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Lighting is crucial to the way we live, work and feel, which is why Beacon Lighting is passionate about helping our customers live brighter with the right lighting choices. Since the first Beacon Lighting store opened in Melbourne in 1967, they’ve grown to become Australia’s leading lighting retailer with over 110 stores across the country. Buyers shop the latest styles, trends and innovations, with Beacon Lighting ensuring their comprehensive range offers the most up-to-date designs and energy-efficient ideas. Their extensive range, expert product knowledge and renowned customer service make them the one-stop shop for all your lighting needs.

Overdose. and Beacon Lighting have been working together for almost three years now. Beacon first engaged OD to migrate their website from Adobe Commerce's Magento 1 to Magento 2, with a specific focus on improving the UX of the site and increasing the conversion rate to help them reach their online financial targets. The website, built on the latest Adobe Commerce 2 architecture, boasts all the convenience of a modern e-commerce platform with click & collect, various payment options, live chat, intelligent search and on-site personalisation.

Since launching the website, Overdose. has worked with Beacon across SEO, strategy and development to enhance and grow the Beacon business.
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As part of this project, Overdose. integrated the Adobe Commerce platform with Beacon's POS, PIM, Fulfilment and Inventory Systems to sync data between key business systems. These integrations allow Beacon to seamlessly sync their important e-commerce data to their back of house systems such as orders and customer information as well as simplify the process of creating products to improve efficiency for their teams. They also provide customers with information that is most relevant to them such as product details, on hand and incoming inventory levels, orders statuses and more.
Integration with various marketing platforms like LiveChat, intelligent Search and Email Marketing create a fantastic UX for Beacon's valued customer base.
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Design Service: Beacon Design Studio (BDS)

Grow the average transaction of the people going through design studio service, with the potential to grow the customer base using this service. The human element that the Design Studio offers was not captured online, testimonials were not being used and Beacon was unable to showcase previous work and folio easily. Specifically, their online form was difficult to use, as customers did not understand the styles they were selecting and therefore chose incorrectly.


- The human element: Profile the Lighting Designers online and their specialities and strengths
- Profile testimonials clearly to provide credibility on the online booking platform to help conversion
Marketing & Brand
- Explore the BDS Instagram to help profile previous work more prominently & create more brand awareness
- Establish an online portfolio of work to provide to architects and possible clients: build credibility
- Explore a better method to track these customers & their transactions
Technical (Online Form Amendments)
- Include an area for the client to upload their design inspiration eg: Pinterest boards
- Style of home: Add thumbnails for each style to allow the customer to more accurately choose the style to avoid confusion for designers
- Provide budget ranges for the customer to choose from. This will provide insights for the designers to strategically recommend products
- We optimized the form for mobile (53.86% of online traffic is mobile)

Enhance the checkout process

The most commonly asked question by customers to the customer service and web sales team: Why can’t I checkout? - We needed to reduce this.


We removed all the current technical issues such as auto-fill, errors made in checkout staying there when returning, the checkout is caching, customers being unaware of needing to add in all their information before checking out. We, therefore, redesigned the workflow of the cart to ensure a simplified and user-friendly approach and included a ‘Help’ section. We also ensured each step of the checkout was validated with clear messaging if a field was missed.

Design Service: In-home lighting & Design Studio

Customers didn’t understand the difference between the two services and this wasn’t clearly communicated online. How do we promote the two design services and their point of difference compared to competitors? How do we funnel the customer to the right service?


We profiled these service offerings better online via restructure of information and design, ensuring the key selling points of these services were clearly depicted, such as promoting the redeemable fee and tailored service across Australia. We then ensured Beacon focused more marketing efforts on these services to increase their brand awareness and optimised these pages with keyword-rich content so people searching for lighting design would be taken directly from Google.

Improve the access and UX for Trade Club members

Increase the login rate for Trade Club members and ensure Trade members are across which site they are using, as customers were adding items to their cart on the retail site, then realising they could not add their discount. Alternatively, they were placing an order, then following up for their Exclusive Trade Prices. This was resulting in numerous customer service calls.


Tech As identified, the rolling up of the sites into one instance will help with login issues for Trade Club customers UX/UI Ensure a clearer UX across the new site and include a tailored sign up workflow email establishing strong email marketing strategies post-purchase, for customers who have not logged in for a set period.

Jane Houghton
"Working with Overdose. on our SEO strategy has been invaluable. We’ve not only seen gains in organic growth and conversion, we’ve been able to truly optimise our strategy to remain competitive and maintain our brand position as leading lighting and fan specialists in Australia. I was incredibly impressed how the team from the get-go had a clear and strong objective on improvements we could make to our website structure, and areas we could focus on to truly provide value to our customers through the power and knowledge you gain from search. They have truly been a strategic partner and another arm of our Beacon team."
Jane Houghton, eCommerce Marketing Manager
- Beacon Lighting

Objective & Insights

Increased Online sales
Increased Online sales
15.4% of Group Retail Sales
Increased Online Trade Club Transactions
Increased Online Trade Club Customer Visits
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A significant challenge we needed to address in the new build was improving the user journey for Trade customers, to help increase their login rate and ensure it was clear which website they were using. In the past, Trade members were adding items to their cart on the Retail site, then realising they could not use their Exclusive Trade Prices, or actually placing the order then following up with customer service to redeem their Exclusive Trade Price post-purchase. This was resulting in numerous customer service calls and inefficiencies. We addressed this challenge by rolling up these sites into one instance and ensuring a clearer UX in the new design, including a tailored sign up workflow.

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