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Delivering the best of international luxury fashion and industry-leading styling services to the women of Brisbane and beyond, Calexico is situated on the renowned James Street Precinct, an expansive womenswear boutique, dedicated menswear boutique and innovative eCommerce offering reaching clients all over the world.

Housing over 125 coveted international designers including Nili Lotan, Isabel Marant, Jimmy Choo, Ulla Johnson, Retrofete and Blazé Milano to name a few, not to mention many Australian exclusives, Calexico truly is a shopping destination like no other. The curation includes everything from knock-out event wear through to everyday wardrobe classics, with the signature Calexico style, they have become known for – understated & effortless yet elevated.

Calexico expanded their existing services with Overdose. to re-theme their Women's Shopify website and create a separate men's store, elevating the shopping experience for both their men and women clientele.

The new sites further complement the aesthetic of the international designers they stock, whilst creating a seamless user experience. With the additions of integrations such as Klaviyo, Gorgias and Boost for a more personalised service and the implementation of the convenient "Book a Styling Session" feature Calexico has ensured a truly exceptional and tailored shopping experience for their clients.
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Enhancing Brand Experience and Functionality for Calexico's eCommerce Sites

To elevate the aesthetics, user experience, and functionality of their men's and women's eCommerce sites, they sought a reimagined online presence that would align seamlessly with their brand identity and meet the evolving demands of their growing customer base. Our goal was to create a visually captivating and user-friendly digital platform that would showcase Calexico's curated collection and enhance the overall shopping experience for their customers.


We customized an out-of-the-box theme to incorporate essential features like a wishlist, book a stylist, and Gorgias. This tailored approach ensured a seamless and enhanced user experience, empowering customers with convenient options and personalized interactions. Additionally, we replicated the women's theme and meticulously updated all content and imagery to accurately represent the men's wear collection. By maintaining consistency across both sections, we aimed to cater to a diverse range of customers and provide a cohesive and engaging browsing experience.

Maximising Marketing Efficiency

Calexico recognized the need to refine their strategies and tactics to ensure maximum impact and value from their marketing spend. Collectively, we sought to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their paid marketing campaigns to drive higher returns and achieve their business goals.


Through a collaborative effort with the Calexico creative team, Overdose. implemented a strategy of continual creative testing within the Paid Social campaigns. By leveraging engagement insights from Meta and Google Analytics, we were able to tailor the creative assets and messaging at each stage of the customer journey, resulting in improved conversion rates and increased engagement on the platform year after year. This data-driven approach not only enhanced the platform's conversion rates but also improved the overall profitability of the paid marketing channels, as evidenced by the positive return on ad spend (ROAS) measured through Google Analytics.

Optimizing Site Revenue for Scalability

In the face of external economic factors and evolving consumer buying habits, our challenge with Calexico was to increase revenue from Paid Media channels while simultaneously introducing new users to the brand. We understood the importance of adapting to shifting market dynamics and sought to devise strategies that would resonate with consumers and drive sustainable growth for Calexico. By leveraging our Marketing teams' expertise in paid media optimization and understanding the impact of economic variables on consumer behaviour, we aimed to deliver measurable results while staying true to the brand's values and customer-centric approach.


Recognizing the impact of consumer purchasing behaviour and external economic factors, we implemented extended sales periods to accommodate consumers' consideration process. This allowed for a more comprehensive customer journey, from initial touchpoints to final conversions. Our approach involved a careful balance between high-intent advertising and brand discovery, utilizing platforms like Google Search and Paid Social to expand brand awareness and attract quality site visitors. By adopting a full-funnel approach, we successfully scaled overall site revenue from April 2022 to March 2023. Our data-driven strategies, coupled with effective re-engagement tactics, enabled us to achieve tangible results while maintaining Calexico's brand integrity and customer satisfaction.

Results & Insights

Comparison : April 2022-March 2023
Increased revenue YOY
Increased paid socials conversion rate
Increased SEM conversion rate