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Montreal-born shoe and accessory label ALDO traces its roots back to 1972, the ALDO brand was built on a firm foundation of creating shoes that effortlessly meld bold, on-trend style and accessible quality. The youthful verve is balanced by inherent wearability, making the designs ones you will turn to day after day. The towering, 70s-influenced wedges, tassel-adorned heels and metallic loafer flatforms, ALDO has your party shoes sorted. Classic brogues, boat shoes and Chelsea boots form the cornerstones of the menswear lines, ideal for taking you from work to play with ease.

To enhance their digital e-commerce presence. ALDO elected The Overdose. team to improve their website user experience, with a focus on driving online revenue to their Shopify store. Our goal was to create a complete growth strategy for ALDO in The Philippines, which included implementing and recommending strategies to enhance user journeys, improve conversion rates, and scale the online business using SEO best practices.

Our team was dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of the customer journey was optimized, from the moment they landed on the site to the point of purchase. We industriously identified areas for improvement and implemented the necessary changes to create a seamless user experience. We are proud of the results achieved, which have helped ALDO to establish a stronger digital footprint and grow their online revenue.


Working closely with the ALDO team to drive online revenue to their Shopify store in the Philippines, our team provided a consultative service, sharing a full suite of recommendations based on industry benchmarks and data points to enhance user journeys and improve conversion rates. We were committed to delivering exceptional results, and to that end, we conducted a comprehensive Technical SEO audit of the ALDO Philippines site, presenting recommendations for SEO best practices.

We also reviewed ALDO Philippines' existing digital marketing strategy to identify gaps and establish a robust digital marketing roadmap. We leveraged our expertise in Meta, Google, and Dotdigital platforms to put a solid foundation in place.

Additionally, we assisted and supported ALDO with the essential migration to Google Analytics 4, replacing Universal Analytics.
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Maximizing Revenue Through Marketing Best Practices

As ALDO's eCommerce presence grew, they sought to improve their marketing return on investment and digital marketing approach. However, their previous setup left significant room for improvement in website attribution and platform-level structure.


Our team was tasked with auditing the ALDO digital marketing revenue attribution. We undertook an in-depth investigation into the implementation and setup of Google/Meta/GA pixels to ensure all revenue was correctly attributed. As part of this, we also developed a full-funnel strategy on Google and Meta to strike a balance between maintaining strong brand awareness in The Philippines market and driving revenue growth through mid-bottom funnel activities. This resulted in improved revenue tracking accuracy and increased revenue growth for ALDO.

Increasing Average Order Value (AOV)

We discovered the ALDO team were leaving money on the table by not offering end customers a way to add complementary products to cart at checkout to help them reach a minimum order value.


We implemented a dynamic cross-sell function in the mini-cart to showcase lower-cost products e.g. socks, sunglasses and jewellery to help end customers achieve the minimum spend for free shipping. By doing so, we were able to help ALDO surface additional products at the right point in the user journey, and ultimately drive their AOV.

Introducing and Optimizing Product Discovery

During this project, we identified that optimizing product discovery was key to addressing an unusually high bounce rate across all devices.


To address this challenge, we created a product carousel on their homepage that featured their top categories, including shoes, bags, and accessories, in easily viewable tabs. By showcasing these products upfront, we were able to provide greater clarity around ALDO's offerings, while also optimizing their homepage space. With this improvement, we are confident that this solution will benefit ALDO and enhance the product discovery journey of the end user and drive growth.

"A breath of fresher air, if I would summarise. If you're looking for an eCommerce and digital marketing team of experts who are organised in project management and delegation of tasks to their assigned experts, Overdose. is the one for your business. They ensure that budget and time are maximised and monitored throughout. Because of their strategic UX and UI recommendations and performance marketing efforts, we've seen an uplift and improvement in conversion rate and revenue. I highly recommend the Overdose. team to small up to big scale businesses due to their diligence to tailor fit enhancements and improvements that will meet your business goals. More power to Overdose. and continue to stay passionate about your services!"
Chiky Gonzales
E-Commerce Brand Lead


Period: October 2022 to April 2023 vs October 2021 to April 2022
Increased eCommerce revenue
Increased conversion
Increase ROAS
Increased BFCM revenue YOY
Increased sessions YOY
Increased META ROAS
Improved onsite bounce rate