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Cultiver has a belief in finding enjoyment in the things we use most frequently, with their products bringing beauty and moments of appreciation to your daily ritual. When Overdose joined forces with Cultiver, our intention was to transform this into their online presence, to better showcase their beautiful range of linen products.

By utilising the nimble nature of Shopify Plus, we were able to redefine their existing store to create a more beautiful and seamless online experience that can be easily refined & built upon over time to drive constant improvements. This re-skin includes powerful "build a set" functionality which provides customers with an easy way to purchase & save on configurable sheets & duvet sets.


Cultiver engaged overdose to design and launch a new front-end aesthetic. The newly launched site leveraged the existing integrations with payments, email automation, shipping & inventory management tools.


Rigid & unstable 'build a set' functionality

Cultiver's existing 'build a set' functionality was very rigid to manage and required development input whenever any change was needed. Due to these difficulties, the functionality was unreliable and drove no real value for customers who were wanting to use it.


Overdose rebuilt this functionality to provide increased flexibility for the client to create configurable bundled discount offerings, all without any need for any development input to configure.

Reducing path to conversion

Cultiver's legacy site had a very rigid conversion path that made it difficult for users to quickly find the products they were looking for.


By introducing advanced filtering & search functionality, that has ensured customers can quickly find the products that best meet their needs.

Creating interactive & engaging product gallery

Cultiver wanted a way to showcase their products through an interactive product gallery that would help inspire their customers to recreate the looks in their homes.


Creation of an inspiration gallery that allows customers to engage with multiple products within an image through the use of interactive hotspots which link through to product pages.

Showcasing unique content per variant

Due to the nature of linen, it was vital for Cultiver to be able to showcase unique content at a variant level, which details informative content & product benefits.


Execution of product stitching & additional CMS blocks on product pages.


Feature: Build A Set

A key focus of this re-skin was to offer users a more seamless & succinct customer journey. A re-defined ‘build a set’ functionality was identified as a core technical piece that would help improve this customer journey. The re-built version now offers the ability for complete end-to-end management by the client, with the ability to easily set the product offerings, along with any discounting – which is then dynamically managed via Shopify scripts.

There is now also the ability for the client to set additional upsells within these configurable bundled offerings, so the customer can easily add everything they need all from the one product page.

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