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Nature Baby is a family business that began as a search for natural and organic alternatives for their own children after finding other parents wanted their children to grow up in a pure, beautiful chemical-free world. From the beginning they decided to never compromise, to keep learning and developing, always providing products that meet their core values and philosophy throughout a child's first years. Nature Baby and the Overdose. New Zealand team partnered together to build a custom automation series called 'The Journey' to guide customers through the various incredible stages of parenthood.

Within Adobe Commerce's Magento, Overdose. built a custom account dashboard for parents to add their children's name, due date/birthday and gender. You can add as many children as you like, and if you're not a parent, you can nominate to be a 'gifter'.

Adobe Commerce's Magento and Klaviyo's clever integration syncs the data points in a customer's account, into Klaviyo as custom properties against the parent's profile. Through Klaviyo's Automated Flow capabilities, subscribers of The Journey receive special rewards and offers, helpful information, and expert advice from Nature Baby's community of practitioners, all tailored to each parent's stage and needs. Overdose.'s email experts partnered with Nature Baby to curate a tailored flow of emails to ensure Nature Baby were contacting their customers at the right time, with the right content.

For example, if their child is due in the next 7 days, an email will be triggered to check the expecting parent has everything they need and tips for bringing you baby home for the first time. Where as 5 months post-birth, an email will be triggered to give tips on teething, with a helpful collection of products to ease baby’s distress during the transition stage.

Nature Baby have provided a truly personalised and useful flow of communication for their customers navigating parenthood!


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Buying Journey Challenge

Refining Klaviyo Segmentation Strategies for Nature Baby's Targeted Messaging

We encountered the challenge of providing effective and personalised email communication to Nature Baby's customers based on their child's birth date. Our goal was to segment their customers based on where they were in their parenting journey and create tailored content to provide a seamless experience. We recognised the need for clean lists of segmented customers to ensure that the right message was delivered at the right time.


To enable the Nature Baby team to provide targeted and beautiful content to their customers at different stages of parenthood, we implemented a solution that allowed for seamless automation of email communication. Overdose. worked to create finely detailed customer segments based on the age and stage of their child, using Klaviyo's Date functionality. This resulted in targeted and relevant content being delivered to customers at the right time, increasing customer engagement and satisfaction. To achieve this, we utilised Klaviyo's custom property feature to sync customer birthdate data with the email platform, which enabled us to create dynamic segments that are updated in real-time. Based on this information, we built automated flows triggered at specific points in a child's development, such as teething or bringing a baby home for the first time. The result was a tailored and relevant experience for each customer, providing valuable information and helpful product recommendations. By implementing this solution, Nature Baby was able to deliver personalised content to its customers, enhancing their overall experience and strengthening brand loyalty.

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Designing the website user flow for Nature Baby’s project, The Journey, was a complex and iterative process that involved incorporating user feedback to ensure an optimal user experience. The website flow had a direct impact on email communications, making it essential to get it right.

To create a seamless user experience, we introduced features such as adding multiple children with associated details, selecting gifters/parents, and newsletter signup. We discovered that a quiz-like experience with different questions at each step worked best to convey this information and engage users effectively.

In addition, we carefully considered the placement of this information for both existing and new customers. After thoughtful consideration, we decided to integrate the flow into the user account section, ensuring consistency and ease of access for every user. To encourage completion, we implemented reminder messages within the account interface. On top of that, if a user only completed half of The Journey, a progress bar was displayed, reminding them to finish their profile.

It’s important to note that this user flow was complemented by email communication, allowing for personalized content based on the added child information. This personalization catered to the user’s unique journey or the journey of someone they are connected to.

Throughout this process, we aimed to create an intuitive and meaningful user experience for Nature Baby’s customers.


Yotpo Challenge

Nature Baby Builds A Better Buyer Journey With Yotpo Reviews

Nature Baby approached Overdose. to help them find a new reviews solution. Overdose. suggested Yotpo as an ideal solution to Nature Baby's problem, taking into account their specific requirements and expectations for customization and product synergies across their tech stack. The team at Nature Baby was impressed with Yotpo's vast array of integration options, custom question functionality, and front-end customization flexibility, which perfectly aligned with their needs. Working alongside Nature Baby and Yotpo, Overdose. successfully implemented Yotpo's platform and product synergies to enhance the brand's customer retention, buyer journey, and post-purchase experiences across various global markets, including New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, and America.


One of the key features of Yotpo’s platform that greatly benefited Nature Baby was the ability to set up Custom Questions for each product. This approach enabled customers to provide helpful feedback, including fit, a child’s age and measurements, and usage frequency. This data was then published to the on-site widget, providing social proof and increasing customers’ confidence in the brand’s products.


Results & Insights

Nature Baby builds a better buyer journey with Yotpo Reviews. The implementation of Yotpo's solutions has yielded impressive results for the brand. The reviews email campaign has achieved a 55% open rate; visitors who engage with a Yotpo asseton the Nature Baby website have shown an impressive 60% increase in average time spent on the site; 90% of the reviews on the Nature Baby site are 5 stars, demonstrating the power of Yotpo's review generation tools in promoting positive customer feedback and building trust with their audience; and finally, the sentiment score for review topics such as Quality, Fit, Design and Material is an outstanding 100, which is above industry standard. This reflects the exceptional quality of the brand’s products, as well as the effectiveness of Yotpo's tools in capturing and amplifying positive customer feedback.