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Proudly Australian-owned, Adairs is obsessed with helping you create the space of your dreams.

With more than 100 years of home behind them, they have the expert advice you need - whether it’s your place to escape, entertain, learn, or relax.

In 2022, Adairs embarked on a journey to build a new website, encountering hurdles during the transition from the old site. Our primary objective was to minimise organic traffic loss during migration while fostering growth with the new site. Complicating matters further the economic landscape was marked by the increasing cost of living, leading consumers to veer away from higher-priced furniture and homewares goods.

Seeking a solution, Adairs partnered with the Overdose. SEO crew to recover lost organic clicks, revenue, and ranking drops post-website migration. Leveraging our expert understanding of enterprise-level challenges and extensive industry knowledge, we collaborated closely to devise and implement SEO strategies aligned with Adairs' overarching business objectives. Through effective communication and seamless teamwork, we navigated through obstacles to rejuvenate the organic channel and drive website revenue. We maintain a solid working relationship, as an extension of the Adairs team contributing to pace, optimisation and expanding the site to continue achieving Adairs' targets.


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Navigating Limited Resources and Tight Deadlines in SEO Implementation on the New Site

Numerous issues had plagued the new website, from missing product schema to pagination chunking problems and cross-canonicalisation between AU and NZ sites. Scarce development resources had prevented comprehensive fixes before the site's launch.


The Overdose. SEO team collaborated closely with project managers and developers to prioritise key technical issues based on their potential impact and feasibility. By aligning with stakeholders and emphasising the business metrics tied to each fix, we ensured that high-impact tasks were addressed first, maximising results within the constraints of time and resources.

Adapting Content Strategy for Growth: Overcoming Technical SEO Constraints

Despite recognising the need to address technical debt and expand the information architecture, internal team limitations had prevented progress in these areas.


Instead of pursuing new initiatives, we focused on optimising existing key collection pages. Enhancements included keyword targeting, metadata optimisation, content expansion, schema implementation, optimised headings, and improved internal linking to elevate on-page signals. This strategic approach resulted in significant improvements, including increased keyword rankings to page 1, particularly within the top 3 traffic-generating positions. As a result, we had successfully amplified non-branded clicks to the site, aligning with our growth targets.

Resolving Conflicting Priorities: Navigating Legal Issues and SEO Impact

A legal issue had prompted Adairs to implement a tag across the site which resulted in the necessary removal of meta descriptions and featured snippets from every page. This had led to a significant decline in organic click-through rates (CTR).


By assessing the impact of this decision and communicating its effects, we had recommended removing the tag to reinstate meta descriptions and featured snippets. This enabled Adairs to regain visibility in rich results with images, resulting in a notable +40.1% increase in CTR within a week.

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"Navigating SEO migrations can be a daunting task and Overdose. played a crucial role in directing us towards our goals through strategic adaptations. They worked diligently and effectively while fielding several questions from us during setup. Their knowledge and commitment to our success were evident, and their results-driven approach resulted in improved online visibility and non-branded search rankings. Thank you, team, for all your support & hard work, and for helping us with our SEO challenges!"
Vandana Prabhu
Omnichannel Performance Manager
- Adairs


*Nov 2023 vs Nov 2022 (when migration occurred.)
**Jan 2024 vs Jan 2023 (taking a period outside of promo period of Nov & Dec.)
Increased Click-through rate (CTR)
Increased Unbranded Clicks YOY*
Increased Organic sessions YOY**
Increased Keyword Ranking