website unlike any other. Utilizing headless architecture and a combination of commercetools Frontend and commercetools, we created a one-of-a-kind site that offered a seamless and effortless user experience. This innovative approach empowered the APG & Co. team to work faster and more efficiently, freeing them from the constraints of traditional website architecture. The result was a truly unique and functional website that perfectly reflected APG & Co.'s values of creativity, resilience, and quality customer experience.


APG & Co. streamlined their e-commerce operations with the help of Overdose. By integrating commercetools/commercetools Frontend with their existing systems, they achieved seamless data syncing and improved team efficiency.

The integration with marketing platforms, Nosto, Algolia, and Klaviyo, has provided customers with relevant information, including product details, inventory levels, and order statuses, all while delivering a high-quality user experience. In turn, APG & Co. experience enhanced e-commerce operations.
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Multiple Integration issues with 3rd Parties

The Overdose. team worked closely with APG & Co. to implement a "Headless" website, leveraging the commercetools Frontend technology stack with a portfolio of MACH-aligned services. As a first in Australia utilising many of these technology patterns, the team worked on a path of continuous improvement to localise the solution to market. Working in deep collaboration with commercetools Frontend team, we were able to overcome these challenges and deliver a best-in-class eCommerce solution across the group of brands.


The delivery of the website utilizing the new "Headless" technology with commercetools Frontend presented challenges, particularly in the integration with various systems such as Adyen, Paypal, Algolia, and Nosto. Overdose's development team worked tirelessly to debug, investigate, and test potential solutions while also engaging in ongoing discussions with commercetools Frontend support to find the best course of action. Through perseverance and collaboration, the team was able to overcome the challenges and deliver a successful project for APG & Co.

Nascent Technology

The Overdose. team worked closely with APG & Co. to implement a "Headless" website using commercetools Frontend technology. Despite facing new challenges and unexpected obstacles, our team was committed to finding solutions and continuously improving the end-result. By leveraging their expertise and collaborating with commercetools Frontend support, we were able to overcome these challenges and deliver a best-in-class eCommerce solution for APG & Co.


The implementation of new technology in a project can bring both opportunities and challenges. To ensure a successful outcome, it's essential to have a clear understanding of potential risks and have a plan in place for addressing them. In the project with APG & Co., the team was aware that working with new technology would present unexpected hurdles, but with a proactive approach, they were able to navigate these challenges effectively. A steering committee was established to keep the project on track, and with the support of technology partners and the allocation of resources, they were able to resolve any issues that arose and achieve their goals.

"At APG & Co, we're always looking for the best tools and services to help us tell our brand story and provide our customers with the best online experience. When we set out to revamp the website for JAG, we were excited about the power of selecting new tools and services to create seamless shopping journeys. And we found just that - with Overdose, we were able to completely rethink the ecommerce experience across all our channels. Moving to a headless stack, driven by API integrations, has improved site performance and built operational efficiencies which has allowed the team to focus on enhancing the total online experience for our customers."
Alice Michael
Head of Ecommerce & Operations
APG & Co.


For the JAG project, Overdose and JAG decided to implement a headless approach in order to manage multiple websites efficiently. The websites were delivered using commercetools Frontend, which ensured a consistent user experience while maintaining the unique look and feel of each website. The designs and user flows were optimized to showcase JAG’s high-quality garments and their versatility, appealing to both men and women.

During the design phase with JAG, the team faced challenges in accurately conveying the brand’s information online, such as the origin of the fabrics and the versatility of the garments. Solutions were implemented on the product page, including highlighting the country of origin and providing a detailed block on the design and make of the garment.

To communicate that JAG caters to both men and women, the team split the home page hero banner into two sections and used a mix of model shots and category blocks featuring both genders throughout the site. The team’s goal was to convey the versatility of JAG’s garments and provide users with fresh ideas on how to style the pieces from day to night. The project was completed with a thorough testing process, ensuring the optimal performance of the website.

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