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Silver Fern Farms

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Since the founding of Silver Fern Farms in 1948, they've not only become New Zealand’s leading procurer, processor, marketer and exporter of premium lamb, beef and venison — but also an industry leader in both environmental sustainability and the humane treatment of animals.
Silver Fern Farms is supplied by approximately 16,000 family farmers across New Zealand, and collectively, their vision is to become the most successful and sustainable grass-fed red meat company in the world.

Overdose. was engaged by Silver Fern Farms to help support the launch of their direct-to-consumer offering in America, commencing with a market research project to understand the competitive landscape, then undertaking creative UX/UI and subsequent development of the new assets on Shopify Plus. Post-launch, Overdose. has supported Silver Fern Farms through a blended Performance Marketing, SEO, Tech and Email Automation retainer.


Silver Fern farms boast a robust tech stack built on Shopify Plus, seamlessly integrated with marketing, merchandising, support and fulfilment systems which allows for an easy-to-manage D2C solution that can be merchandised and managed with few internal resources.

The adoption of Yotpo and Zendesk platforms allows for simplicity and ease when it comes to customer communication and support, ensuring customer feedback is proactively sought and responded to accordingly. Klaviyo was also established for advanced customer segmentation and communication via automated workflows, and a base of Klaviyo email templates allows campaigns to be created on the fly with no developer involvement.

By partnering with Accessible360 we have undertaken comprehensive Compliance and Accessibility audits, then worked to remedy all action points in order to adhere to the American Disabilities Act, and work in an ongoing cadence to continually review and remedy any new issues.


Single product inventory causing bundles to become unavailable

Silver Fern Farms products are immensely popular, and were regularly selling out causing most bundles boxes to become unavailable, resulting in frustration from customers as website users were still able to add bundles to the cart and were not aware that a specific inclusion may be unavailable.


Overdose. created a bundle builder tool that allowed for products to more easily be substituted by the Silver Fern Farms administrators, mitigating the chances of a single product being out of stock and preventing all bundles from being able to purchase. Stock alert email notifications were also enabled on-site with a flow set up in Klaviyo to trigger as soon as that product was back in stock.

Communication Automation

Silver Fern Farms wanted a customer segmentation and communication automation platform that is simple and powerful to manage various workflows and customer groups.


Klaviyo was the platform chosen and with Overdose., it has been an integral part of their ongoing flow and blast campaign strategy. The IP warming process also enabled the Silver Fern Farms team to decrease spam across their account leading to higher deliverability rates.

Educating consumers on product USPs

The was a need for education in the market on the different types of meat and cuts Silver Fern Farms delivers. Grass-fed meat and its benefits are not well understood by American consumers who predominantly consume grain-fed beef.


Overdose. built out a 'meat education' hub section on the website to house the information about the point of difference that Silver Fern Farms offers. This allows users to discover and become familiar with the advantages of Silver Fern Farms products over conventional supermarket meat, making them more comfortable making a purchase. These meat education pages also have the added benefit of assisting with Silver Ferns Farms SEO strategy.

Prohibitive freight costs

Chilled goods interstate freight costs are prohibitively expensive, requiring them to be absorbed or subsidised by Silver Fern Farms.


In order to mitigate the impacts of freight on the product margins, we focussed marketing efforts on areas where freight was viable. We also introduced bundled products to increase AOV and therefore increase margins available so that subsidising freight could still be profitable.


November 2021 - March 2022
Increased conversion rate
Increased sessions
Increase in new users coming from email
Increase in transactions


A core piece of the puzzle for Silver Fern Farms was to be able to offer their customers bundled products in an easy-to-understand and straightforward experience. From the homepage, navigation and category pages it was critical to communicate at each touch point that Silver Fern Farms not only offers individual products but that they offer bundled deals that a user not only saves on price but qualifies for the free shipping threshold as well.

To help mitigate confusion on what cuts of meat are included in the pre-defined bundles, each individual product is highlighted on the product page displaying the quantity of each cut included. Small ‘information’ buttons are used in this area to provide additional information to a user who may not be familiar with that particular cut of meat, how to cook and the supporting nutritional information of that specific product. Having this information embedded on the bundle page allows a user to educate themselves if needed without taking them away from the core purchasing journey.

Simplifying the buying process further, a user is able to find additional cuts of meat underneath the product detail area. This upsell section is vital in showcasing individual products that a user may be interested in adding to their order without the need for them to navigate through the site to find these additional products, making the buying process quicker and less painful.

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