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Lekker Home

Adobe Commerce
Analytics Implementation, Data, Data Driven UX & UI, Marketing, Search, Strategy, Systems Architecture, Technology
Lekker Home was founded by Natalie van Dijk, an Amsterdam native, who after years of working in textiles, envisioned a furniture store and design community based on her creative upbringing – combining the warm modern aesthetic of Amsterdam, the classic luxuries of Paris, and the ingenuity of New York. In 2002, she left the constraints of corporate life, and Lekker Home was born. Having outgrown its previous platform, Lekker sought a platform with the ability to scale while retaining a sleek, modern look and feel. The team needed the ability to convey their brand throughout their eCommerce website and to completely self-manage content. In addition, with product attribute data living in an ERP system, Lekker needed a solution to easily and quickly sync data with the platform.  

The new Lekker Home website is built using Page Builder on Adobe Commerce providing an elegant presentation layer and a robust platform with the capability of handling highly customizable products. Overdose performed a strategic design audit to understand the interior designers' motivations, intent, and desired journey, resulting in a modern design that complements the brand’s high-end offerings. To accommodate Lekker Home's complex product structure, Overdose developed a bespoke integration of Acumatica with the Adobe Commerce platform. Optimized for performance, mobile experience, and design, the Lekker Home site communicates the brand with a seamless end-to-end experience.

The new website, built on the latest Adobe Commerce architecture, boasts all the convenience of a modern eCommerce platform with click & collect, various payment options, live chat, intelligent search, and on-site personalization. The design throughout the site was heavily customized by Adobe Commerce to provide a customer journey that meets Lekker Home’s high standards, rather than deliver the same basic experience most eCommerce sites provide. Overdose expertly balanced Lekker Home’s desire for a personalized site with its need to have a user-friendly process for editing and creating content.

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Marketing Emails :
Overdose. partnered with Dotdigital. It was the go-to choice to integrate and configure Dotdigital on Adobe Commerce M2 for marketing emails. Dotdigital’s comprehensive guide provided start to finish instructions for our development and marketing team, who installed and configured the connector. The OD team installed the subscribe module on the footer, which allowed email sign-ups on the website to be added to the Dotdigital database. Keeping the Lekker Home brand and style guide at the forefront of the integration, OD focused on brand communication within all outgoing email templates Lekker Home’s customers, interested designers and future buyers.

With the integration built by Kensium, Overdose. was a dedicated partner to Kensium and Lekker Home during the integration process and offered extensive support, guidance, and troubleshooting to ensure the data syncs (product data, order data, customer data) were sent with the correct information as not conflict with Adobe Commerce system requirements.

Quick Search (search pop-up):
Overdose.'s original search solution was Algolia and the decision was made to move to Klevu because of the more robust features they offered. OD researched existing Klevu clients to see what functionality was possible and ultimately settled on a sleek layout that provided customer service/help links, most searched items and also highlighted the designer and brand pages that are the foundation of what makes Lekker Home so special. The OD design team created a mockup of the Quick search following the styling and minimalism of the rest of the site.

Product Recommendations:
OD UX/UI/Design team strategically utilized product recommendations throughout the site to maximize conversion (Home page, PDP, Search page, Order Success (aka Order Confirmation page).
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Acumatica / Adobe Commerce Integration

Building and adapting attributes in the new ERP system; getting the product data correct.


Overdose. closely supported Lekker and the Kensium team throughout the Acumatica integration development period. OD advised on optimal approaches for sending and receiving data in Adobe Commerce and also helped troubleshoot Acumatica's sync issues such as: reviewing product/customer/order data syncs from Acumatica in the Adobe Commerce admin and database and checking product attribute data in Adobe Commerce to determine where pertinent data was missing. OD also optimized code and setting adjustments in Adobe Commerce to accommodate the Acumatica sync structure.

Good User Experience - look and feel Rich Editor

Product descriptions were rather basic, with limited functionality and layout selection. Lekker Home wanted a much richer customer experience.


Robust Pagebuilder templates with custom front end javascript.

Leveraged existing extension for brands

Before working with Overdose, the Lekker Home team edited content using raw HTML, which is a tedious and difficult task. Overdose enhanced Lekker Home’s capabilities by building a complete editing set featuring a drag and drop set using Page Builder and templates. After lining up all CSS and products, we gave Lekker Home admin control. Now, they can format everything consistently, the way they want it.


The use of Adobe Commerce Page Builder templates allows the Lekker Home team to edit and create new pages without needing to know detailed HTML. Instead, it becomes a drag and drop insertion of images and a WYSIWIG editor for primarily text-based content.

Making selecting product variants an attractive process

Lekker Home’s existing website consisted of basic text dropdown fields to select variants such as color, size, etc. They wanted a more vibrant and interactive experience for customers that did not interfere with the flow of content on the product pages.


Overdose. used a modal (pop-up window) that allows the client to display unlimited product attributes (color, material, size, etc.) for customers to choose from without crowding the product page. Once the attributes have been selected in the modal, they display on the product page itself so the customer can view their choices before adding items to their cart. If all product attributes that a customer can select on the product page had been displayed, it would have driven the “Add to Cart” button further down on the page (below the fold), potentially negatively impacting conversion rate.

"In an effort to completely reinvent our online presence we pursued an entirely new platform and architecture built for growth. To create and realize our vision we knew there would be no second chances in determining who was going to join us on our journey. We exhaustively interviewed developers, integrators and consultants. And while there were challenges, none matched up to the full breadth of experience offered by Overdose.

Partner is often an overused cliche used by salespeople and unwitting clients. But with Overdose., I couldn’t find a more appropriate term. As an independent brick and mortar and eCommerce retailer, we needed someone who understood more than just development. We needed a partner who would take the time to understand our business, channels, products, technology and the customers we serve. A partner that has the UX/UI, creative, SEO, data and development chops. A team that could work with the challenges of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and assist with managing third party integrators. We needed pros who could step in when there was a gap in project direction and step up when we needed project leadership. We found all the aforementioned in Overdose."
Curt Carpenter, Principal & Executive Leader
- Lekker Home

Objective & Insights

Sessions from the “internal search” pages
+50k Sessions per month
Increase organic traffic & revenue
An average of 100% year-on-year growth
Conversion rate
34% Covid adjusted increase in conversion (+72% during lockdowns)


We worked closely with the Lekker Home team during the design phase of the project to solve customer challenges.
We first considered how to best give a true sense of the furniture’s quality and design details online. We focused on creating an experience to inspire the user upfront to capitulate their attention and desire to explore.
We primarily concentrated on inspiring the user at a product level, serving a lifestyle image above the initial page fold. This portrays the true beauty of the product and showcases a method to stylise. The intent is to immediately capture users’ attention using studio photography to showcase the product details.
Another focus point was to translate the in-store experience online. We digitised the in-store styling by implementing a book consultation tool with prompts at every potential blocker in the customer journey.
We also stimulated the warmth Lekker Home customers experience when shopping in-store by steering away from greys and using a warm cream background to evoke the branding and essence customers receive in-store.
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