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From humble beginnings, Signet is now one of the top 100 private companies in Queensland. As Australia's leading packaging, safety and warehouse supplies business, Signet distribute leading industrial brands, such as 3M, Ranpak, tesa and Kimberly Clark. Signet also sells an exclusive range of Signet's Own products and manufactures industrial and HACCP accredited stretch films and flexibles, marking paints, inks and aerosols, labels and signs in Australia.

Signet partnered with Overdose. to digitally transform their legacy B2C and B2B business. The B2B customer grouping, SKU range (40k+) and complex price tiering meant a deep Adobe Commerce M2 knowledge, and strong Business Analysis and PM skills were critical.
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Overdose. integrated the Adobe Commerce site with Signet's Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP, enabling real-time, bi-directional transfer of product, customer-specific pricing, order fulfilment, shipping, and accounting functions. The site boasts granular AI personalisation through the implementation of Nosto, Algolia advanced search capabilities and Email Automation with DotDigital.
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Category mix and information architecture

The breadth of Signet's SKU mix meant a clear category structure and information architecture was required to showcase the full Signet range.


The Overdose. SEO team worked alongside Signet to understand the product range and priorities for the business to deliver a comprehensive information architecture, which was translated in the design phase to a clear website navigation structure.

Multiple B2B customers on one account

Signet often has multiple customers attached to one account, each with different permissions and roles.


The ‘my account’ design and order flow required the ability to switch between users within the account for administrators, with a different order, edit and approval permissions.

Pricing tiers

With multiple pricing groups, including contracted and sale pricing, the pricing display and execution for logged in customers were cumbersome.


Overdose. designed different displays for each pricing type, and a pricing hierarchy was mapped to ensure the correct pricing display for each customer group.

Checkout flow for different customer journeys

Signet had a legacy B2B checkout flow, which required an extensive signup process for new customers.


A simplified checkout option was added to allow fast guest checkout on Adobe Commerce, with the provision to create a B2B account with automated ABN lookup and credit approval workflows.

Suzie Signet
"At Signet we're passionate about providing our B2B customers with the best online experiences, benchmarking off B2C best practice. We felt that a partnership with Overdose. gave us the best of both worlds - a deep technical understanding of Adobe Commerce and our related tech stack, along with their vast experience across a range of B2B and B2C industries."
Suzie Young, Head of Digital and Direct Marketing
- Signet


With a variety in product display, details specifications and large category numbers, designs needed to be clean, detailed and importantly optimised for mobile:
1) Simple UI with intuitive UX that allows B2B customers ease of ordering, reviewing history.
2) Design intelligently for a large IA structure, driven by data and SEO research
3) Ability for multiple B2B users to enter account, order, edit and control flow.