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SEO : Flo & Frankie

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Flo & Frankie, New Zealand’s premier brand for women's fashion, accessories, beauty, footwear, and homeware, partnered with the Overdose. SEO team to elevate their organic visibility. Understanding Flo & Frankie's values and market objectives, the Overdose team crafted a personalised SEO strategy that included comprehensive competitor analysis, strategic keyword research, and meticulous on-page optimisation. This approach was designed to align with Flo & Frankie's unique blend of fashion and lifestyle offerings, ensuring their online presence reflected the quality and distinctiveness of their boutiques.

Through this collaboration, Flo & Frankie experienced a significant transformation in their digital footprint, with notable improvements in search engine rankings and online visibility. By aligning SEO efforts with Flo & Frankie's mission to empower women and positively impact the community, Overdose. has reinforced Flo & Frankie's standing as a leading destination for stylish, trendy women's clothing, accessories, and homeware. The strategic SEO initiatives planned and executed by the SEO team have ensured that Flo & Frankie remains a top choice for customers seeking fashionable women's attire.


Part of this project had the Overdose. SEO team utilising powerful SEO tools such as SEMrush, Screaming Frog, and Accuranker. These platforms enabled the team to thoroughly analyse Flo & Frankie's organic presence, track organic growth, and assess competitor performance.
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Incorrect Internal Link Structure

Product pages on collection pages were internally linked to the non-canonical version. This meant Flo & Frankie product pages weren't gaining the full benefit of an internal link from an SEO perspective.


The SEO team provided Flo & Frankie with best practice guidelines on Shopify product page internal linking to ensure all links point to the canonical version, enhancing SEO benefits.

Incorrect HTML Implementation

Pagination pages incorrectly marked up in the HTML, limited Google from indexing and finding content beyond page 1.


Collaborating with the Overdose developers, the SEO team detailed best practices and necessary changes to correct the HTML markup, ensuring proper indexing by Google.

No Breadcrumbs on Site

Breadcrumbs were not utilised on the site. Breadcrumb trails are highly effective for internal linking and user experience. They indicate the page's position in the site hierarchy, helping users and Google crawlers understand and explore the site effectively.


The Overdose. SEO team, in collaboration with the developers, implemented breadcrumb trails on the site, improving both user experience and internal linking structure.

"This is the first time Flo & Frankie has ever built in SEO as a focus channel for our digital growth plans however due to our 2024 eCommerce goals, we knew it was one of our biggest opportunities to help maintain and increase our online presence. Partnering with Overdose. has been game-changing for us. They have expertly guided our SEO strategy, making us feel confident in a previously unfamiliar area. Their trusted approach has been instrumental in our growth this year, helping us grow our organic revenue, increase our average rank and sessions to site all within 8 months!"
Rhiannon Dodds
eCommerce Marketing Manager
- Flo & Frankie


Increased Average Keyword Rankings
Increased Organic Sessions
Increased Organic Revenue
Increased Organic Conversion Rate