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Healthy Options

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Healthy Options is the first and largest all-natural and organic products retailer in the Philippines, with 33 physical retail stores and an online shop specializing in natural food and health products. They have a vision of a healthier world where people enjoy longer, richer, more fulfilling lives by taking control of their health without costing the earth.

Established in 1995, they have grown to expand their organization, creating three other equally passion-driven brands: Bow and Wow, their niche market for cats and dogs; and Wine Story, a fine and rare wine retailer.

The Overdose. Asia team were privileged to partner with Healthy Options to implement a theme rebuild of their existing Shopify site. Our team redesigned the entire site with a focus on providing new functionalities, improving speed and customer experience, maximising operational efficiencies and defining unique experiences by category segments. To achieve this, we utilised an impressive tech stack comprising of Shopify, Dotdigital, Nosto, Boost Commerce, Gorgias and Okendo. The end result was a transformed site that exceeded the client's expectations.
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As part of our commitment to delivering the best possible results, we integrated several key tools and platforms as part of the Healthy Options project. These included Boost commerce, which provided advanced search and filter capabilities, Nosto for integrated data-driven personalisation and merchandising solutions and Shopify Plus for custom checkout options and a high-performance eCommerce experience. Our team also curated the best possible apps to run a successful eCommerce business while keeping operational costs low. We are continually looking for ways to improve the Healthy Options experience and are planning to integrate with their ERP in the future.
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Personalised merchandising recommendations

The Healthy Options team approached us with a challenge to implement personalised product recommendations on their eCommerce store to improve the customer experience online.


Incorporating Nosto's integrated suite of data-driven personalization and merchandising solutions was our solution to elevate the Healthy Options project.

Automatic shipping restrictions for "perishable products"

We were challenged with the task of sourcing and recommending a solution to automatically restrict purchases of perishable products to a specific region (Metro Manila only), which posed a unique challenge for the Overdose team.


In order to address the challenge of restricted perishable product purchases to Metro Manila, we developed a solution to automatically identify such products and restrict checkout for customers whose shipping destination was outside of this region, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient process for the Healthy Options team.

Providing address validation at checkout

Healthy Options encountered issues with incomplete or incorrect addresses entered by customers.


As a solution to the issue, we developed functionality that enabled customers to select from a pre-defined list of region, city, and zip codes, ensuring the accuracy of key details and improving operational efficiency for the Healthy Options team, resulting in accurate deliveries.

Enhancing Product Communication: Utilizing Icons for Lifestyle Attributes on Product Cards

We faced the expectation to improve the Healthy Options product cards by indicating the product's lifestyle tag, allowing shoppers to quickly understand the product's attributes and make informed purchase decisions.


We incorporated intuitive icons on product cards and pages to clearly communicate various dietary and lifestyle properties, streamlining the browsing experience and effectively increasing user engagement and conversion.

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"Working with Overdose. was a fantastic experience. Their team was not only knowledgeable, professional, and well-organised, but they also truly took the time to understand our business to better provide solutions to the unique challenges we face. And although we encountered unforeseen challenges, the project always went along seamlessly and smoothly thanks to the hard work and dedication of their team. They did an amazing job revamping our UX and UI for our online shop, alongside several other functional additions, and we can’t wait to get started on our future plans for further improvements. We highly recommend Overdose Digital to anyone looking to improve their online presence – so long as it doesn’t compete with ours! Thank you, Overdose., for your continued hard work and expertise!"
Sean Sia
Head of Omnichannel
Healthy Options


As the first and largest all-natural products retailer in the Philippines since 1995, we faced the challenge of ensuring that the online experience was consistent with the offline experience. To tackle this, we restructured the menu items to reflect how customers would browse products in the aisles. Our focus was on communicating the unique selling points and educating users on product discovery and the vast array of categories available. By introducing different entry points for users based on categories and lifestyles/diets, we were able to cater to a wide range of shopping behaviours and profiles.

To aid users in their browsing journey, we utilized icons on product cards and pages to communicate different diets, making it easy to identify and encourage conversions. We also revamped the category page by implementing a comprehensive filter that enables users to browse through their lifestyles, age group, and concerns.

Healthy Options’ goal has always been to be the knowledge hub when it comes to organic living and eating healthy. To achieve and support this, we built a content-rich blog, restructured it for easy browsing, and strategically placed content on various pages to provide users with knowledge as part of their shopping experience. By providing users with a seamless, informative, and user-friendly experience, we have been able to enhance the customer journey and foster long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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