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Lulusar have been pioneers of on-demand and sustainable fashion by creating a brand that strives to serve women of all body types, tastes, and preferences. By integrating every step of the modern fashion value chain, they manage an agile supply chain to prevent issues of overproduction and waste. This allows Lulusar to focus on quality over quantity.

Lulusar’s philosophy centres around fit and comfort. They want to make sure that women know their clothes are made for them. Their designs are made to make women feel comfortable regardless of their body colour, shape and size.
"We don’t sell a product; we offer a lifestyle."

Lulusar's journey with the Overdose. Asia team began with a Discovery project aimed at migrating from Adobe Commerce's Magento to Shopify Plus. This initial engagement has evolved into a long-standing partnership spanning years. Over this time, we have been honoured to assist Lulusar in the complete design, construction and launch of their Shopify Plus website. This migration has notably enhanced operational efficiencies, particularly for their frequent product releases, where new designs are introduced each month. Our Overdose. Asia SEO team is thrilled to share some early results as we continue to collaborate with Lulusar in optimising their website further.


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Connecting Lulusar's Website Content with User Search Intent.

As a prominent fashion apparel retailer, Lulusar commands a substantial Instagram following of over 895,000 devoted followers. Despite this social media success, the brand faced organic search challenges. Our objective was to humbly address this disconnect by aligning the Lulusar website with the precise intentions of the target audience searching on Google.


In collaboration with Lulusar, we carried out extensive keyword research and content development, resulting in the creation of 26 new landing pages meticulously crafted to target high-volume keywords. At the same time, monitored the website's performance in relation to these specific keywords. Over the span of 13 months, we witnessed a remarkable 516% surge in organic clicks generated from non-branded search terms – keywords relevant to the product but not inherently tied to the Lulusar brand.

In addition, our commitment to improving search rankings realised significant wins. A total of 71 targeted keywords successfully ascended to prime positions on the first page of Google's search results. Notable examples include "organza dupattas," boasting 2,900 monthly searches, which soared from obscurity to occupy the coveted 3rd position. Similarly, "shrug for women," with 320 monthly searches, made an astounding leap from the 92nd position in November to the pinnacle at 1st place by July, and has maintained its position at the pinnacle since then. These achievements significantly extended the reach of the Lulusar brand, now resonating with a broader audience, including those previously unacquainted with the brand's offerings.

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*Over the span of 13 months.
Increased Organic Clicks*
Google Search : Increased Targeted Keywords on First Page
Google Ads : Decreased Cost Per Purchase
Google Ads : Increased Platform Revenue
Increased Google Ad ROAS
META : Decreased Cost per purchase
Increased Meta Attributed Revenue
Increased META ROAS
Increased Instagram Following