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Animates understand that life is better with pets. The joy when your dog greets you at the door or the comfort of your cat curled up on your lap. They understand the unconditional love that pets bring to our lives, each and every day. They're dedicated to providing their customers with everything they need to become great pet parents, supporting the pet community with fundraising, donations and local events.

They’ve dedicated themselves to creating an awesome experience for people and their pets; to provide their customers with everything they need to become great pet parents, whether it is products; services and advice that they need. It’s what has made Animates, New Zealand’s leading pet retailer.

Overdose. has worked alongside Animates to build special digital experiences, supporting their retail stores through a strong 90-minute 'Click and Collect' offering, and fast-tracking products to customers' doors with Same-Day-Delivery, through a partnership with NZ Post's Evening Delivery service and Starshipit. Same-Day-Delivery is available in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch.

Built on Adobe Commerce Cloud, Animates has worked in collaboration to refresh their delivery offerings with improved UX for Repeat Delivery subscriptions, as well as Home Delivery, Click and Collect and Same-Day-Delivery shipping options with a major focus on ensuring that the stock availability in their store network is available online for customers throughout the purchasing journey and is clearly communicated so that pet-owners can choose the best options for their pets' needs. This is balanced with the bespoke requirements of fulfilling orders from stores with fast-moving inventory on a day-to-day basis by highlighting Same-Day-Delivery orders as the priority fulfilment orders and address validation with NZ Post to ensure that online orders make it to their destination with the couriers. All this is balanced with a new shipping integration with Starshipit to allow Animates the flexibility to scale to the growing market.


Overdose. shifted the existing Animates site from Magento Open Source to Adobe Commerce Cloud. Following this, integration with Starshipit and NZ Post eParcel was developed and implemented to support a flexible and scalable delivery platform. The utilisation of this fulfilment system enabled Animates to offer Same-Day-Delivery for products to online customers and will enable Animates to integrate further delivery providers in the future.
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Custom Headless Starshipit Integration

Animates required a custom headless Starshipit integration for the Same-Day-Delivery delivery method to support in-store staff fulfilling all orders with the Adobe Commerce Orders portal.


Overdose. created a custom integration that supported shipping label printing via Starshipit and via NZ Post eParcel to be configurable to Animates' flexible requirements. All of this was configured so that each store had its own visibility of orders and prioritisation of the Same-Day-Delivery orders for fulfilment and dispatch in both Adobe Commerce and Starshipit platforms. All orders' addresses are validated against NZ Post and Google Maps to ensure that the address is supported by the courier network for Same-Day-Delivery as well as Home Delivery orders.

To minimise any potential issues, Animates and Overdose. used our learnings from the Commerce Cloud migration earlier in 2022 with detailed testing and testing strategy, constant communication between the teams and a round-the-clock team of developers during UAT and post-launch to support development.

Adobe Live Search

Animates wanted to leverage the brand-new Adobe Live Search functionality as part of Adobe Commerce Cloud.


As one of the first implementations of Adobe Live Search in the world, Overdose. had senior developers tackling this new feature and migrating functionality from customised Elasticsearch-powered search to the modern feature set. In addition, customisation was required to support products, categories, video and written blog articles, content pages, and stores to be searched directly in the search bar.

Inherited Codebase with Major Upgrades and Migration

This project was given to Overdose. with functionality and a foundation already implemented, We initially had to review and understand how the project had been set up to ensure that the site was brought up to the latest version smoothly on the new Adobe Commerce platform.


Overdose., Animates and their integration partners had to work together to deeply understand the codebase and its customisations to ensure that all tables, scheduled tasks, and extensions were reviewed and modified to ensure that the new platform performed optimally with a refreshed solution and only develop where required.

The project teams for both Overdose. and Animates spent a good portion of the delivery timeline spending time testing thoroughly in all aspects with thousands of test cases completed as part of UAT, testing strategy governance, detailed deployment plan agreed upon with all parties, and an all-hands-on-deck approach from senior resources for a 24-hour launch window with around-the-clock support and regular late night and early morning checkpoints throughout the launch.

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FY22 (July 2021 - June 2022) compared with FY21 (July 2020 - June 2021).
Increased Click & Collect revenue
Increased total online sales revenue
Increased Subscriptions revenue
Increased number of subscriptions
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