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Babydoll Wines come from one of New Zealand’s leading grape-growing regions. Their beautifully crafted wines come from some of New Zealand’s most celebrated wine regions; Marlborough and Hawke's Bay.

With sustainability at the heart of everything they do, the wineries and vineyards are focused on low-impact practices to ensure we are making as little impact on the land as possible. Each one of their wines is created to reflect the regional varietal characters from where the grapes are grown, harvested and made into the Babydoll wines that they love.

Their name comes from the Babydoll sheep that run loose in their vineyard. Small but mighty, our Babydoll sheep are wonderful groundskeepers. Too small to reach the grapes they do their best to keep things neat and tidy between the rows while getting up to a bit of mischief of course.

Babydoll recognises the importance of a digital-first approach and as a result, approached Overdose. for a comprehensive e-commerce solution and support across their portfolio of brands.

Historically, Babydoll utilised a Shopify site for their e-commerce needs however, this site did not achieve their CMS requirements for Babydolls as a whole. As a result, Overdose. developed a Headless Solution using WordPress Front End and Shopify as the transactional layer. This allowed Babydoll to maximise the flexibility of their brand story whilst enabling customers to checkout seamlessly through the e-commerce functionality.


Babydoll headless website project is built on a custom WordPress CMS front end (allowing the simplicity of content changes and out-of-the-box integrations of apps) and integrated with a Shopify back end to manage transactions and fulfilment seamlessly.


Out of stock

Babydoll had no way of letting customers know if an out-of-stock product was back in stock. A user had no way of knowing from a product page which products were out of stock without trying to add-to-cart first.


OD development team built an OOS app from scratch that would display on OOS products, collect email addresses and send back-in-stock emails to customers who had signed up. Out-of-stock messaging was added instead of the add-to-cart CTA automatically to all OOS products.

Case messaging

Babydoll sells cases of wine consisting of 6 bottles, a user can mix and match different wines to create their own case. Any cart under 6 bottles was not able to check out creating a barrier to conversion.


OD design team worked with Babydoll to ensure this message was presented to the user at the beginning of their shopping journey. Having this information up front displayed on the product page allowed users to understand the terms of engagement, making it easier for them to make a purchase. The mini cart was also updated to display this message depending on the number of wine bottles in the user's cart. This eased the conversion journey for the user.

Tasting Notes

Babydoll had a lot of content available to them in the form of tasting notes. These tasting notes paired with each wine to give food match, palate, dietary information and cellar recommendations as well as information about the winemaking and vintage of each wine, super value information. However, these were displayed at the bottom of the product page as a downloadable pdf.


OD design and development team worked together to utilise this content in the best way possible. This content was moved from a downloadable pdf to an existing page, which had an added bonus in assisting with Babydolls keywords and SEO. An indicator for tasting notes was added to the product description above the fold to ensure users could navigate to this information with ease.

Integration with existing WordPress + Shopify site

Quick to market option into eCommerce.


By integrating the existing Yealands brands Shopify site with the Babydoll WordPress site, the CMS site was able to be maintained as well as lean on the eCommerce site for cart and checkout functionality. This has ensured a quick turnaround and efficiency in the platforms already accessible to Babydoll.

"We partnered with Overdose. to design, develop and build Babydoll’s very first eCommerce store. The project execution was seamless, and we are now seeing steady growth plus offering our consumers a wonderful, wine-filled UX."
Camilla Jones, Digital Marketing Specialist
- Yealands Wine Group


Increased Revenue
Increased sessions from email
Increased overall site sessions
Increased organic search with no other SEO strategy


After finishing an exciting brand refresh, it was naturally time to make sure the Babydoll site carried over the beautiful look and feel of the new packaging and brand direction. With a statement serif, the use of the gorgeous sheep illustrations, and hints of colour scattered throughout, the final outcome is a site that feels modern but that has a slight twist which makes it “deliciously different” – just like their wine!

A vital consideration for the user experience was how to communicate to the customer that wine came in a case of six – whether that was six of the same varietal or a mixture. This meant ensuring that there was clear messaging throughout the user journey around this, from stating the pricing of a case of that particular varietal to having messaging on the product and mini cart to highlight that they need a minimum of six bottles to complete their order.

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Marketing | Babydoll Rebrand

Babydoll needed a sizeable share of voice to match the equally large shift in brand aesthetic in order to deliver the positioning they desired in the market. Through a social-centric strategy, we focussed on delivering impressionable reach & awareness across a variety of key placements & objectives. Throughout the campaign period, we saw a lift in +4 Million impressions, complimented by a 177% lift in sessions (YoY) through to the site during the peak launch period. The tone of voice and focus towards celebrating the Babydoll story drew plenty of engagement & conversation – seeing more than 90K+ social engagements across the board and delivering a thorough & memorable delivery into the market.