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With increasing waste becoming a serious global issue, KeepCup stepped up to tackle this challenge head-on by creating the world's first barista standard reusable coffee cup.

The goal was always to kick-start behaviour change, from discard to reuse – to deliver a positive global campaign that would change the status quo. Today, KeepCup has grown to define a product category. KeepCups are now used in more than 75 countries around the world and users, or re-users, divert millions of disposable cups from landfill every day. Their actions inspire others to do the same.

KeepCup partnered with Overdose. to revamp their online platform in response to user feedback and their expanding product range. We partnered to address key challenges, including optimising product merchandising, tailoring the user experience for both B2C and B2B audiences and improving customer education. Together, we simplified complexities to elevate KeepCup's online experience with a humble and innovative approach, all whilst maintaining alignment with KeepCup's sustainability values.


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Merchandising Streamlining for KeepCup's Broader Product Range

Managing a diverse and ever growing product range created complexities for the KeepCup team, with products scattered across more than 15 pages. This complexity hindered effective merchandising, especially for products with multiple colour and size options.


We streamlined the product display, simplifying the process for the KeepCup team. Core products, like those with multiple colour and size variants, were consolidated into single tiles with intuitive colour swatches and size selections. This not only eased the merchandising process but also enhanced the user experience. The landing pages now feature a direct Call to Action for quick and seamless additions to the cart, optimising product configuration and display.

Unified Layout and UX for B2C and B2B Integration

The KeepCup team faced a dilemma of how to manage distinct layouts and user experiences for their B2C and B2B platforms. The separation in functionality created complexities for internal management, demanding separate processes for each site's purpose and customer base.


We implemented a solution that allowed shared functionality across both B2B and B2C sites. This not only facilitated a consistent user experience but also enabled customers on both platforms to add items to their carts directly from landing pages. Additionally, we revamped the product upload and maintenance processes, resulting in significant time savings for KeepCup's internal management team. This integrated approach optimised the eCommerce journey for both business and consumer customers.

Designing for Optimal Site Speed

A primary concern for the KeepCup team was the need for a site design that prioritised speed. The challenge involved creating a responsive solution that minimised customer clicks, scrolling and input, ensuring a seamless journey from browsing to purchase.


We implemented a design strategy that intricately focused on site speed optimisation. The overall design and user experience were crafted to significantly reduce the need for excessive clicks, scrolling and customer input throughout the browsing and purchasing process. This not only enhanced the overall efficiency of the site but also contributed to a more responsive and streamlined user journey, aligning with KeepCup's commitment to a swift and user-friendly online experience.

Kela Keepcup
"The work on our product reconfiguration has significantly enhanced how our customers interact with our offerings by minimising friction and presenting our range, sizes, and colours more clearly. Collaborating with Overdose. was a pleasure, as we discovered a solution that benefited both our customers and our internal team, streamlining product management and presentation processes."
Kela Richardson
eCommerce Coordinator


A Journey Towards Enhanced User Experience: Collaborating with KeepCup

Our partnership with KeepCup was built on a shared commitment to refining the shopping experience across their B2C and B2B platforms. Recognising the complexities of their product range, we set out to streamline the journey for customers, making it easier to navigate and make informed choices. One of the most significant improvements we introduced was a shift from organising products by colour to arranging them by size. This transformation empowers users to select their desired size upfront and effortlessly compare available colour options through intuitive swatches. For consistency, we extended this enhancement to KeepCup’s B2B site, maintaining a seamless experience. Additionally, we implemented pagination on category pages, replacing infinite scrolling to alleviate any potential user fatigue when navigating lengthy product lists.

Project Highlights:

  1. Redesigning B2C PDP and B2B List View + PDP across multiple regions.
  2. Displaying colour swatches outside dropdown menus.
  3. Enhancing B2B list view with swatches.


Out of Scope:

  • B2C category page changes (handled separately).
  • Redirects or content updates (with KeepCup’s support).
  • Size configuration (addressed as needed with related products).


Our work aimed to resolve several challenges faced by KeepCup’s old website. These issues included navigating a diverse product range, differentiating products effectively, and optimising mobile user experiences. Additionally, we tackled merchandising difficulties, streamlined the sale pricing display, and sought to enhance the presentation of product features and benefits.