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The Advanced Cosmeceuticals Skin Group is a provider of premium aesthetic devices and cosmeceutical skincare products, offering customised and integrated solutions to medical, skincare and aesthetic professionals, throughout Australia and New Zealand. ASCG represents a stable of brands that are at the forefront of evolving trends, science, technology, and innovation.

Advanced Cosmeceuticals approached Overdose. Australia with the task of developing a unified Shopify Plus website capable of hosting all their brands. Their primary goal was to transition from their existing platform and bring together the sale of all their brand products under one website.

Through multiple rounds of design refinements and feedback integration, we meticulously explored the most efficient method of presenting all their brands, resulting in improved product and brand awareness.


As a part of this project, Overdose. effectively implemented a comprehensive technology solution that aimed to elevate the eCommerce capabilities of Advanced Cosmeceuticals. This implementation introduced a brand selector feature, enabling users to make purchases from multiple brands while enjoying a unique experience tailored to each brand. Our team proficiently harnessed Shopify Plus to establish seamless integration with their back-office SAP system, ensuring the synchronisation of products, customers and orders. Additionally, we integrated various marketing platforms such as LiveChat, intelligent Search and Email Marketing, all designed to provide an exceptional user experience for the valued customers of Advanced Cosmeceuticals.
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Streamlining Multi-Brand Representation

Advanced Cosmeceuticals needed a solution to enable customers to purchase different brands through the Advanced Cosmeceuticals website while providing a customised brand experience for users.


The Overdose. design team worked closely with the Advanced Cosmeceuticals team to gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs. Together, they devised a brand selector, offering users the option to choose specific brands. This feature enhances the shopping experience, ensuring users receive a more personalised journey when browsing and making purchases from their preferred brand.

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Increased eCommerce revenue


The Advanced Cosmeceuticals Skin Group joined forces with Overdose. Australia for a transformative journey to elevate their online presence. The primary objective was to evolve their website into a robust eCommerce platform, making their premium skincare products and aesthetic devices accessible to a wider audience.

The Overdose. Design team not only succeeded in achieving this eCommerce transformation but also designed a seamless multi-brand shopping experience. This innovation enables users to effortlessly explore and purchase products from several leading brands, all within a single platform.

Additionally, a clinic locator feature was seamlessly integrated, simplifying the process for users to find clinics that stock their products and offer skincare treatments, thereby strengthening partnerships with local providers.

The Overdose. Design experts played a significant role in elevating the website’s design, creating a modern, clean and contemporary appearance. The design was thoughtfully curated to meet not only aesthetic standards but also to enhance the overall user experience. The result is a website that is not only functionally robust but also visually appealing, effectively reinforcing The Advanced Cosmeceuticals Skin Group’s position as a forward-thinking industry leader.