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Lighting is crucial to the way we live, work and feel. Live brighter with a huge range of lights & fans from Australia's largest lighting retailer. At Beacon, they understand how vital lighting is to the way you live, work and feel, which is why they’re passionate about helping you make the right choices. Every day, they’re driven by a single purpose – to create a positive impact on your life by enhancing your wellbeing and helping you love the space you're in.

The Overdose. Australia team had the pleasure of partnering with Plattar to implement a 3D and Augmented Reality experience for Beacon Lighting. We recognized that customers often find it difficult to imagine how lighting and design products would look in their own space, so we worked together to provide a solution. The 3D & AR feature allows retail and trade customers to view a range of Beacon's products in their own environment, providing a better understanding of the product's look and feel before making a purchase. Our team ensured that this feature was user-friendly and accessible to all customers, resulting in a more engaging and successful experience.
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We worked in collaboration with Plattar to integrate their 3D and AR technology into Beacon Lighting's website. Our team of experts utilized Plattar's API to seamlessly integrate the 360-degree renderings and AR capabilities onto the website. With this integration, customers are now able to experience the products in a more tangible way and have a better understanding of how the lighting and design products would look in their own space.
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Product Visualisation

As with any high-involvement product, selecting lighting can be a challenge without the ability to see the details or visualize how the product will look in your space.


We solved the challenge of decision-making on lighting products by providing a solution that allows customers to view products in detail through 360-degree renders and AR. This approach ensures that customers can get a feel for the product in their space before purchasing.

Jane Houghton
"Partnering with Plattar and Overdose. has allowed us to give our customers the best possible experience when visualising our product. Leveraging Plattar's technology allows customers to see the product in great detail not only on the website in 360-degree views but within their own home using AR. Overdose. played a key role in integrating this technology into our user experience on the website and given their strong partnership with Plattar it made collaboration between all parties seamless."
Jane Houghton
Senior eCommerce Marketing Manager
Beacon Lighting




We understand that the ability to see and experience a product before making a purchase is crucial, especially for high-involvement products like lighting. Our UX/UI process addresses this challenge by incorporating 360-degree views and AR technology. By adding these options to the existing product gallery area, customers can now see the product in greater detail and even in their own environment, making the decision-making process easier and more informed. This approach to UX/UI not only solves customer challenges but also adds value to the customer experience, ultimately resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction.