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Rembrandt has been in business since 1946, when Alex Harrison opened a small friendly tailoring store in Wellington's Vivian Street. When you walk into one of their stores today, you’ll find the same personal approach. Their mission is to dress you well – with exceptional quality, value and service from the New Zealand experts.

Since 2019, Rembrandt and Overdose. New Zealand has been crafting a digital extension of their personalised in-store experience onto the Shopify Storefront. Our mission, no small feat, is to ensure men across New Zealand look their best for every occasion. In response to a growing appetite for enhanced visibility, our collaborative journey took a new turn in 2023 with a focused 3-month SEO Project aimed at optimising Rembrandt's presence on Google Search.


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Unveiling Customer Insights with Human-Centric Keyword Research

A core part of SEO is Keyword Research. Rembrandt faced a crucial challenge in understanding customer behaviour on Google Search, lacking insights into the everyday terms that their customers use to find their products.


We embarked on a profound journey of keyword research, meticulously exploring key categories and analysing competitors in the dynamic New Zealand market. By diving deep into customer searches, Rembrandt gained a profound understanding of how people seek their products online. This research provided valuable insights, shedding light on the variance between internal industry terminology and the language customers use externally. For instance, the internal familiar term 'made to measure' lost significance in comparison to the external preference for 'tailor-made,' highlighting a fascinating aspect uncovered through our research. Beyond SEO, these insights were shared with product teams, empowering them to align development with customer demands and foster a holistic approach to product enhancement.

Overcoming Indexing Challenges

Rembrandt faced significant indexing issues on their website, particularly with Collection pages failing to appear in search results due to technical SEO issues.


Recognising the urgency, we delved into impromptu solutions whilst conducting a comprehensive Technical SEO Audit for Rembrandt's Shopify Storefront. This marked a pivotal moment for Rembrandt, signalling their commitment to SEO. The audit not only diagnosed existing indexing problems but also unearthed opportunities for enhancing overall indexing and rankability. In collaboration, our SEO team and tech experts executed a significant number of crucial SEO activities within three months. These activities addressed high-impact issues, including Canonical Tags, Noindex Directives, Schema enhancements and Page Speed improvements, ensuring a holistic transformation for Rembrandt's online presence.

Crafting Targeted Website Structures for Rembrandt's Google Search Presence

In a competitive landscape with diverse product categories, Rembrandt faced the challenge of optimising its website structure to capture attention on Google Search. Identifying gaps in the current setup and establishing dedicated collection pages were crucial steps for success.


Following a comprehensive Keyword Research phase, a collaborative effort was initiated to pinpoint the precise audience for targeting. Together with Rembrandt, a shortlist was meticulously finalised and the focus shifted to ensuring a seamless website architecture with no overlooked gaps. A fundamental rule guided this piece of the project: for every targeted keyword, a dedicated page should cater to users' needs. With this principle at the core, we strategically crafted and implemented dedicated pages in alignment with the planned Information Architecture, enhancing Rembrandt's digital footprint for effective audience engagement.

Emma Stanley-Tait
"Right from the start of our recent SEO project with Overdose., it was evident that we were working with a team who were not only knowledgeable but also genuinely invested in our success.

One of the most striking aspects of our collaboration was the immediacy of the results. Thanks to the strategic approach and expertise of the team, we saw a remarkable improvement in our keyword ranking almost immediately after implementing their recommendations.

The keyword data provided has proved invaluable, influencing decision-making not only in marketing but also in other facets of the business.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this collaboration has been the knowledge gained along the way. Working alongside Leslie, Amanda, and Lucy, we have learned invaluable tips and tricks, as well as best practices in the realm of SEO. It's been a learning experience that's not just benefiting our current project but setting us up for success in the future."
Emma Stanley-Tait
Head of Marketing
- Rembrandt.

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