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Max, a company proudly run by women, made its debut in 1986 in Auckland. Max believes that style isn’t just about what we wear, it’s about how we live. At the core of our vision is to create products tailored to the style and values of the modern kiwi woman. Their collections are consciously curated to offer timeless, high-quality fashion, accessories, footwear and lifestyle products, designed by their team and creative community.

Max is on a journey of change to create products that are kinder to the earth, purposely using natural, sustainable, high-quality fabrics to consciously design beautiful garments, that are made to love and last.

From humble beginnings to stores across New Zealand and online, they’re bringing a fresh and mindful approach to style and lifestyle, because Style isn’t worn - it’s lived.

Max engaged Overdose. to re-platform the Max website to the Adobe Commerce Magento 2.4 Commerce Cloud Platform to leverage the feature-rich core functionality and optimise the user experience through a mobile-first design. This website offers a seamless cross-device user experience with a detailed loyalty program, multiple delivery offers, and a complex Ontempo integration to allow for consistency across Max's key business systems.


As part of this project, Overdose. integrated the Adobe Commerce platform with Ontempo Retail, Max’s ERP solution. This integration includes standard data points like product range, inventory, orders, shipments, customers and gift cards. However, we have extended this to also include integrations with Ontempo loyalty system, promotions engine and coupons, and to sync both offline/online transactional data, allowing Max to leverage this key business information across Adobe Commerce and other integrations.

The site also boasts a key customisation, a bespoke Algolia implementation with custom indexes to make all content across the site including promotional tiles, products, categories, CMS pages, stores, blog posts and FAQ's searchable.

Ensuring a great customer experience for delivery was important for the Max team so we created a bespoke Click and Collect integration to include an endless aisle, the ability for customers to shop from their local store and check stores' stock levels.

The site also utilises the powerful personalisation tool Nosto to provide targeted product recommendations to users based on their behaviour or purchasing history.

Lastly, Overdose. integrated the site with Klaviyo which Max uses as their email marketing platform. The integration allows for customers' loyalty points, Loyalty Tiers, Ontempo Coupons and in-store transactional data to be integrated into Klaviyo's marketing automation and create consistency between their in-store and online orders.
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Increased reliability

The legacy site was not able to handle traffic spikes.


Re-platform to Adobe Commerce Cloud with a reliable infrastructure to support increases in traffic during sales periods. The new website was designed and built with performance in mind.

Stock availability at physical stores

Allow users to view store stock availability.


Overdose. created a custom module to display the availability of products at the physical stores at the product level. This is based on the product inventory data retrieved from OnTempo via the integration.

Additionally, we created a custom solution to allow the user to view each category either in the context of available online stock (across all physical stores and warehouses) or in the context of available stock in a specific physical store using Adobe Commerce's MSI functionality.

Custom Klaviyo integration

Ensure customer loyalty and in-store order data is available to be used for email communications.


Overdose. implemented a custom integration between Adobe Commerce and Klaviyo to sync in-store order data as well as loyalty data such as available coupon codes, loyalty tier and points balances to allow Max to utilise this data for target email campaigns.

Outlet store solution

Visually highlight outlet/clearance products to users.


Based on the product life cycle data in OnTempo outlet products are automatically assigned to relevant outlet categories. These categories feature a unique design to highlight outlet products.

Simplify and streamline processes

Create a solution that simplifies daily operations for creating and managing website content and product data.


Overdose. integrated Max's ERP OnTempo and Adobe Commerce using a custom-built OnTempo integration module to sync product data including inventory, orders (online and in-store), shipments, gift cards, customers, loyalty data and pre-order data.
Logic was implemented to use existing product data to control the product-specific content that displays on the website to minimise the required manual input.
Support for pre-orders based on dedicated pre-order stock levels.
Online orders are pushed to OnTempo and any updates are fed back into Adobe Commerce.
Logic was implemented to support split shipments based on the availability of product stock in the warehouse and in physical stores.
Overdose. created a custom module to display the availability of products at the physical stores at the product level. This is based on the product inventory data retrieved from OnTempo via the integration.
Additionally, we created a custom solution to allow the user to view each category either in the context of available online stock (across all physical stores and warehouses) or in the context of available stock in a specific physical store using Adobe Commerce's MSI functionality.
The solution for click and collect was implemented based on the endless aisle concept. Customers are notified when the ordered items are available for pickup from the desired store.
Customer-specific loyalty data such as loyalty tiers and customer-specific loyalty coupon codes including expiry date and loyalty point balances are synced between the 2 systems to provide a seamless experience for the customer whether he/she shops online or in-store.

"Barkers, Max and Overdose. have a long history of working together to achieve our digital vision. The Overdose. team have been there every step of the way guiding us through scoping and ideation, helping us to look forward to what’s needed in a future-proofed digital platform. Overdose took the time to understand our brand and customers’ needs, which shows in the amazing user experience we have created. Ultimately, we’ve created a beautiful space to showcase our brand, while providing a fun and functional platform that’s translating into happy customers.”
Josh Cragg, Group Digital Manager - Max & Barkers


All metrics are from 6 months post-launch compared to 6 months pre-launch.
Increased Users
Decreased Bounce Rate
Increased Average Order Value
Increased New Users
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Throughout the user journey, it was critical to weave in Max’s commitment and their journey of creating products that are not only kinder to the earth but purposely made using natural, sustainable, high-quality fabrics that are made to last. This included highlighting garment details on the product pages, such as ZQ merino wool, cotton blend etc. in a “Why we love it” section. Additional context is added around why or how these materials are sourced and the transparency around sourcing them, speaking to the quality of the materials, as well as housing a typographic section that has succinct key points underneath the image gallery. Content pages were also created to house all information around Max’s “Corporate Responsibility”, where a customer can delve deeper into Max’s journey to ensure people and surrounding communities are not disadvantaged in the production of their product and how they minimize their impact on the environment.

Another key challenge was how to bring some of the community and relationship building that staff members naturally facilitate in-store to their online experience. A lot of customers value the help and advice from the style experts, whether it’s sizing advice, or what to pair a particular item with. To help facilitate this on the online store, we incorporated touch points throughout the site such as a callout “Need style advice?” in the header and footer to ensure it’s always visible to customers on all pages. We also incorporated “Complete the look” blocks on product pages where the looks are curated by a stylist, paired with a call to action “Need more advice? Talk to a stylist” for the users wanting further styling advice.

Adding to how we can support a user in choosing the correct size and fit from a product page level, was to include a “Garment Guide” section where a fit indicator is displayed. This clearly indicates whether a garment is transparent or opaque, or if a garment is more of a slim or loose fit. Making sure this fit indicator is not only on a product page level but ensuring we also pull it through onto the size guide popup modal as well, so it’s surfaced at each touch point.