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Since its founding in 1949, ASICS has risen to the forefront of the world performance sports market as a leading running shoe and sports apparel brand for enthusiasts and professional athletes alike. Whether at professional sporting events, the Olympics, or an everyday run around a park; ASICS provides comfort, support and a superior ride.

The Overdose. Auckland team partnered with Brittain Wynyard to build the New Zealand ASICS site. We had an aggressive timeline to get this site live and delivery needed to be on the money. Due to our tight relationship, delivery ran like a well-oiled machine with the project team smashing the build-out in time for Christmas. The new site boasts a beautiful mobile to desktop responsive front-end, with integrations to Accredo POS, QOR content management, OneASICS, Klaviyo, & Klevu.


Overdose. worked with Brittain Wynyard to integrate Adobe Commerce with Accredo POS via a custom-built application - A bi-directional, transfer of data catering for product orders and fulfilment.
Together we also worked to integrate a host of marketing applications to enhance their customer experience via the website, including Klevu and Klaviyo. A centralised single sign-on system also facilitates the management of customer registration and login.
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ASICS GLOBAL - Established Akamai

We had to work within the constraints of ASICS Global requirements for website architecture and infrastructure, which posed some difficulties around implementation. In turn, this was an added complexity to the build, which didn’t come to fruition until many foundations had been set.


ASICS global utilise Akamai CDN which sat in front of the Adobe Commerce Cloud hosted website, posing additional complexity to the build and unforeseen issues on the production version of the site. Given it was outside both BW and OD control, managing any issues through to resolution was challenging.

Build timeframe constraint

Brittain Wynyard had a firm time constraint and required a build to be completed within 3 months.


We set clear boundaries around possibilities and had a very firm scope with complete clarity. We have a strong relationship with Brittain Wynyard, which we leveraged in order to ensure we were consistently aligned, throughout the entirety of the project.

QOR Content Management System - First implementation

As the QOR hosts content external from the website, this posed many variables and questions for us to find answers to before implementation to ensure it was smooth.


Our team up-skilled to align with the key priorities, to have a comprehensive understanding of the platform, to then lead the implementation with confidence and a solid knowledge base.

Bazaarvoice - implementation

The platform is used across all ASICS sites globally and this resulted in us pulling product reviews, into the ASICS NZ site, utilising review data from other geographies, so we could give customers rich product data from launch. Given differences between data architecture across the different geographies, marrying up the product reviews through the platform was time-consuming and required a lot of resources due to the technicalities when marrying information.


Multiple data sources had to be used and collated, for us to establish the correct product review architecture for ASICS NZ. A complex process with many players and information sources, lead us to the right solution.

Increase in Revenue
Increase in transactions
Increased average order value
Increased organic traffic
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Overdose. drew key design elements from the best ASICS international sites and reappropriated it to the Adobe Commerce platform, ensuring compliance with strict brand guidelines.

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