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Proudly New Zealand-owned and founded in 1913, Swanndri is New Zealand's original retailer of outdoor clothing, offering an extensive range of clothing for men, women, children and a selection of outdoor gear including woolen blankets and dog coats. Rooted in a rich heritage that dates back over a century, Swanndri is well-known for its commitment to crafting quality garments that withstand the test of time and any weather elements; Swanndri is one of New Zealand's most beloved outdoor brands.

In early 2022, Swanndri joined hands with Overdose. in a strategic collaboration aimed at fortifying its organic online presence. With a deep understanding of Swanndri's values and market objectives, our team of SEO specialists crafted a comprehensive strategy encompassing in-depth competitor analysis, precise keyword research, fine-tuning of on-page SEO elements, strategic content planning, and enhancements in technical SEO aspects.

Through our partnership, Swanndri's digital footprint underwent a significant transformation, elevating its visibility in organic search results. Not only did this initiative amplify Swanndri's online presence, but it also solidified its reputation in the outdoor apparel industry. By staying true to Swanndri's brand ethos and market aspirations, we ensured that the brand remains top-of-mind for its customers amidst the dynamic digital landscape.


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Rectifying Rendering Discrepancies for Enhanced Product Visibility

Discrepancies were discovered between the original and rendered HTML on product pages, leading to critical information like product price, description, and images rendered unreadable by Google. This hindered product page visibility on search results.


The Overdose. SEO team worked closely with Swanndri's developers to provide them with a code brief outlining elements crucial for original and rendered HTML. This ensured essential information was consistently visible, enhancing overall product visibility.

Addressing Technical SEO Shortcomings

At the outset of our SEO collaboration, the New Zealand and Australian sites had inadequate technical SEO practices, resulting in diminished site visibility and lower rankings on search engine results pages.


The Overdose. SEO team conducted a comprehensive audit, comparing Swanndri's technical SEO components to best-in-class standards to identify areas for improvement. Following the audit, detailed documentation and recommendations were provided to Swanndri and together we collaborated to implement tailored strategies, addressing the identified shortcomings and optimising technical SEO performance.

Enhancing Category Page Content for Improved SEO Performance

An insufficient amount of content on category pages, hinders the integration of target keywords, limiting their ability to rank prominently in user search results.


The Overdose. SEO team formulated a comprehensive strategy for category page content, offering Swanndri detailed guidelines and briefs to optimise their on-page SEO. Content creation was entrusted to the Swanndri team to maintain brand voice, then meticulously reviewed by Overdose. SEO experts. This collaboration ensures boosted SEO performance while upholding brand identity.

Jenny Drinkwater
"We’ve been working with Overdose. for SEO since May 2022 and have learned a massive amount along the way. Judy and the team are like extensions of our own team now and continually push us to do better, which is challenging and rewarding, as we watch the brand go from strength to strength with their help. We’ve also added the Line 7 brand to our SEO project, and I do not doubt that we will see the same results there."
Jenny Drinkwater
Head of Marketing & Digital
- Swanndri

Results & Insights

Swanndri can now claim the Highest Domain Average Rank NZ site with the average growing from 22nd position to 10th. *Comparison is prior to SEO support 2021 vs 2023. **Share of Voice (SoV) is an indicator of how your most important keywords are performing. All keywords that rank between positions 1 to 20 are used for the calculation.
AU : Increased Organic Sessions*
NZ : Increased Organic Sessions*
NZ : Increased Domain Average Rank
NZ : Increased in Share of Voice (SoV**)