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At Woop, we believe at the heart of a good life is great food, that the decisions we make around what we eat reflect who we are and the life we aspire to. Our mission is to make it easy to prepare beautiful food, in a fraction of the time. In our kitchen, it is calm. Everything in its place. Mise en place, as the French say. This guides our approach to pre-preparing our delicious ingredients & handcrafted sauces to make your life easier.

Woop takes inspiration from some of the best globally inspired dishes and combines it with the freshest local New Zealand ingredients, so you can prepare a beautiful, homemade meal in under half an hour.

Woop’s point of difference in the market of food subscription boxes was clear to us as their focus on sustainability and ethically sourced ingredients was evident in the quality product they delivered. Shortened prep time and ease of cooking makes Woop the number one choice for anyone wanting to enjoy a healthy lifestyle without compromising cost or time.

Woop elected Overdose. to build a completely custom and unique website that matched their vision for a food box subscription service like nothing else on the market. Using the extensive knowledge of our Adobe Commerce developers and system architects we were able to create a one of a kind site that offered a powerful subscription service with a seamless user experience. Based on highly customised Adobe Commerce architecture, this website offers varied recipe combinations, a custom-built review platform, flexible subscriptions, live chat and thoughtful pop-ups to provide a customer-first service.


Overdose. integrated Woop with Adobe Commerce’s completely custom BE and FE capabilities and really pushed the boundaries when it came to custom integration to ensure scheduled notification pushes, custom API data capture and direct integration with dotdigital email.

Utilising the custom functionalities embedded in their new site, Woop can now provide instantaneous updates to their customers through bespoke marketing integration that connects seamlessly to dotdigital. This helps update customers on any account changes that include frequency, recipe and menu personalisation.

Email capture was a major focus for Overdose. as with a high sign-up rate Woop can retarget abandoned checkouts using custom messaging that has proven to result in high user growth and revenue.
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Transferring existing subscriptions and plans from legacy site

Woop required seamless transfer of existing customer subscriptions and their schedules from the legacy site to the new site.


Overdose. came up with a custom-built solution which allowed the transfer of all existing customers and their subscriptions data including payment tokens and updated schedules on go-live day, which ensured that no updates went missing.

Unique Marketing Automation requirements

Since Woop is a food box business, their Marketing Automation requirements are not common and require custom solutions.


We partnered with Dotdigital specialists to come up with solutions that allowed us to extend the default Dotdigital module to capture unique data and add triggers for fully custom marketing flows.

Custom checkout

As client business is not traditional eCommerce, the whole customer flow has to be bespoke.


Overdose. completely reengineered Adobe Commerce sales flow to capture all of Woop’s requirements, which resulted in the custom-built signup and checkout, which allows customers to view recipes, change preferences, select delivery dates and eventually subscribe - all in one place.

Sophisticated inventory logic

As a food business, Woop deals with perishable products, which only have stock for a limited amount of time.


We introduced logic that allows them to check and sell inventory through specific time periods according to the client’s business and shipping rules.

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Flexibility and choice are something that Woop customers have voted as their number one motivators when deciding on a food box service, so this was a significant factor when designing the new Woop Site. Giving customers an easy to use and functional recipe section where they could view, mix and change their recipes or plans on a weekly basis is something that has made a large impact on overall customer satisfaction. With over 5 different plan types, 2-4 possible recipes and flexible weekly or fortnightly options all contribute to this customer choice.


The checkout process needed to be both user-friendly and functional so addresses and emails could be captured efficiently without user disruption. This was implemented by incorporating a beautiful form where customers can enter their details and delivery address before progressing to recipe selection. This allowed email capturing so that any abandoned checkout could be retargeted and address validation in case a customer was outside of the delivery regions. By keeping this form minimal, customer usability is kept high without asking for a long list of personal information before they even see the recipe selection.


Customer feedback is integral to Woop So they can continue to improve their recipes on a weekly basis. We made sure this was integrated across the customer journey so customers can easily review their recipes and provide comments without being taken away from their delivery view. Sleek pop-ups and tick boxes were added underneath each recipe where the customer can add their review on the recipe which gives Woop a better idea on customer satisfaction and allows customers to feel as though their voice is being heard.
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