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Blundstone is a 150-Year-old grass-roots Australian brand that has become a fashion icon for generations, having been the boot of choice for adventurers, workers, fashion icons, and rock stars the world over. Blundstone engaged Overdose. following an intensive RFP to architect and integrate a new digital commerce solution, including the deployment of various unique localised front end store views for international markets and subsidiary brands under a single Adobe Commerce instance. Our relationship has matured to allow Overdose. to support the growth of Blundstone through an ongoing tech and growth support retainer.


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Product sizing configuration

Customers often know their specific size, not the conversion of US to EU size.


Overdose. built an extension that allows for multiple sizing conversions between gender and countries. This persists throughout the user journey based on Blundstones desire to make sure their customers understand the sizing differences.

Unique Shipping requirements.

Blundstone ships with a range of dynamic shipping options. Same-day, 2-day, 3-day shipping options.


Utilised a table rates extension to provide a range of shipping options to US customers. Also implemented UPS address validation to reduce the number of invalid addresses and ensure Blundstone customers receive their shoes the first time.

Multi-store architecture

Blundstone required the ability to build and launch unique, individually administered storefronts localised for specific international markets, as well as for subsidiary brands including John Bull work boots.


We leveraged Adobe Commerce's OOTB multiplicity to operate multiple stores from the same single instance of Adobe Commerce, allowing Blundstone to operate each site individually while leveraging the underlying systems and integration architecture to maximise efficiencies, reduce total cost of ownership, and interoperability with existing back end and fulfilment processes.

US Tax compliance

Complexities with USA Tax compliance & calculation.


Partnered with Avalara to use their Avatax system. This calculates the tax required for each location in the US.


How to fit a shoe online? It’s quite possibly the biggest UX challenge that any shoe company has when building an eCommerce solution. Blundstone is known, in part, for the comfortable fit of their boots. Translating this across the users’ journey throughout required multiple custom touchpoints across the site. Using Dynamic Content blocks on the homepage that changed based on the latest gender-based category you visited. On the product page, a specific sticky header was used to allow the customer to continue to consume a large amount of information while providing clear pathways for navigation. Additionally, the size selection is critical and with the range of sizing options available a custom size selection that can swap between ‘country sizes’ was developed. The user then sees all sizes in the same format across the entire site… Finally carefully chosen iconic Blundstone imagery is places throughout the customer journey to give it an authentic ‘Blundstone’ feel.