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NZ Muscle is a true grassroots New Zealand business that has grown into a leading sports nutrition and supplement manufacturer and retailer. From humble beginnings in 2006, operating out of founder Dion's garage, NZ Muscle's first shop opening in Auckland in 2009 and now we have four stores across Auckland.

The team at NZ Muscle partnered with Overdose. to develop an integrated, omnichannel digital offering on Adobe's Magento Open Source. Tasked to deliver an intuitive, personalised shopping experience for their discerning and loyal customers, across channels, all whilst continuing to test and refine new innovative eCommerce models, brands and offerings.


The NZ Muscle site is integrated with Vend for the bidirectional flow of inventory, product and pricing data, and boast a handful of selected plugins to aid user experience and accelerate the path to purchase. For example, the site leverages Nosto to produce AI-generated product recommendations with cross-sell and upsell optimisation, advanced search & merchandise capabilities through the implementation of Algolia, and integrated reviews and UGC through Stamped.
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Adobe Commerce Magento 1 End of Life

The rapid rollout of the new Adobe Commerce Magento 2 instance, due to Adobe Commerce Magento 1 end of life. In order to meet the ambitious deadlines, we launched the new NZ Muscle site with an MVP followed by a series of ongoing iterations - prioritising the development of different features as we continue to provide daily tech support.


We segmented the development of the M2 into phases, completing the tasks with top priority first, and then pushing different features and tasks live in phases as determined by their importance through a series of ongoing iterations. This approach allowed us to effectively mitigate a significant operational risk of staying on an unsupported platform past its retirement.

Information Architecture & Navigation Structure

The previous site's menu was cumbersome and difficult to navigate on both desktop and mobile, due to a single menu hierarchy and no uniform category or product structure. Onsite analytics indicated this was a major barrier to conversion and stakeholder interviews revealed this majorly impacted overall satisfaction with the NZ Muscle online offering, a stark contrast to the brilliant in-store experience NZ muscle is renowned for.


After undertaking comprehensive keyword and user behaviour research, we devised a refined information architecture and optimal navigational structure for an intuitive user experience across mobile and desktop devices with a prominent AI search module. Users can easily navigate to the appropriate products they require, be it via brands, categories, body goals or through Search.

Constantly shifting market demands

The huge range of products NZ Muscle offers as makes it difficult to constantly be updating and monitoring top sellers, both in general and by brand. Because the range is so large it's difficult to offer customers a unique personalised browsing experience based on what products they are constantly revisiting the site to purchase.


Using Nosto we were able to dynamically produce "best seller" product lists, this helps users purchase what is most popular. We are also able to create AI-generated recommendations for each individual category and brand. Utilising the full Nosto experience we can include widgets into EDM campaigns and automated flows such as Abandon carts, this allows us to include products they abandoned but also show products they were viewing for increased conversions.

Operating Multiple digital brands & storefronts.

NZ Muscle required the ability to operate multiple sites, retailing a similar mix of products with unique pricing, branding and content per store, leveraging the same back end ERP & fulfilment integrations.


Through Adobe's Magento Open Source inherent multiplicity, Overdose. delivered unique storefronts and admin interfaces, utilising the base integration architecture and site functionality with a unique front end UX and aesthetic per brand.

"In a fiercely competitive industry, we strive to offer a standout digital offering to fully engage our customers with a multi-channel digital strategy. Ecommerce has always been at the core of our business strategy and aligning with strong digital partners to facilitate making these plans a reality. Partnering with Overdose. and Adobe's Magento Open Source has helped to broaden our digital framework and enabled us to explore new opportunities and efficiencies."
Dion Roosenbrand, Founder
NZ Muscle


Increase in Ecommerce Conversion rate
Transactions increased
Average session duration increase
Bounce rate decrease
Pages per session increase

UX/UI - Megamenu Redevelopment

Overdose. re-designed and rebuilt the entire Megamenu for New Zealand Muscle, utilising product categories and hierarchies to dynamically put together a three-tiered MegaMenu. As well as including unique Nosto blocks to display the top products from each of the categories. This redevelopment was focused on helping users browse some of the huge range of different types of products, from exercise equipment to creatine, and allowing them to navigate easily between all products. Sorting all categories into this three-tier system helped reduce menu clutter, and the website having huge endless nested dropdowns.

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