How Woop shaped their analytics to suit their unique business model.

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Woop is a leading food subscription box business in ANZ, providing premium food-box subscriptions that offer customers convenient, delicious, and healthy dinners in less than 30 minutes. Woop service delivers high-quality meal kits on a recurring basis, and subscribers can choose from various plans, select recipes, and modify their subscription to fit their needs.

As a business that relies on supply chain planning several months in advance, maintaining excellent data hygiene is crucial to gaining insights into food preferences, volumes, and customer behaviour.

Overdose worked closely with the Woop team to ensure their tracking set-ups were tuned to their unique business model, enabling them to extract rich insight and make better business decisions.
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Tracking a Unique User Journey

From a tracking and measurements point of view, Woop's on-site user journey is nothing like any standard e-commerce journey (which typically comprises of a ‘catalog > product page > add to cart > checkout > purchase’ flow) Which means the tracking strategy needed to be purpose built from the ground up.


To fulfil the unique tracking needs, the OD team built a ‘dataLayer’ specification from the ground up that was tuned specifically for the user interactions expected on the food subscription journey. This dataLayer was then utilised in a Tag Management system (Google Tag Manager) to orchestrate the tracking flows across all downstream platforms that required that data. i.e the data was processed not only into Google Analytics, but to marketing platforms such as Facebook and Google Ads, amongst others. This allowed the business to track everything that was required, while ensuring that the work is ‘done once’ and leveraged across the data landscape, rather than repeating the set-up for every marketing platform.

Addressing Deferred Conversions

While a customer's initial sign up to a food box plan happens on the website, all future transactions happen in the back end, as recurring subscription orders are processed on a weekly basis, with customers having the ability to pause, add, amend, and unsubscribe as required. Which means transactional / revenue data cannot even be measured from the client-side tracking.


To address this the OD team leveraged the ‘Google Analytics 4 Measurement Protocol’ (while still in Beta) to send all future transaction events from the ‘server-side’. This allowed for tracking of all recurring subscription orders, inclusive of all the rich data points described above.

Surfacing Valuable Custom Insights

Apart from measuring this unique user journey & transactional data, it is also necessary to answer deeper questions for a business that’s all about food! e.g : Which proteins do our customers prefer the most? What are the most popular meal plans selected? How many nights do they order our boxes for? Standard tracking in any Web Analytics platform isn’t quite tuned to track such data points out of the box.


OD leveraged the power of GA custom dimensions to track all unique data points that were relevant to Woop's business. This allowed the business to gain valuable insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and engagement, and make data-driven decisions to improve the customer experience.

"Overdose. have been a vital extension to our team before our first premium food box was even delivered to a door! The team continues to provide invaluable development solutions and support to ensure a robust platform. As a customer-centric business, powered by customer data and behaviour, being able to harness this in real-time and act at speed is paramount. Overdose. has enabled this with their solution integrations, depth of expertise and relentless problem-solving.

There is always a grey area when it comes to tech solutions and if it will really do what it ‘says on the tin’ or work the way we imagine. With Overdose., we can dive into a new enhancement, upgrade, integration or development assured we will be able to find a way through and make our customers lives better!"
Alexia Walsh
Head of Marketing & Customer Experience