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Georges Cameras was established in 1981 and has been creating photographers and videographers for over 42 years. Georges is one of the leading independently-owned camera, video and electronic retailers in Australia and has access to the best prices on all major brands and products.

Georges caters to photographers and videographers of all levels of expertise - from happy snappers to enthusiasts and professionals – with mirrorless cameras for all budgets, pro-lighting and audio for all your photographic and video needs.

In collaboration with Georges Camera, Overdose. undertook the development of a custom website designed to showcase their exceptional customer service and high-quality products. With an extensive range of internationally renowned brands and exclusive pro accounts with Canon and Nikon, Georges sought to provide their customers with a seamless digital journey through their website.

To achieve this, we leveraged the advanced features of Shopify 2.0 and implemented a bespoke solution based on the 2.0 Dawn theme. The result was a powerful eCommerce engine that offers scalability, flexibility and a user-friendly shopping experience. By harnessing the capabilities of Shopify 2.0 and customising the theme, we created a platform that seamlessly connects users with Georges' wide range of products, ensuring a streamlined and enjoyable online shopping experience.


Overdose. integrated the appropriate third-party tools to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Georges Cameras daily business operations. We seamlessly connected Shopify Plus with Georges' ERP and POS systems, enabling the synchronisation of vital eCommerce data such as orders and customer information. This piece streamlines the flow of information between their front-end website and back-end systems, empowering their teams with accurate and up-to-date data for improved decision-making and customer service.

In addition, the integration of Searchspring played a crucial role in simplifying Georges' product merchandising. By leveraging the advanced features of Searchspring, we optimised their product recommendations and merchandising strategies to deliver personalised and relevant suggestions to their customers. This strategic approach not only enhances the overall shopping experience but also drives increased return on investment (ROI) by driving customer engagement and conversions.

This has now effectively enabled the Georges team to harness the power of seamless data synchronisation and advanced merchandising capabilities, positioning them for continued growth and success in the competitive eCommerce landscape.
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Enhancing Shopping with Optimised Site Search and Merchandising

Throughout their journey, they faced challenges, particularly in the areas of merchandising and recommendations. These obstacles presented a substantial hurdle in terms of customizing the shopping experience to individual preferences and consequently impeded the overarching objective of enhancing conversions. The challenge primarily centred on the complexities of aptly curating and showcasing products to potential customers, coupled with delivering precise and captivating product recommendations that align with their preferences and requirements. Consequently, achieving a genuinely personalised shopping journey, a crucial catalyst for driving elevated conversion rates, proved to be a formidable pursuit.


Leveraging Searchspring, they effectively addressed these challenges. Searchspring enhanced their site search functionality, facilitating smoother product discovery for customers. Additionally, it enabled more efficient product organisation and delivered highly precise recommendations. This heightened personalisation significantly enriched the shopping experience, resulting in increased conversions.

Empowering Sales with Custom Bundle Kits

To boost sales, the objective was to introduce product bundles, conveniently grouping related items for a more enticing shopping experience. The aim was to subtly inspire customers to purchase complementary items together, leading to increased sales without direct persuasion.


Overdose. crafted an innovative bundling solution, granting customers the autonomy to create tailored bundles across all site products. This approach indirectly enhanced recommendations, driving sales while providing a unique and personalised shopping journey.

Optimising Website User Experience and Revamping Design

Given there was an outdated user interface and user experience on their website, this hindered their ability to effectively showcase their products and provide an engaging shopping experience for customers.


Overdose. ran a comprehensive UX audit to assess the areas of improvement for Georges' website. Based on the findings, we implemented a strategic redesign, prioritizing user experience over aesthetics. Our team revamped the site's navigation, homepage, product listing pages (PLPs), and product detail pages (PDPs), as well as the presentation of brands. The goal was to reduce barriers to purchase and enhance the overall shopping experience for Georges' customers, ensuring a seamless and intuitive journey from browsing to checkout.

Supplier Stock Management

The Georges team managed both in-house and supplier-acquired stock, yet updating supplier stock on their former website was a laborious manual task. Seeking efficiency, they sought an automated solution to alleviate this workload.


Overdose. devised a custom solution that streamlined stock management. Our approach involved extracting stock files from suppliers and seamlessly integrating them to update the website's inventory. The team meticulously defined rules to present stock levels and messages tailored to the source – be it in-house or from suppliers – ensuring a seamless user experience.



The Overdose. design team closely collaborated with Georges for the comprehensive UX/UI project to address their current challenges and future aspirations. Understanding their pain points and goals allowed us to provide tailored recommendations for their UX/UI needs.

The recommendations encompassed various crucial aspects such as stock management, shipping notifications and management, eCommerce functionalities, product management, point of sale integration, ERP integration, supplier integration for stock on hand, drop shipping support and accurate shipping cost calculations per product. Our goal was to create a scalable website capable of facilitating international shipping while ensuring a seamless user experience.

During the design phase, we placed great emphasis on optimising the product discovery journey to guide users through the site and explore the diverse product range effortlessly. This involved implementing intuitive navigation, robust search functionality, efficient product filtering and sorting options, personalised recommendations and integration of user reviews and ratings.

We recognised the significance of presenting detailed product specifications for effective product comparison. To achieve this, the product pages were meticulously crafted to highlight essential information. As users scroll down, they encounter a dedicated section titled “Specifications” that provides a comprehensive list of key details about each camera. This includes aspects such as resolution, sensor type, image processor, ISO range, and more. By ensuring easy access to these critical technical specifications, we enable potential buyers to evaluate the camera’s performance and suitability for their specific photography needs.