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Remedy Drinks

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Customer Journey Mapping, Data Driven UX & UI, Strategy, Technology
Sarah and Emmet Condon started Remedy in 2012 on their kitchen bench with an aim to bring healthy and tasty drinks to consumers. Their drinks are made the old-school way: in small batches using long-aged brewing processes. Fast forward a few years and the business is now selling Australia and UK's favourite Kombucha with a growing range.
Wanna know more? Well, There’s a Remedy for That…

Remedy Drinks sought a transformative shift from their existing platform, a commercial decision driven by the escalating maintenance costs. Their vision was to establish a future-proof website, adaptable to their business growth. A fresh design, mirroring their vibrant brand identity and health-conscious ethos, was also paramount.

Overdose. Australia embarked on a journey to craft a vibrant, brand-aligned design for Remedy's new Shopify Plus platform. The website's aesthetic appeal stands out as a highlight, breathing life into their digital presence. This Shopify Plus incarnation empowers Remedy Drinks with an array of built-in functionalities, tapping into Shopify's Markets, Payments and more.

Collaborating closely with the Remedy team, Overdose. orchestrated the seamless transition of data from their existing eCommerce platform to Shopify Plus, including meticulous SEO preservation. Our engagement extended to synergising with third-party entities and Overdose. Partners like Dotdigital and Yotpo, ensuring the seamless integration of Remedy's subscription customers, reviews, and email automations.

The final result leaves Remedy Drinks in their pursuit of a dynamic online platform that aligns with their brand and sets the stage for sustainable growth.


In collaboration, Overdose. adeptly orchestrated the integration of Shopify Plus with the Yotpo OOB app, facilitating the transition of reviews and subscription customer data from Remedy's previous eCommerce platform. Despite the subscription integration challenges along the way, this symbiotic connection empowers the Remedy team to manage both elements effortlessly.

Our partnership extended to harmoniously migrate reviews from the previous eCommerce platform to Yotpo in tandem with the Yotpo team, in close collaboration with Remedy Drinks. An intriguing challenge emerged: capturing reviews once per subscriber to eliminate duplication. Leveraging the Yotpo OOB feature, we artfully met this requirement.

Furthermore, Overdose. orchestrated the integration of Starshipit with Shopify Plus, a move designed to streamline Remedy's fulfilment procedures. Our technical prowess was evident in customising the Starshipit OOB integration to align seamlessly with Shopify Plus, thus catering to the diverse fulfilment needs inherent to Remedy's product spectrum. This strategic integration has significantly enhanced Remedy's fulfilment operations with tailored quotes and automated efficiency. Collectively, we have interconnected vital facets of Remedy's operations, culminating in a harmonious digital orchestration.
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Unified Dotdigital Account Management Across Regions

Remedy faced the intricacy of managing distinct Dotdigital accounts for separate regions, leading to separated integration efforts.


Collaborating with our partners at Dotdigital, Overdose. devised a tagging strategy to elegantly partition data from both regions within a single account. This innovation empowers Remedy to seamlessly manage integrations under one umbrella while still efficiently filtering data by region, offering a cost-effective and streamlined resolution.

Tailored Starshipit Integration for Diverse Product Shipping

Automating Remedy Drinks' fulfilment posed a challenge due to varying Auspost shipping rates for distinct product types (Glass & non-Glass).


Overdose. used Shopify Plus tags to segregate product types, enabling separate synchronization with Starshipit. This strategic approach ensured different shipping rates could be accurately assigned, rendering a solution tailored to Remedy's diverse product landscape.

Seamless Localisation of Prices for Distinct Regions

While Shopify Plus offered an out-of-the-box solution to display prices in local currency for different regions, a hurdle emerged concerning subscription plans showcased on the product page.


Leveraging the inherent capabilities of our partner "YOTPO," Remedy smoothly overcame this challenge. The YOTPO subscription widget enabled accurate reflection of the respective prices for each subscription plan on the product page, ensuring a harmonised localisation experience.

Precision Review Collection for Targeted Customers

With subscriptions being a cornerstone of their business, Remedy Drinks sought a strategy to avoid inundating users with review emails for each subscription.


In tandem with our partner Yotpo, Overdose. orchestrated a solution granting Remedy Drinks precise control over review emails directed to customers. Capitalizing on Yotpo's features, Remedy deftly managed the collection of reviews from their specifically targeted customer base.

"With the impending expiration of our contract with our existing web platform, we saw this as an opportunity to explore our options around platform providers. With our site in need of a facelift, and some back end process refinement, we opted to partner with the team at Overdose. to migrate over to Shopify Plus. The team did a fantastic job of meeting our design requirements, injecting some creative flair to the design, while also accommodating all the elements we were hoping to see in the new site, all the while providing best practice insights to help with the build. What I found most useful throughout the whole project, was their organisation and process efficiency. Every problem was dealt with by subject matter experts in a quick and efficient manner, all the while consulting with us on what our desired outcome was."
Tom Melenhorst
Digital Marketing and eCommerce Manager
Remedy Drinks


During the journey, we encountered intriguing challenges within the realms of UX and UI design that left a distinct imprint on the project’s evolution. Despite Remedy’s diverse product range, a prevalent misconception persisted that their offerings solely encompassed kombucha. Navigating this perception emerged as a primary challenge, prompting a comprehensive reassessment of their online communication strategy.

Central to our approach was the homepage, acknowledged as the pivotal starting point for user journeys. To augment the user experience, we introduced strategic solutions. Initial steps involved integrating dedicated category blocks on the homepage, enriched with engaging hover animations that conveyed Remedy’s unique spirit. In addition, we introduced a product recommendations section, housing tabs for each beverage category. This approach granted users an intuitive glimpse into the spectrum of products available within each division.

Recognizing Remedy’s devoted customer base, our strategy pivoted towards a subscription model that resonated profoundly with their needs. Throughout the website, we meticulously interwove subscription incentives, leveraging their advantages across multiple touchpoints in the user journey. We accentuated the value of subscriptions from the homepage onward, amplifying content blocks that showcased its merits. This deliberate emphasis aimed to captivate user interest, enticing them to explore the subscription avenue further.

Within the category grid, we were committed to our collective pursuit of promoting subscriptions. Purposeful content blocks perpetuated subscription benefits while gently encouraging users to contemplate the lasting worth of embracing Remedy’s subscription model.

A pinnacle of our design was refining the subscription sign-up procedure on product pages. Through diligent crafting, we achieved a streamlined process that prioritized user convenience, simplifying steps to facilitate swift and effortless subscription enrollment. This strategic simplification aimed to dissolve potential barriers, fostering a greater inclination towards embracing the subscription framework.

In retrospect, our collaborative odyssey with Remedy distilled challenges into design innovation. The homepage metamorphosed through category blocks and product recommendations. An unwavering subscription emphasis not only catered to loyal patrons but also cultivated sign-ups, culminating in a user-centric design that eloquently communicated Remedy’s essence and nurtured enduring customer loyalty.

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