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ASICS is at the forefront of footwear technology and offers high-quality performance and sports shoes for all types of sports and participants.

Overdose. has been a long-standing partner of ASICS New Zealand, assisting with their digital marketing efforts and strategy. We introduced programmatic activation as a crucial layer of activity to expand the brand's reach and improve audience segmentation, resulting in enhanced performance and establishing programmatic as a key element of ASICS NZ's long-term digital strategy.


Overdose. has leveraged a range of tools and platforms to support our clients' digital advertising campaigns. For Ad Trek, we utilize dynamic display banners that pull through product feeds, which can be easily updated through shell changes pushed directly into DV360. SeenThis is another platform we employ, which allows us to run video content in display banner spaces. To buy media space in real-time, we use DV360, an automated programmatic buying platform. And to ensure our ads are served and tracked effectively, we utilize CM360, an ad-serving platform and event-tracking tool that measures multiple actions for optimization, including dwell time, banner engagement, page view, add to cart, and purchase. Additionally, we worked with oOH! Media for a digital oOh campaign for the Auckland marathon.
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The Value of Programmatic

Through our approach of utilizing programmatic advertising within a full-funnel strategy, we were able to showcase the value of the channel even when traditional performance metrics such as CPP and ROAS were, in isolation, more expensive than other channels, ultimately leading to improved overall campaign performance.


Through our partnership, we have successfully redefined how success is measured in the programmatic space. With the introduction of innovative tools, we are now able to measure banner engagement at a top-of-funnel layer, enabling us to adjust bid strategies and audience segmentation in order to improve key metrics. As a result, we have seen a significant increase in conversion data, which is a testament to committing to delivering measurable results.

Expanding Beyond Display

We expanded our programmatic capabilities by including Video and Digital oOH formats for crucial campaigns, providing more diverse and effective advertising options for ASICS NZ.


In order to evaluate the effectiveness of incorporating video into our programmatic strategy, we conducted a campaign comparison. The results showed a clear opportunity for video integration within our 'always on' structure. To further promote brand sponsorship of the Auckland Marathon, we utilized digital oOH panel situated along the course. By incorporating this tactic into our programmatic strategy, we were able to enhance the impact of our overall approach.

Audience Segmentation Excellence

Through audience segmentation and creative execution, we successfully built audiences across a wide product range, providing valuable insights into consumer behaviour and enabling us to develop more targeted marketing strategies.


ASICS NZ's products are designed to cater to specific user types, and our approach to remarketing had been yielding low product relevancy, particularly when using broad lists. To address this, we restructured our audience lists to focus on the core audience for each product and overlaid first party data. This adjustment resulted in a significant improvement in our performance metrics, highlighting the value of a more targeted approach to audience segmentation.

Creative Excellence

One of the challenges we faced was being limited to using global creative assets, which may not always align with the preferences of the local market.


We leveraged our partnerships to convert static assets into videos, and implemented dynamic creative strategies to personalize banners based on the local market and product feed, optimizing the remarketing layer for improved engagement and conversions.

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"Innovation is a fundamental element of our marketing strategy at Brittain Wynyard in driving eCommerce growth for our wide stable of brands.

With Overdose., we have been actively building and refining a programmatic layer to our digital marketing activity for ASICS NZ in a way that simultaneously both builds brand awareness and drives online sales.

We are constantly testing new creative technologies and programmatic formats to bring the brand and products to life, and understanding how this channel fits into our wider marketing mix to drive sales.

We’re thrilled to be working with our partners at Overdose and to continue to lean into this space with all the incredible developments in AI now at our fingertips."
Nick Brittain
Business Development Manager
Brittain Wynyard

Results & Insights

Our programmatic campaign for ASICS NZ has yielded valuable insights. New campaign structures have improved effective reach and brand lifting, leading to higher conversions in the remarketing layer. We implemented a holistic targeting audience strategy, including first-party data, persona, custom intent, and lookalike targeting approaches, which enabled us to identify and capture high-intent users. Our ongoing creative testing has been successful, with short lifestyle videos and video banners showing promising results on the platform. We will continue testing and focus on the best-performing content to achieve even better results in the future.
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