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Zoe and Morgan is a boutique brand with an international reach, with flagship stores in London and Auckland. What sets the brand apart is the storytelling behind each piece and every collection, inspired by a love of life - both physical and metaphysical. Zoe & Morgan's brand celebrates the magic and beauty of life, as summed up by New York photographer Bill Cunningham: “ Those who seek beauty will find it”, which has become a key brand motto for the Zoe & Morgan team.

As one of our Auckland team's original clients, we partnered with the Z&M team 4+ years ago to redesign their Adobe Magento 1 site before further electing OD and Adobe Commerce to help migrate them from Magento 1 to Magento 2 Commerce Cloud. Boasting an online interactive ring size guide, purchasable engagement and wedding collections and most of all a beautiful, stylised UX design.

Following the build, Zoe & Morgan continued with an ongoing retainer with Overdose., including strategy, data, SEO, digital marketing, tech support & new feature development & email strategy support.


Overdose. has helped to revolutionise Zoe & Morgan's vend integration to support omnichannel gift cards and take advantage of Adobe Commerce Cloud's multi-store inventory to add in the use of click & collect delivery options across both their Newmarket and City Works Depot (city central) stores.

Zoe & Morgan's EDM platform was also migrated to Klaviyo, increasing the utilisation of specific automation/flows and setting up the Zoe & Morgan team with a user-friendly template to set up their monthly campaigns. We then integrated with Starshipit which enabled an incredibly successful Gratitude Sale Event in November, speeding up the time it takes the Z&M team to deliver their product during high-traffic sale periods.
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Ease of content changes and promotional scheduling

A core business objective for the Zoe & Morgan team was to decouple the site from it's reliance on HTML for content changes as well as provide a more effective solution for more timely content and promotional updates to both the NZ and UK storefronts.


All pages of the site were developed using Adobe Commerce’s Page Builder functionality, allowing the Zoe & Morgan team to easily create or edit existing pages. With Adobe Commerce’s content staging and scheduling, promotions and content can be scheduled in advance, so gone are the days of staying awake to launch campaigns at midnight.

Operating Multiple digital storefronts.

Zoe & Morgan required the ability to operate multiple sites (New Zealand and United Kingdom), retailing a similar mix of products with unique pricing, shipping and and content per store, leveraging the same back end ERP and fulfilment integrations.


Through Adobe Commerce's inherent multiplicity, Overdose. delivered unique storefronts and admin interfaces, utilising the base integration architecture and site functionality with a unique front end UX and aesthetic per brand.

Constantly shifting market demands

The huge range of products Zoe & Morgan offer makes it difficult to constantly be updating and monitoring top sellers, both in general and by the storefront. The Zoe & Morgan customer also had very specific preferences, whether it's gold vs, silver or an affiliation with specific birthstones, it was imperative to include a unique personalised browsing experience based on what products users are constantly revisiting the site to purchase/browse.


Using Nosto we were able to dynamically produce product recommendation blocks across the site, this helps users purchase what they are most likely to be interested in. We are also able to create AI-generated recommendations for each individual. Utilising the full Nosto experience we can include widgets into EDM campaigns and automated flows such as Abandon carts, this allows us to include products they abandoned but also show products they were viewing for increased conversions.

Integrated solution for Pre-order/back-order products

Implement an integrated custom solution to handle pre-order products utilising the newly created pre-order functionality in Adobe Commerce Cloud.


Implementation of custom logic to identify products that are available for pre-order and display pre-order related data which is synced via the vend Integration

Premium brand sale perception

Brand identity and perception is a key part of Zoe & Morgan’s success in New Zealand. Their challenge was to run the sale of the year, whilst maintaining their premium brand perception and without setting the expectation of regular discounting in future.
In summary, the main challenge was the brief to create hype around the annual sale without sounding 'salesy'.


The Overdose. team advised on a phased approach, commencing with a content testing framework three months prior to understand how audiences reacted to different ad variations. This allowed us to identify the top-performing quality content to which the audience responded most strongly in a non-sale environment. Main learnings pointed towards usage of key products in imagery and carousel formats - which drove high user engagement, and positive comments and generated the strongest sales.

The second phase consisted in utilising these content learnings and developing a media approach to drive hype. This was achieved through a teaser campaign, promoting Zoe & Morgan’s sale as an event given it only occurs bi-annually. A combination of online and in-store engagement through tagging friends drove awareness prior to the event. The final phase was the sale launch, which was focused on video and carousels which have been effective and remained on brand.

Audience liquidity tactics also allowed Zoe & Morgan to reach a wider audience and increase the reach seen the year prior, which in turn was reflected in the strong results.


Jan - May 2020 vs. Jan - May 2022
Increase in Revenue
Increased Ecommerce Conversion Rate
Increased Average Session Duration
Increased Pages Per Session
Increased Social CTR
Increase in Social ROAS
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A vital part of Zoe & Morgan’s offering in-store is their beautiful collection of engagement, weddings and one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery. With the refresh of their eCommerce site, they wanted to be able to make these pieces available to buy online for customers who don’t live close to a Z&M store.

To make the user experience as seamless as possible, the user is able to customise any of the pieces in the core range to fit their preferences – whether that’s the metal used, the stone type or quality. Housing content such as size, material and stone guides directly on the product page helps customers build confidence to make their purchases online.

Throughout the journey of exploring the “Modern Love” collection, it was imperative at each touch point to highlight the bespoke service Z&M provides. Whether for those looking for a uniquely “them” engagement ring, to a piece that could mark a special occasion in their lives – weaving this storytelling and utilizing tools such as image galleries on product and collection pages to visually showcase these unique pieces allowed Z&M to give a customer a sense of what to expect during the process and how beautiful and bespoke the end result could be.

Marketing | Sale Event Campaign

Not only did the event bring in the most amount of sales seen over a weekend ever, but over the following weeks, Zoe & Morgan were also continuing to see a higher amount of traffic and new users to their site despite having slowed advertising – demonstrating ongoing impact. Organic engagement across social media saw an increase over this period and they gained 2,000 new followers on Instagram which enforces the success of the efforts to maintain the strong brand perception and following.