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At Greencross, their team members love your pet just as much as you do. They know they’re more than just pets, they’re part of the family. That’s why Petbarn and over 800 Greencross Vets work together (with a promise) to care for them as if they were their own. Greencross believe health and wellness isn’t about one thing, it’s about everything you do to care for your pet both physically and mentally.

When it comes to pet food, they’ll always dish out the right advice. They’ll always recommend a complete and balanced diet that gets the vet’s tick of approval - and your pet’s lick of approval! Parenting a pet is also about taking care of their health and safety with preventative care routines, products and services. They’re always by your side to help, tapping into their Greencross Vets for vet visits, vaccinations, and dental care to help them look and feel great!

Overdose. joined forces with PetBarn to pick up and run an epic challenge of launching their Adobe Commerce site. In only 12 months, together, we all put our boots on and got to work and successfully optimised the site, launching it live with a real bang!

Evidence of a well-grounded partnership, Petbarn tapped into Overdose's global talent pool with speed to market being front of mind and allowed us to bring our expertise to the table to help Petbarn enable their customers to be better pet parents


This site has an impressive stack with the likes of bLoyal, Attraqt Fredhopper, Afterpay and Zipay. The utilisation of the systems Comestri and Adobe Commerce efficiently facilitates real-time, bi-directional transfer of products, order fulfilment, shipping, and customer promotions that give the customer the best price and the most suitable delivery method for them.
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Inherited Codebase

This project was given to Overdose. with functionality and a foundation already implemented, We initially had to review and understand how the project had been set up. With still many unknowns and incomplete work within the site.


We jumped right into it, determined what was left and started developing with still many requirements to be figured out and confirmed. This meant that Petbarn, Greencross, Overdose. and their integration partners had to work together, shift and pivot based on different priorities that appeared.


Due to the nature of the historical challenges and delays that had occurred prior to Overdose. partnering with Greencross, timelines were tight. In fact, providing concrete timelines was incredibly difficult due to the lack of visibility on the site's current state of play with development. It made for some honest and transparent conversations which, to the credit of Petbarn and Greencross, were understood with the goal being to work together to get the site over the line.


Overdose, Petbarn and Greencross worked tirelessly to hit the timelines set by engaging the most senior resources in the business. This meant that it became a global effort in working with resources from different offices at Overdose. to have round-the-clock development. Some all-nighters were had as the common goal was shared across everyone involved.

Company Size

Petbarn and Greencross are both substantial businesses that require a lot of detail and approval internally to manage the changes, as well as needing to write new requirements on the go (mid-build). It really was a considerable effort and collaboration between Overdose., Petbarn and all other participating vendors.


With multiple local project managers and senior stakeholders heavily involved from both client-side and vendors, steering the ship through to go live became somewhat of an easier journey.


A company the size of Petbarn meant that there is a rich database required to be migrated to the new platform. The size and magnitude of the task was largely underestimated which meant that Petbarn, Greencross and their partners needed to work together to tirelessly get it in a position where there would be no mistakes once it went live.


Petbarn, Greencross and their partners had multiple "dry-runs" where a very detailed and structured go-live plan was simulated in an all-hands-on-deck approach that involved senior resources across the board which meant late nights for everyone involved. This mitigated quite possibly the biggest risk to the project's success as it became a do-or-die situation.

Jamie Sparrow
"It’s been an amazing effort, everyone. Great to see the teamwork everyone has put into the new site."
Jamie Sparrow, Business Systems Manager
- Petbarn

Results & Insights

The foundations have been set to scale. The goal was always to rebuild the site on Adobe Commerce which the project team held true to. Overdose. and Petbarn achieved the goal of going live which marked a huge success for the overall future of the online eco-system of Petbarn. The journey now doesn't end as there are exciting new opportunities that Overdose. and Greencross are moving forward with. Working to build Petbarn on Adobe Commerce by inheriting a codebase has been a challenging yet fascinating experience for all parties involved. Overdose. is excited at the future of what is to come as Petbarn has big goals and dreams about where they want to be. Being on this journey is something Overdose. is very proud of.