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Glue Store

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Glue Store selected Overdose. and Shopify Plus to drive their Omnichannel Strategy by launching www.gluestore.com.au. Glue Store is the original ‘House of Brands’ premium retailer. They exist to deliver on-trend clothing, shoes and accessories from an aspirational brand assortment that empowers individuals to be fashion-leaders and live their lifestyles. A curated, ultimate edit of the global street, fashion and sports culture and brands across a network of retail stores and digital engagement.

The new website, built on the latest Shopify Plus architecture, boasts all the convenience of a modern e-commerce platform with click & collect, various payment options, live chat, intelligent search and on-site personalisation.


A key driving integration is Comestri’s PIM and Flow bringing omnichannel connectivity including Click ’n Collect from Island Pacific and Purecomm OMS. Comestri brings a unified and seamless customer experience across stores and digital channels. This allowed the initial fast migration and to go to market with Shopify Plus in two months without interrupting the current omnichannel processes.
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Speed to market

Glue Store with an end-to-life platform wanted to drive a quick go-to-market they could scale up. The solution Overdose. used, was a base template in Shopify Plus and to turn this site around in two months, then scale up UX and deeper omnichannel processes.


Developed a future proof platform with all the functionalities of a modern website, to fulfil a simple and seamless customer journey both in-store and online. Provided a more seamless solution for the admin user to manage the business processes and spend less time on basic admin actions. Moved Glue Store to a fully integrated Digital Business for gluestore.com.au including product and inventory feeds from multiple brands (all housed in the single instance of Comestri)

SEO authority on very competitive products

To speed up the content creation process and implement recommendations on the site.


Our focus has mainly been on brand optimisation and collection page optimisation. We have also been working on local area marketing by optimising Google My Business profile and creating store pages for the site. Moving forward, a granular targeting approach has been adopted. Alongside brand and collection page optimisation, we will also be targeting colour-based keywords to acquire a new audience to the site. These colour-based keywords have a huge search interest and can contribute to traffic growth for organic search.

Click & Collect integration for seamless customer journeys

Critical to the digital journey is the store network engagement of the customer. Live inventory was a big part of this journey across the store network and the workflows to make it easy for store teams by creating a seamless customer flow.


Overdose. developed a custom checkout experience to maximise choice, not just throughClick & Collect but Australia Post collection, advanced address validation and multi-buy discounts.

Highly competitive market - how to drive growth

Before we took over they had a high reliance on promotions (a lot of spend during promotional periods at lower AOV). They also had a large product offering and brands they have in stock which they are competing with the brands and other retailers.


We rolled out a combination of always on and promotion and by improving always on ROAS we were able to ramp up during full price periods which obviously helps overall ROAS and profitability. New campaign structure helped to focus on most profitable brands and products and also enabled us to be flexible based on their stocks, seasonality and product performance. For social Our audience setup considers all stages in the funnel big learning and performance improvement was audience and gender specific messaging.

Charles Moore - glue store
"We partnered with OD for the re-platform and re-launch of Glue Store's online presence. Not only did we manage to get the project live at record speed, but the iterative approach also meant that we immediately took full advantage of Shopify, while testing and learning as we implemented it.
We have managed to now deliver a best in category customer experience online which means our customers can shop the brands they love, when they want and how they want.
The new platform has been equally enhanced with a comprehensive paid and organic strategy that is continuing to deliver dividends. Underpinning and 20% YOY growth online and a lift in the percentage of online sales as a total share of the business."
Charles Moore, Head of Marketing and Ecommerce
- Glue store
36.5% YOY
INCREASE IN Conversion
Increased Paid search revenue & conversion
32.71% across the conversion rate from previous two periods from 2019 - 2021. Revenue almost doubled.


The goal was to shift from a promotionally driven site to the one place for the premium product online and instore – House of Brands true omnichannel retailer. Overdose with Glue Store did a full review and restructure of the Information Architecture leaning heavily on SEO optimisation, heatmapping and traffic review through heatmapping. The navigation and look & feel were improved to reflect this change in direction and to drive google authority in a highly competitive market.

Apart from optimising the navigation, this enhancement extended to the product listing, content extension across the detailed product pages. Introduction of AI-driven product recommendations using Emarsys on-site driven across all pages by website and email interactions.