PE Nation

Creative, Data, Marketing, Search, Strategy
P.E Nation is for urban life, lived at a fast pace. Its growth has been quick and relentless as they bring a unique and strong graphic look to this athleisure market. PE wanted an agile and new SASS platform to support their growth, a UX that matched their strong design focus, bold and fresh. They chose BigCommerce to support this growth and give the integration API flexibility for their current infrastructure. Sales growth has been strongly supported by Overdose with feature improvements and SEO growth. Even within the current climate Overdose has worked closely with BigCommerce to help scale the business to meet the current online demands for the product, sometimes challenging the platform to keep up with demand. Working together to maintain the flexibility and scalability of the website using BigCommerce’s platform we have been able to continually provide solutions to an ever-growing market.


Maintaining robust integrations for PE Nation was at the forefront of Overdose’s strategy to give PE Nation the digital edge they required. Working closely with Commestri was imperative to facilitate seamless stock level management between BigCommerce and Microsoft AX due to aggressive purchase rates from their global customer base, through to optimising site speed using Section iO.
A ever growing market of buyers

P.E Nations success has been explosive within the current fashion industry. Combining casual and sportswear P.E has grown a large following. Over 40% of their buyers are repeat customers. This brings challenges of sometimes thousands of buyers on the site purchasing at the exact same time.


OD was able to harness the power of BC to help remedy many issues of purchases buying the same product/size SKU so that it would give customers a real-time view on what was still in stock and what was sold out - within seconds. This was crucial in such an aggressive market where demand for the product was so high.

Heritage Infrastructure

Simple product structure with complex heritage infrastructure. Wanted to treat the brand with a light and nimble platform that could be managed internally. Challenge was an old ERP with AX. Using Comestri middleware we were able to integrate this data with Big Commerce and make a complex architecture simple.


Now they can manage the site with all the SASS benefits of the growth of functionality with their own product growth. They have moved to weekly drops of stock to drive traffic and newness to the site. OD continues to support this growth and keep the complexities of the heritage system from breaking.

Constant Change

Creating a site that could not only handle the traffic but the constant change.


Overdose and BigCommerce’s solution provided a site that was simple and robust enough to continue to pivot weekly with fresh new ideas driven by the P.E team and their ever-growing customer base. BC's solution with the help of OD’s expert e-commerce experience created a site that drew in traffic and through clear design made purchasing items simple and easy for the end-user.

High Competition and search visibility

In an extremely competitive marketplace where we have 3rd party sites bidding for our own products, PE Nation partnered with our marketing gurus to provide a robust solution to challenge the competition. Through planning and insights ahead of the rest, we were able to ensure PE Nation stood out from the competition with search.


Utilising search and advanced analytics OD was able to highlight areas of growth for P.E that resulted in more conversions.

"The team at Overdose are always more than willing to address any requests we put forward to them, even it means they having to go out of their way. It's a nice change to be working with a team that's passionate about what they do."
PE Nation


To provide PE Nation customers with a fluid search solution we worked together with our UX team to implement continuous scroll on all featured pages. This gave the customer a deeper immersive experience whilst shopping online and didn’t inhibit their behaviour at the end of each page – making them stay on the site longer and browse deeper into products.