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Altered State Machine

Creative, Email, Strategy
Altered State Machine (ASM), a Futureverse company, dual headquartered in Auckland and Los Angeles, is pioneering digital intelligence by connecting AI to metaverse and gaming characters, and AI can be securely owned, trained and traded by use of digital collectibles.

The Overdose. New Zealand team partnered with the legends at ASM to architect an email strategy and designs in support of the AI League: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Edition an innovative AI-driven football manager mobile game.

For the duration of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ football fans around the globe made their predictions on Qatar match outcomes and battled across local and global leaderboards to unlock wearables for their unique team of four AI All-Star football collectible characters.

In July 2023, these characters became players in the newly released AI League: FIFA Women’s World Cup AU·NZ·2023™ Edition. The Mobile game is available now to download on Google Play and the App Store.



As part of the project, Overdose. worked closely with ASM to carefully consider and review multiple Email Marketing Platform options. The selection of Klaviyo emerged as the optimal solution, perfectly aligning with ASM's goals of fostering player relationships, implementing automated flows, and refined segmentation. This has resulted in our partnership extending past crafting purposeful email templates, to including crafting well-planned campaign schedules and providing expert guidance on deliverability best practices.
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Rapid Implementation

Amidst the whirlwind anticipation of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ kick-off, we faced an exhilarating challenge - creating a robust EDM solution from the ground up. With a tight timeframe, every aspect from platform selection, commercials, custom data integrations, and designs, to execution had to be orchestrated within days. This ambitious project also encompassed the establishment of an entirely new sending domain and the creation of a CRM database from ground zero. Our mission was to deliver a seamless experience despite the constraints, capturing the excitement of the event while swiftly navigating through each intricate detail.


With agility at the forefront, we collaborated with Klaviyo to forge a partnership that would revolutionize ASM's email landscape. Together, we constructed a comprehensive database from the ground up, thoughtfully infusing it with personalized content and tailored local language variations. Our efforts led to a seamless launch, characterized by minimal deliverability hiccups, ultimately enhancing ASM's email engagement journey.

Nurturing Engagement Beyond the Campaign

Our challenge lay in fostering lasting engagement and retention among players throughout the entirety of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. The goal was to cultivate a robust player database that extended beyond the Fan Experience and into the subsequent phase of downloading the complete mobile game post-tournament. Our focus was on building a meaningful connection that progressed beyond the event, ensuring a seamless transition from the captivating World Cup fervour to the exciting gameplay experience that followed.


Guided by the commitment to enhancing player experiences, we harnessed the power of personalized player data, seamlessly integrated with sophisticated automation flows. Through carefully crafted content-rich newsletters, we delivered timely reminders to lapsed players, encouraging their active involvement in predicting upcoming rounds. Our innovative approach was further bolstered by bespoke prize draws, fostering ongoing engagement and reinforcing a strong connection with their audience.

Results & Insights

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Master Template Design Approach

In our UX design process with Altered State Machine’s email templates, we diligently followed a set of rigorous best practices. Our emphasis was on simplicity and clarity, effectively showcasing ASM’s brand and delivering concise messaging within each template section. By infusing a personalised touch we aimed to create and solidify a meaningful connection between users and the game.

Strategic placement of imagery and well-crafted CTAs played a pivotal role in our email template strategy. We carefully positioned CTAs within key sections to captivate users’ attention, driving them to interact with the desired content.

An initial concern was in ensuring a seamless viewing experience across various devices. The Overdose. design team worked meticulously when it came to optimisation, with each block within the email template being made responsive, enhancing both visual aesthetics and overall user engagement.

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