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STIHL is a market leader in outdoor power equipment including chainsaws, trimmers, and blowers. STIHL has become the preferred choice of many professionals and hobby gardeners worldwide. You'll often recognise their product range due to their signature orange and white aesthetic. Customers can visit the STIHL SHOP website and can purchase online from their locally owned store.

STIHL's partnership with Overdose. dates back to 2019, but it's in the past year that we've embarked on an exciting SEO retainer journey. This marked a significant shift for STIHL SHOP, as they hadn't previously engaged in regular SEO activities. Recognising the untapped potential of the Organic Search channel, STIHL SHOP aimed to align it with their eCommerce goals for the upcoming year.

Navigating this challenge was particularly intricate due to the technical complexity of the site, featuring individual storefronts for each physical store, of which there are over 85. Striking the right balance between SEO best practices and meeting the site's technical requirements for STIHL SHOP was no small feat. However, through meticulous strategic planning and close coordination with our Technical Leads, we successfully achieved remarkable results for the brand. It's been an incredible journey, and we look forward to continuing our collaborative success with STIHL SHOP.


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Enhancing Content Strategy for Website Growth

The website faced challenges related to its content strategy. Category pages lacked substantial content and the blog posts lacked a clear strategic approach.


To tackle this, we took a two-pronged approach. Firstly, we intensified our SEO partnership to prioritize the top 50 categories identified by the client. For each category, we conducted in-depth keyword research and curated meaningful content, incorporating FAQ queries. Secondly, we established a well-defined content calendar, strategically planning blog content aligned with seasonal themes. These measures ensured a comprehensive content strategy to foster website growth and engagement.

Building Strong Technical SEO Foundations

As STIHL SHOP embarked on its first SEO retainer, it was crucial to assess the website's technical condition to ensure it could be efficiently crawled and indexed by Google Search.


In the initial three months, we conducted a comprehensive Technical SEO Audit of the Adobe Commerce Magento Storefront. Over the subsequent six months, we diligently addressed SEO issues and made enhancements to the website through the completion of multiple complex SEO Tech Development activities. These improvements included enhancing schema markup, ensuring that the website was optimized for search engines and set on a path to sustainable SEO success.

Optimising SEO for Multiple Storefronts Under a Single Domain

The STIHL SHOP website's subfolder structure, designed to manage local STIHL SHOP stock availability, presented SEO challenges. This setup could lead to content duplication issues and confusion for search engines in prioritising page versions due to conflicting SEO signals.


Our strategy focused on resolving these challenges without impacting the user experience of navigating specific storefronts. We implemented technical SEO optimisations, including establishing consistent internal linking, adhering to correct canonical tag rules and strategically using Meta Robots tags. These efforts effectively reduced conflicting signals, enhancing the website's SEO performance and clarity for search engines.

"Before we engaged Leslie and the team at OD we were floundering with SEO, our results were average, and we had limited internal expertise and time to deal with it. Overdose. provided their technical expertise but also helped to up-skill our internal people so that we are more able to help ourselves. They also kept us on track with activity planning and reporting. It took some time but the results are awesome!"
Nikki Egene
eCommerce Manager,


Increased Organic Rankings ~6months
Increased Organic Traffic YOY
Increased Organic Revenue YOY